5 Essential Tips for Safe Drinking

Tips for Safe Drinking

How many times has crime and accidents due to alcohol drinking been a topic on the news, whether via television or through the fast-paced world of the wide web? Too many times. Accidents because of drunk driving and crime because of drinking or under the influence of alcohol are one of the leading causes of death. You may not have been in an accident because of drinking, but you never know when someone might take advantage of you when you are out on your own or with your friends having a nice evening at the bar. 

Crimes related to drinking alcohol

Statistically speaking, most of the crimes listed in the database of Police Stations and even the FBI are Property Crimes such as larceny, motor vehicle theft, burglary, theft, vandalism, arson, and trespassing. All of this makes up 6.5 million or a crime every 3.9 seconds in the entire country. That is a lot if you think about it.

Alcohol-related crimes rise when there is an excessive intake of alcohol, as alcohol is believed to inhibit certain inhibitions or make one become a different person. So many have fallen prey to this unassuming liquid that dresses as a simple drink with a simple purpose, but in all actuality, it hides a hideous secret.

A rather quiet person might become very loud, boisterous, and even bold. A meek person might turn boastful after a few shots of whiskey later. A lamb could turn into a wolf, for all you know. The point of the matter is, if Harry Potter had the liquid luck well, alcohol is probably the closest thing muggles would have to it. It is both encouraging and dangerous. 

Keep Calm and Drink Safe

Tips for Safe Drinking

There are so many things that can go wrong when you drink alcohol outside either alone or with friends, even if you drink at your regular bar. 

1. Never drink alone

People might argue that they are not children anymore that need supervision and that if they want to drink on their own, they should be allowed to. Well, no one is arguing that men and women of legal age shouldn’t be allowed to drink in bars or restaurants without supervision.

What this tip is saying is that if circumstances allow for it. One should at least never drink alone because most crimes against individuals are done when they are alone drinking. Most women and even men are susceptible to rape and assault by a stranger when they are alone or when they get isolated from the group they were originally with.

Of course, alcohol has a role to play here as it gives the drinker an act of temporary courage as an effect of the elevated dopamine, thus making the drinker think that he or she is invincible and cannot be in any danger because he or she is simply enjoying the night away. But not everyone is lucky. 

2. Drink only what you can tolerate

People drink to have a good time or to forget a rather stressful day but some drink way beyond their limits. Alcohol Tolerance is the body’s way of setting a limit to what one can and cannot tolerate or accept in terms of drinking alcohol.

Some have low tolerances that one drink will put them into a sudden drunken mode. Some have been made immune to strong liquor by numerous occasions of drinking that even after 7 bottles of beer, they still forge on ahead.

Drinking only what one can tolerate is a safe way to drink. It not only stops crimes committed under the influence of alcohol, but it also rescues one from inevitable health hazards that come after partying and drinking. 

3. Always let loved ones or other friends know where you plan on drinking

It is never too childish or unnecessary to tell people, or at least one person you trust dearly, where you are going and where you plan on drinking or whom you are with just in case, God forbid, something bad happens.

So the next time you plan on going somewhere to drink with someone or even if you are alone, tell a friend or, better yet, your parents or brothers or sisters where you are so that they and you will be at ease.

You can use apps like bSafe, Kitestring, Life360, and others applications like them to let everyone important to you know your exact whereabouts unless, of course, you are doing something rather sketchy and hiding it from them; otherwise, these apps are a gold mine. 

4. Be mindful of your surroundings

One way for bad people to accomplish their evil plots is if their supposed victims lie, unaware of their plans. So if you are intending to drink outside alone, be sure that you are aware of your surroundings. Take note of the people around you and what they are doing.

Where the exits of the bar are located and how you are going to get there if needed. On another note, never go to the comfort room leaving your drink unattended, as this could be an opportunity for bad people to slip into your drink a date rape drug. Either finish your drink first before going to relieve yourself, or don’t drink your drink once you leave it on the counter or the table. 

5. Stay away from strangers

When parents tell their children to stay away from strangers, there is a strong truth that lies behind it. In a world full of people you don’t know, it’s probably better not to just put all your trust in a person you have never met before or have met online or just met recently. Get to know them better before agreeing to go out with them or don’t go out with them at all. 


Whether you are a teenager exploring the world of alcohol or you are a responsible adult just spending a good night out with your friends, it always pays to be careful and safe when you are drinking. Nothing good comes out of being rash and unreasonable when it comes to one’s safety. Alcohol is not a drink to be taken lightly; after all, it was made to drift the worries away and not to pile them. 

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