What Alcohol Goes with Coke?

What Alcohol Goes with Coke

This is a roster of the best alcohol to pair up with Coke. Coca-Cola is perhaps the most consumed soda beverage in the world and is regarded as a global icon. It is estimated that on any given day, around 2.2 million glasses, cups, or bottles of Coke are drank per day. The taste of Coca-Cola has been described as caramelly, with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and the Kola nuts where the beverage comes from – So it’s not hard to imagine that people would come up with so many combinations of liquor and this beloved soda beverage.

The opinions stated in this list all come from bartenders, alcohol enthusiasts, and of course, the average Coke drinker. There are actually plenty of other liquor that you can combine with Coke, and not just the more popular ones, although we will list them down here too. Some of the recipes listed here are simple, and some are a bit complex. So, without further ado, let’s take a look!

6 Alcohols that Make Coke More Refreshing 

1. Whiskey

The Jack (Daniels) and Coke cocktail is a classic bar staple, and everyone can create this beverage because it’s very easy and only requires two ingredients to create it. Some expert bartenders think that this combination, in particular, is too easy, but the end result and the taste is what matters, right?


  • Simple yet delicious beverage 
  • The smokey flavor of the whiskey complements the vanilla taste of the cola


  • May be a tad too simple for some drinkers

2. Rum

What Alcohol Goes with Coke

Also known as the Cuba Libre cocktail, the rum and coke combo is actually the drink which Jack and Coke are derived from. What’s great about this particular cocktail is that you can find the ingredients everywhere and won’t need fancy bartending skills to make sure the finished product tastes good. The best flavor to use for a Cuba Libre is aged rum, as it has more depth in flavor.


  • The caramel flavors of rum work nicely with the Coke
  • It can be very delicious and refreshing when you measure both ingredients equally 
  • You can add in a squeeze of lime for added depth


  • Prolonged consumption of rum can lead to liver failure
  • Too much of either ingredient can result in a beverage that is either too sweet or too bland 

3. Bourbon 

What Alcohol Goes with Coke

Cherry Coke is the best flavor to combine with bourbon, and this recipe especially works when you combine it with fresh muddled cherries or a small bit of cherry-flavored liqueur. Another great option is Vanilla Coke, as the vanilla flavors from the soda work nicely with the caramel taste of the bourbon. 


  • The sweetness of the Coke and the bourbon result in a refreshing drink
  • Best enjoyed during lazy afternoons 


  • Long-term effects of alcohol consumption can lead to cognitive decline and heart failure 

4. Vodka 

What Alcohol Goes with Coke

Vodka’s versatility allows it to be mixed together with several alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and Coke is no exception. The lack of flavor and odor in vodka ensures that you’ll still be able to enjoy the signature flavors of the soda beverage but with a bit of kick from the alcohol. So, if you cannot decide which alcohol to pair up with Coke that you’re certain might affect its taste, then vodka is your best bet here. 


  • Adding vodka to Coke won’t affect its flavors 
  • You can throw in even more ingredients to this combo if you want extra flavors 


  • Drinking vodka every day makes you susceptible to certain types of cancer

5. Red wine 

This might seem like a weird combination, but it works. A combination of Coke and red wine produces a cocktail known as Kalimotxo, which originated in Spain and was created when festival-goers decided to combine red wine with Coke to prevent it from going bad. The bold, fruity flavors of the wine contrast the sweetness of the Coca-Cola, but in a good way. 


  • Often compared to Sangria, wine, and Coke are easier to make and lesser ingredients


  • Certain brands of wine are quite expensive 
  • Bit of an acquired taste, especially if you’re not used to drinking wine 

6. Liqueur 

A perfect combination of Coke with two liqueurs is a cocktail known as the All American, which contains soda, a splash of whiskey, then orange and peach-flavored liqueur. Of course, you can add whatever flavor of liqueur you like into a glass of Coke (with another kind of alcohol, if you wish). Liqueur is very sweet, and depending on the flavor that you choose, it can either enhance the taste of your drink or ruin it.


  • The dozens of liqueur flavors out there make it fun to experiment with different drinks


  • The final outcome of your drink will depend on how much liqueur you add to it, or the flavor

FAQs About the Best Alcohol to Combine with Coke

Is It True That Mexican Coke Contains Different Ingredients?

Mexican Coke is different from its other counterparts outside of the country because it uses cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup. This means that the resulting drink has a cleaner taste and has fewer amounts of sugar in comparison to American Coke or any other version of the soda sold outside of Mexico. The reason why Mexican Coke uses sugar instead of syrup is to combat the growing obesity epidemic in the country, as well as to aid their sugar industry. 

What Are the Ingredients in Regular Coke?

Aside from the aforementioned high-fructose corn syrup, other ingredients found in the average can of Coke include caramel color, sugar, caffeine, and phosphoric acid. Meanwhile, there are three flavors of Coke that don’t include sugars or use sugar substitutes instead – Coke Zero (sugar-free), Diet Coke (sugar-free and calorie-free), and Coke Life (stevia).

Contrary to popular belief, modern recipes for Coke do not include trace amounts of cocaine. But when it was first created in 1885, one of its main ingredients was the extract of the coca plant, where cocaine also comes from – Although this was during the time when the drug was still considered legal. 

A Summary of the Best Alcohols to Mix with Coke

It’s no secret that ice-cold Coca-Cola is enjoyed straight from the can or bottle, but when you want a bit of a grown-up touch to the soda, then whiskey is the best choice. In fact, Jack and Coke already has a ready-made beverage that you can purchase at bars or any store that legally sells alcohol. You can serve this fizzy drink in a highball glass with a touch of lemon, and it’ll be a hit at any party or dinner that you serve it to. 

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