Wellbutrin and Alcohol: The Risk of Mixing These Two Substances

Wellbutrin and Alcohol

Wellbutrin, composed of bupropion, belongs to the drug family of aminoketone. Once it is consumed with alcohol, it can increase the rate of side effects and can lead to fatal situations like seizures. Wellbutrin is prescribed by doctors for people who consume or take in cigarettes or smoke a lot. It can also be used as an ingredient in treating smokers and ending their habits of smoking. Many doctors don’t really know how but have observed that Wellburtin can also be effective in treating depression.

Other Brand Names and Usage of Wellburtin

Typically, Wellbutrin is available with various other brand names like Zyban, Forfivo XL, and Aplenzin. It is basically an Antidepressant drug that can be used to treat Clinical Depression, also known as Major Depressive Disorder, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, also called Major Depressive Disorder with a seasonal pattern.

Many other conditions that can be treated with Wellbutrin are; Depression in Bipolar Disorder, Obesity, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It can also be used as a replacement for Antidepressants. Many experts also have studied that Wellburtin can also be used to treat hypoactive sexual disorder in women. 

Mixing Alcohol and Wellburtin, Is it Safe?

Wellbutrin and Alcohol

Studies have shown that it is not safe to mix both alcohol and Wellbutrin. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has studied that Alcohol itself works as a depressant. It alters and indulges with the brain in its communicational pathways, which increases the risks of injuries and accidents and sometimes can lead to severe outcomes. Once combined, the effect or working of Wellburtin can slow down and decrease, and the overall impact won’t be achieved. Any interaction between the drugs can also cause a fatal situation leading to an increase in the side effects. 

One or Two Drinks 

Researchers have found that taking in 2-3 drinks one day can be hazardous while consuming Wellbutrin. Even a high dose of Wellbutrin without alcohol can form serious situations. Seizures arrive at the door when one takes in a high dose of Wellbutrin, above 450 milligrams per day. The intensity increases when a person consumes alcohol with Wellbutrin. One might start facing more seizures each and every day. For prevention, it is advised by the doctors not to consume alcohol or any dose of alcohol when taking Wellbutrin. 

Risks Associated with Mixing Both

1. Seizures Related to Alcohol

Do you know why seizures happen? Well, they occur because of various sudden and abnormal electrical discharges in the brain. When you consume alcohol with Wellbutrin, you yourself increase the probability of seizures. This means that people who take in Wellburtin and also are standing at risk of forming seizures can fall into Alcoholic Seizures. Doctors advise that one should stop consuming alcohol if one is medicated with Wellbutrin, as it can increase the rate of seizures along with many other side effects.

2. Increase of the Side Effects

The following table will give a description of various side effects that are increased upon mixing alcohol with Wellbutrin;

Side EffectsDescription
TremorShaking and involuntary movements of the body.
NauseaAn urge to vomit due to the sickness in the stomach.
Restlessness/AgitationFeeling uneasy, stressed, and unhappy.
InsomniaSleeping disorder makes it hard for one to sleep.
Rashes on SkinQuite noticeable changes in the skin in terms of its color and texture.
DizzinessWhen one feels lightheaded and unbalanced.
HeadachesPain in any part of the head.
Dry MouthSalivary glands stop to form enough saliva for keeping the mouth wet.
Weight LossLoss of weight. Weaker and thinner body than before.
ConstipationInability to take out or excrete stool or waste from the body.
Blurred VisionUnable to see things clearly.
Ringing in the EarsHearing of sounds through ears when no corresponding external sound is present.

These effects get increased when Wellbutrin is mixed with alcohol as an intake for the body. For example, a person who had a healthy body before would start getting thinner after the consumption of mixed substances (Alcohol and Wellbutrin). Moreover, someone would start to feel restless or uneasy without any proper reason. The body won’t stay connected with the brain and would work in impaired form and abnormally. Some tissues and muscles of the body might lose the ability to work properly.

Effectiveness’ Reduction

Wellbutrin is a drug that is used as a replacement for antidepressants because it is quite less harmful and more effective. People who want to stay happy and live a healthy life would take in Wellbutrin, but what about having no effect or less effect than actual? Yes, this all happens when the consumption takes place with alcohol. The effect of the drug (Wellbutrin) decreases to a certain level.

This simultaneously means that the drug would remain ineffective, and people would remain in depression. Some symptoms that might arise due to the intake include; a continuous sad and low mood, loss of interest in hobbies and activities, always feeling pessimistic and hopeless, can be easily irritated and feeling frustrated, feeling guilty, worthless and aidless, always lethargic and recurrent fatigues, facing difficulty in sleeping and concentrating and frequent thoughts of death and suicide.

Drowsiness and Dizziness

We all know that alcohol can form dizziness and drowsiness in the body by altering the functions of the brain. When it is combined with Wellbutrin, the effect doubles itself. Both these drugs suppress the activity of the brain and the central nervous system. This situation can become more dangerous and alarming when the functions stop, and it becomes uneasy to stay alert.

For example, if you are driving a car, you need to focus on the roads, the cars behind you, and in the front of you, so if you don’t have a proper focus, you might end up hitting a car badly or being a victim of a severe accident.


If you want the drug Wellbutrin to work properly you should not consume alcohol alongside. This can be fatal and can decrease the process of Wellbutrin and also can reduce its efficacy and effectiveness. Once taken in, if you want to stay happy and healthy, alcohol should be kept aside, and you should wait for the outcomes of Wellbutrin. This can lead to a very peaceful and stress-free life.

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