Unique Alcoholic Beverages That Will Level-Up Your Special Occasions

Special occasions call for special celebrations and one way to elevate your festivities is by exploring unique alcoholic beverage options that go beyond the ordinary. 

While classic cocktails and well-known wines have their place, there’s a world of extraordinary drinks waiting to be discovered. If you want to try out some unique alcoholic beverages without the hassle of making or shopping for them yourself, you can click here to have them delivered to your doorstep.

Craft Cocktails

Craft cocktails have taken the beverage world by storm and they offer a creative twist on traditional mixed drinks. Mixologists craft these cocktails with precision and creativity, using artisanal spirits and unique ingredients. Some craft cocktails to consider for your special occasion include:

  • Barrel-Aged Negroni: Aged in wooden barrels, this classic cocktail takes on complex, smoky flavors.
  • Lavender Martini: Infused with lavender syrup, this martini offers a delightful floral aroma.
  • Jalapeño Margarita: The subtle heat of jalapeño peppers adds a spicy kick to the beloved margarita.


Mezcal is an artisanal Mexican spirit made from the agave plant, just like tequila. However, it boasts a distinctive smoky flavor profile that sets it apart. Sip on high-quality mezcal neat or enjoy it in cocktails like the Mezcal Mule or Mezcal Old Fashioned. Mezcal’s earthy and smoky notes make it an excellent choice for those looking to savor a unique and complex spirit.

Japanese Whisky

Japanese whisky has gained international acclaim for its craftsmanship and innovation. Distilleries in Japan have perfected their techniques, resulting in exceptionally smooth and refined whiskies. Brands like Yamazaki, Hibiki and Nikka offer a diverse range of options, from delicate and floral to rich and peaty. Japanese whisky is perfect for those who appreciate complexity and balance in their spirits.

Sparkling Sake

While sake is traditionally enjoyed still, sparkling sake has emerged as a trendy and unique option for celebratory toasts. This effervescent version of sake brings a refreshing and slightly sweet quality to the table. It’s an ideal alternative for those seeking a break from champagne or sparkling wine during special occasions. Look for sparkling sake options with fruity or floral notes to suit different palates.

Cider Varieties

Craft cider has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with numerous cideries producing a wide array of flavors and styles. While many are familiar with sweet apple ciders, there’s much more to explore:

  • Dry Ciders: Crisp and not overly sweet, dry ciders pair wonderfully with savory dishes.
  • Perry: Made from fermented pear juice, perry offers a unique fruitiness and floral aroma.
  • Barrel-Aged Ciders: Aged in oak barrels, these ciders take on woody and vanilla notes.


Amaro, an Italian herbal liqueur, is a fascinating and diverse category of spirits. It is characterized by its bitter and aromatic profile, often used as a digestif after a meal. Amaro can be enjoyed neat or used to craft complex cocktails. Each brand and variety has its own unique blend of botanicals, making it a delightful exploration for those with adventurous taste buds.


Absinthe, often referred to as “the green fairy,” is a highly aromatic and high-proof spirit with a strong anise flavor. Known for its mystique and historic association with artists and writers like Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway, absinthe offers a captivating and ritualistic drinking experience. It’s typically diluted with cold water and served over a sugar cube, releasing the “louche effect” where the green liquor turns cloudy.


Special occasions deserve special beverages that stand out and create memorable moments. By exploring unique alcoholic options like craft cocktails, mezcal, Japanese whisky, sparkling sake, cider varieties, amaro and absinthe, you can elevate your celebrations and offer your guests a taste of the extraordinary. 

Whether you’re hosting a formal gathering or an intimate soirée, these distinctive beverages will add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to your special moments. Cheers to exploring and savoring the world of unique alcoholic beverages!

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