What Alcohol Goes With Root Beer?

What Alcohol Goes with Root Beer

Are you looking for the best types of alcohol that go best with root beer? Well, your search is over! Here is a list of the best kinds of alcohol to prepare and mix with root beer — Jump right in!

Root beer in itself is already wonderful and refreshing, with a sweet taste and a fizzy sensation. In fact, AmericasRestaurant considers it as the most popular drink in the North American region, according to this article that they recently published. So what more when you add even just a tiny dash of your favorite alcoholic drink? Well, if you’re looking for some excellent root beer recipes that combine it with alcoholic beverages, then read on.

Our analysis and findings are based on the opinions of dozens of beverage connoisseurs, root beer drinkers, alcohol lovers, and bartenders. All alcohol types in our collection below are ranked according to taste, availability of the alcoholic beverage, and how easy or difficult it is to make.

Here, we also list down some of the advantages and disadvantages that each alcohol has, whether it’s about their health benefits or if they taste heavenly when combined with root beer. So here you go:

7 Types of Alcohol that Enhance the Flavor of Root Beer

1. Bourbon

What Alcohol Goes With Root Beer

Sure, bourbon and cola is a classic, but bourbon and root beer is an underrated pairing. Root beer has a fizzy, wonderful texture with a bit of bite. This helps dampen down the sweetness of the bourbon itself, and its combination delivers an earthy aroma that drinkers will surely love. Root beer also has a bit of an anise-y flavor to it, and when combined with bourbon, will remind you of the beloved Sazerac cocktail. 


  • Provides your root beer drink with a sweet finish
  • Has a nice, cinnamon-like flavor
  • Drinking bourbon in moderation can reduce stress levels and blood clots 


  • Frequent consumption of bourbon can result in heart ailments and high blood pressure.

2. Whiskey

What Alcohol Goes With Root Beer

Whiskey is technically part of the bourbon family, so it makes sense that it pairs up nicely with root beer as well. Whiskey stored in age-oak barrels tend to have a stronger flavor compared to regular whiskey, as it gives root beer a richer, and more complex flavor. This is in comparison to common mixers, such as ginger ale. A lot of bartenders tend to use high-proof whiskey when crafting cocktails with root beer. 


  • When mixed with root beer, the vanilla flavors give it a bit of viscosity


  • Drinking it on an empty stomach can cause the lining to become inflamed. 

3. Schnapps 

What Alcohol Goes With Root Beer

Schnapps is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage that comes in several different forms. These include herbal-based liqueurs, certain types of brandies, and syrup-infused grain spirits. Root beer schnapps actually exists on the market, but you can create your own by adding your schnapps flavor of choice to a regular root beer drink.


  • The variety of flavors lets you customize the drink to your liking


  • The sweetness of the beverage can be overwhelming 
  • Schnapps are usually made with artificial flavors 

4. Vodka 

You can make a ‘grown-up’ version of the classic root beer float with this combination. Vodka is such a versatile alcoholic beverage that you can combine it with any drink imaginable. Combining it with root beer gives your drink the right balance of sweet and spicy with a vanilla finish. 


  • Vodka can easily be found in stores
  • Generally inexpensive, depending on the brand


  • It’s essentially tasteless, so drinks infused with it will require more ingredients 

5. Spiced rum

Spiced rum is a type of alcoholic drink crafted from sugar cane juice and is known for having a caramel-like flavor. This will enhance the sweetness of the root beer, giving it a lovely, peppery drink with a strong vanilla aftertaste. Other flavors in spiced rum include cinnamon, allspice, and anise. 


  • Has a distinct flavor compared to regular rum 


  • It can be a bit too strong for novice drinkers

6. Tequila 

Tequila and root beer is actually a pretty popular drink combination. You can enjoy these two beverages in plenty of ways, and it all depends on what or how you prefer it. For twice the fizzy sensation, you can create your own version of a root beer and tequila float with a dash of club soda. 


  • Promotes weight loss
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves digestion


  • Can cause allergies
  • Increases blood pressure 

7. Gin 

Root beer is only a few steps away from being a syrupy drink, so combining it with gin gives you another version of the Gin and Tonic beverage. Gin is a liquor that comes from juniper plants and has an herby, floral taste. It’s a beverage that’s often produced by adding sugars, fruit, and all-natural flavorings. 


  • Fights infections in the body 
  • Improves blood circulation


  • Drinking it straight can lead to drowsiness and slurred speech

FAQs About the Best Alcohol and Root Beer Combinations

What is Root Beer Made Of?

It is a type of soft drink that is made from wintergreen leaves, aniseed, licorice root, nutmeg, vanilla, and the sassafras root bark. Some brands also include cinnamon, ginger, calcium phosphate, cinnamon, and caramel coloring, as well as corn syrup. Root beer has often been referred to as an adulterated sarsaparilla because of the ingredient’s full flavors.

Is Root Beer a Good Beverage?

Although it is commonly preferred over the diet versions of sodas, drinking root beer is actually not as healthy as you’d expect it to be. For instance, root beer is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup, caffeine, and other additives that can damage your teeth. Meanwhile, root beer is still the better option when you have to decide between this drink and regular sodas.

Rounding up on the Best Alcohol to Mix with Root Beer 

Bourbon is perhaps the best option with regard to choosing the best alcohol for a root beer-based drink. The caramel notes complement the sweetness of the root beer nicely and provide some depth to the beverage.

Root beer is consumed on a regular basis, and is generally acceptable to be chugged down at wholesome activities such as family gatherings. Consuming bottles or cans of it several times per week or month can also have harmful side effects on your health and increase your risk for obesity, heart failure and diabetes. So despite it being non-alcoholic in general, root beer should also be enjoyed in moderation.

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