What To Drink Instead of Alcohol? 10 Drink Ideas To Replace Alcohol

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

Are you trying to cut off your alcohol consumption completely? Then cheer up, buddy, as there are many alternative treats you can switch to satisfy your inner craving and overcome the addiction. 

Although alcohol provides instant gratification, the person often ends up with multiple diseases and health issues. These include heat and lung disorders, colon cancer, alcohol addiction, etc.

So, if you have decided to step back, you are already on the way to restoring your lost health. And to assist your journey, the article sheds light on some mindful non-alcoholic drinks to opt for. 

1. Non-Alcoholic Beer

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

The first listing of today is non-alcoholic beers. These beers not only taste the same as alcohol but undergo the same process of fermentation and distillation. However, in it, the fermentation process is stopped comparatively earlier using special yeasts. 

Similarly, some manufacturers opt for a vacuum distillation process that ensures the removal of alcohol thoroughly.

2. Hot And Cold Tea

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

How about going for tea? It is yet another sound and equally flavourful option to switch to. 

The prime ingredients are water, milk, and tea. However, you can add herbs and spices depending on the flavor you long for. These will grant a unique taste and aroma to the tea. For example, you can add cinnamon powder or mint leaves to add an earthy undertone to the drink. 

Moreover, it offers various health benefits. 

3. Coffee 

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

And when mentioning tea, how can we forget to enlist its sister drink, coffee? 

Coffee is prepared by brewing coffee beans. Coffee is of two types:

  • Hot Coffee
  • Cold Coffee

Hot coffee involves brewing the coffee beans in hot water at high temperatures for an extended period of time. That is why it is perceived to be the bitter version with greater acidity and enhanced aroma.

On the other hand, in cold coffee, the brewing temperature and period are less. Consequently, it has a smoother taste with a less bitter and more sweet taste profile.

However, you have the option to add sugar and go for different flavors depending on your personal preference.

4. Kombucha

Kombucha is a soft, fizzy drink formed by the fermentation of a sweetened tea with a symbiotic culture of different bacteria and yeast. As a result, you get a mildly sour drink that acts as a source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it has various health benefits on the body too.

And to add more, it has no added sugar. That is the reason why Kombucha is so popular among youngsters. 

5. Coconut Water

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

Another sound alternative that you can go for is coconut water. Yes, you heard it right. 

Coconut water is the pure white liquid present inside the coconut. It has 94% water which is rich in various minerals, electrolytes, vitamins, etc., and shares a very refreshing taste with a hit of nutty undertone. Moreover, it is low in calories and extremely hydrating, which keeps you well-hydrated the entire day. 

And to add more, here comes the rich punch of health benefits it offers:

  • Aids in body hydration
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Has no added additional sugar
  • Free of cholesterol and fat
  • Helps flush out toxins¬†
  • Acts as antioxidant
  • Antimicrobial properties¬†

Moreover, it makes your skin glow and look healthier. So, why not add coconut water as a part of your routine diet?

6. Shrubs

The next drink on the list comes to be shrubs. These are just like Kombucha but offer a more tangy taste profile. 

The drink involves combining fruits, sugars, and vinegar in a definite ratio and then pouring the mix into soda water. It is a very easy alcohol replacement drink that can be made at home, too, and offers a punch of rich flavors and sparks to enjoy.

7. Mocktails 

If you visit bars often, mocktails would definitely not be a new drink for you. These are the best alternatives to alcoholic cocktails that contain all the ingredients similar to cocktails instead of alcohol. 

The inventive mocktails contain fresh and frozen fruits, foamy heads due to carbonated water, lemon, spices, juices, etc., to enrich the drink with mouthful flavors and aroma. 

8. Alcohol-Free Gin

Yes, where gin has been quite popular for the last few years, its alcohol-free gin tastes equally good.

The drink is made using brewed and steamed distillate botanicals like lemon peel, coriander, etc., and then blending them.

9. Matcha Tea

If the prime attraction behind your alcohol consumption is to relax your mind, matcha tea is probably going to be the best fit for you.

It contains L-Theanine, which stimulates the production of GABA neurotransmitters, thus relaxing your brain and body. The tea is made by grounding green tea leaves and sifting them with boiling hot water. It has a very grassy note that everyone enjoys sipping.

10. Infused Water

What To Drink Instead of Alcohol

Yes, sparkling and infused water turns out to be equally good. However, the best alternative to go for is water. It is healthy and hydrating. However, sometimes, it can turn out to be boring to drink water. 

So, you can drink infused water by adding chopped fruits, concentrated fruit juice, mint, lemon, etc. 

Moreover, you can go for sparkling carbonated water with a frothy head too. However, it contains added sugar at times.

Apart from these, there are numerous other options. These include club soda, spiced apple cider, juices, virgin bloody mary, booze-free beer, etc.


Drinking alcohol turns out to be very unhealthy for the human body. It damages organs and leads to various deadly diseases. Therefore, you should cut off your alcohol consumption completely.

But instead, you can shift to other non-alcoholic alternatives that not only turn out to be healthy but equally good in flavor. 

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