What Not To Do Drunk? 8 Things To Avoid

What Not To Do Drunk

Being drunk is great until you realize all the things you were up to that you shouldn’t have been doing the morning after. Some of the things that people do while drunk are not only embarrassing but outright dangerous, which is why you should be extremely cautious while deciding what activities you allow yourself to indulge in and which ones you should stay far away from.

Here is a list of the top 8 activities that you should avoid at all costs if you consider your life and your self-image valuable. And if you think you might not always succeed, call a friend to assist you.

1. Don’t drink and drive

What Not To Do Drunk

Being drunk alters your state of mind and perception because it impairs brain activity. With non-optimal reasoning and thinking, you can easily get into accidents. And this should come as no surprise, but accidents can not only cause serious injuries but can also result in death.

This is not only true for you but also for the people who might be in your car or others you might harm during an accident. Always remember that you are not only responsible for yourself but also for every human life that is around you, so be very careful.

The nights when you decide to drink, never take your car with you and instead, either ask a friend who has decided not to drink to pick you up or simply call a cab. 

2. Don’t drunk dial people

We’ve all heard the classic stories of drunk people calling their exes at 5 in the morning to either tell them how much they hated being in a relationship with them or confess their true and eternal love for them. If this sounds like something you would do, then prepare yourself beforehand.

Maybe post a reminder everywhere in your home that you should not call anyone after drinking or have a friend come over so that they can verify that you refrain from such an activity.

It’s not only your exes who you might call but also people who might have pissed you off in the past, including your boss. Drunk people might have the urge to speak their minds since they feel more confident and unhindered. 

3. Stay off social media

What Not To Do Drunk

Updating weird pictures and statuses while drunk might creep your friends and acquaintances out. Be sure not to check your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram after a night of heavy drinking because you will regret it the day after.

In addition, your relatives might start worrying about you if they see random or inappropriate posts on your account. And while posting pictures and statuses is a bad idea, what’s worse is liking and commenting on decades-old photos of people you once knew so well. 

4. Don’t gamble or make big investment decisions

While drunk, we may be tempted to gamble away our money because of the boost of confidence. But remember gambling, or making any other financial decision for that matter, while you are under the influence can lead to disaster.

You can not only lose all your money but can even go into debt. For instance, you might be inspired to invest in Bitcoin after reading a fancy article on it right before going to bed.

But investing in anything is an important decision that requires critical analysis and seeing past trends, something that you will be incapable of doing while under the influence. Also, remember that the internet is full of useless information so any information based on an internet article will surely be a failure. 

5. Don’t invite strangers to your place

What Not To Do Drunk

While being amicable is a great personality trait, it might actually be a disadvantage after a night of heavy drinking. Inviting strangers to your home is a big risk factor even on normal days, but it might be more so when you are drunk because your ability to make good judgments decreases.

You should have a friend get you home safely so that you don’t bump into random people on your way home who you might think a good idea to befriend. 

6. Don’t mix drugs with alcohol

What Not To Do Drunk

Drugs and alcohol are a lethal combination and might result in more severe complications if not consumed in a controlled way or under supervision. You should especially stay away from hardcore drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, and amphetamine, even on days when you are not drinking.

7. Don’t go swimming while drunk

One of the effects of drunkenness is that it leads to drowsiness. Now, imagine if you were to go swimming under this condition. In a sleepy state, you might not be aware of your activity and hence might drown. In fact, along with pools, you should even stay away from bathtubs for your safety.

8. Don’t make major life decisions while drunk

Important decisions should only be taken while you are sober because they require critical thinking and reasoning, which you might not have the capacity to do while drunk. These decisions include quitting your job, telling your significant other that you want to marry them, or simply deciding that you want to get dropped at the airport to catch the next flight to Bangkok.


Some of these decisions might be motivating for you at that moment, but you are going to regret them as soon as you get sober. Perhaps the one thing that you’re allowed to do when drunk is DANCE. And with all that confidence oozing out of you, you would definitely want to shake to the latest “I’m never gonna not dance again” by Pink.

The one reason people get drunk is because it feels so good and dancing only enhances this great feeling that you have inside you. So, the next time you decide to drink, make it a point to dance with your friends and acquaintances to your heart’s content. You will have a great time and will not regret it one bit the morning after. 

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