What Alcohol Goes With Red Bull?

What Alcohol Goes With Red Bull

Today, we will be listing down the best alcohol to combine with Red Bull, a highly-caffeinated energy drink made by the Austrian company Rauch. Red Bull with alcohol might seem like an off-beat combination, but it actually works. This list is perfect for those who need to stay up late for whatever reason or just about anyone who wants to keep themselves energized all day. 

To create this list, we have asked the opinions of dozens of Red Bull drinkers, bartenders, and anyone who enjoys combining these two ingredients together, no matter if they have enough bartending experience or not. These recipes are sure to satisfy you and quench your thirst and are also very easy to make. So, what are we waiting for – Let’s start!

6 Red Bull and Alcohol Combinations to Keep you up all Night Long 

1. Rum

What Alcohol Goes With Red Bull

How about a watermelon-themed Red Bull cocktail, for starters? This combines the sweet taste of Red Bull with a splash of watermelon-flavored rum, and it’s sure to be a hit during the summer season. This is perfect when you’re lounging by the pool by yourself or with your friends. To garnish, add a small slice of watermelon or even a watermelon candy ring. 


  • Very sweet and refreshing, especially with lots of ice


  • The combined taste of watermelon rum and Red Bull might be a bit overwhelming or too sugary for some drinkers

2. Vodka 

What Alcohol Goes With Red Bull

Combining vodka with Red Bull is just about one of the most energizing and simplest drinks you can make. This cocktail, in particular, only has two ingredients, but it definitely goes a long way. But Red Bull’s sweet flavors are so overwhelming sometimes you won’t even notice it when you’re drinking this beverage. 



  • Inexperienced people who make this drink might add too much vodka into the drink, increasing its potency

3. Whiskey

You can make plenty of cocktails that combine these two highly-energizing ingredients, and you can consume them as is or with a bunch of other liquor mixed in. Whiskey Red Bull isn’t exactly as popular as the first two contenders on the list, but if dark liquor is your favorite alcoholic drink, then this combination might be right up your alley. 


  • The smokiness of the whiskey goes well together with Red Bull’s sweet flavors 


  • The combination of caffeine from the Red Bull and the depressant from the whiskey isn’t exactly the best mixture 

4. Schnapps 

Schnapps is a rather pricey ingredient, so if you’re feeling a bit fancy, then peach schnapps and Red Bull are the best way to go. Adding other ingredients such as vodka, rum, Blue Curacao (bitter orange liqueur), and Triple Sec (sweeter orange liqueur) can give your cocktail a fresh, tropical vibe that you’re sure to enjoy. It’s got a lovely blue or green color, too, making it a very pretty drink. 


  • The sweet and refreshing flavors will remind you of the summer season
  • A very photogenic drink that also tastes amazing


  • Triple Sec is a bit hard to find in regular supermarkets 

5. Jägermeister

Jägermeister is a very potent type of alcohol, and when you mix it together with something as equally energizing as Red Bull, this can result in a beverage that is pretty much the ultimate late-night party drink. Often served either as a bomb shot or mixed together, Jägermeister’s anise-like flavors work well together with the sweetness of the Red Bull. Another famous combination is the Colt 45 shot, which adds a splash of gin. 


  • If you want a beverage that keeps you up from early evening to the break of dawn, then this is for you
  • The contrast between the bittersweet flavors of Jager and the sweetness of the Red Bull are wonderful 


  • Perhaps a bit too energizing for one’s liking
  • The Colt 45 cocktail is too bitter and is an acquired taste 

6. Tequila 

What Alcohol Goes With Red Bull

Tequila is a liquor that needs no introduction, and when you combine this alcohol with Red Bull, it can result in some very strong drinks that pack a wallop. But the best thing about tequila is that it doesn’t have any sugar in it – As the sweetness comes from a natural syrup found in sugar cane plants called agave. You can combine tequila and Red Bull to produce a strong drink known as the Cabo Bomb, which has a tangy and sweet flavor.


  • The sweetness is all-natural and doesn’t come from processed sugars 
  • Gets you energized throughout the day


  • Consuming tequila without a big meal beforehand can cause an upset stomach

FAQs About Combining Red Bull and Alcohol Together 

Is Red Bull a Healthy Drink?

If you can’t tell from the descriptions on the list, combining Red Bull and certain alcohols is not exactly the best idea. Consuming even just two cans of Red Bull every day can lead to caffeine overdose, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, a rapid heart rate, and disrupted sleep patterns. Sugar-free Red Bull exists, but consuming it also gives you the same side effects as regular Red Bull. 

Where Did Red Bull Originate?

Despite it being produced by an Austrian company, Red Bull actually started off in Thailand as an energy drink. Originally called Krating Daeng, it was a hit with Thai truck drivers and construction workers as it gives them the energy to work and drive for long periods of time. Austrian businessman Dietrich Mateschitz purchased the drink and transformed it into an international brand after it cured him of his jetlag during a flight to Thailand. 

Wrapping Things up on Red Bull and Alcohol

Of all the combinations of Red Bull and alcohol that we’ve tried, rum is the best one out of all of them. As mentioned, the flavors of the rum produce a smokey flavor to it, while the Red Bull is sweet and contrasts this smokiness. Just like nearly every cocktail on this list, combining Red Bull and rum produces a beverage that will keep you going all night long.  

Yes, you’re allowed to actually drink Red Bull and alcohol together, but it’s also important to remember that combining them can be harmful to your health in the long run. But if you’re still insistent on wanting to try out these two drinks together, then be sure to do it in moderation. This applies to regular Red Bull as well. 

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