Who Drinks More: Conservatives or Democrats?

Who Drinks More: Conservatives or Democrats

Today, We are choosing to explore American politics along with some statistics on how different political parties carry their lives with their unique lifestyles. 

We believe in mixing up political ideologies with social practices. To explore this further, we must look into the age-old question which has fascinated statisticians: Who drinks more–conservatives or Democrats? 

Let’s buckle up our seatback to dive head first into our journey to look at the findings of this question. Keep in mind, anecdotes aside; we will stick straight to facts to avoid letting us steer away from reality.

The Great Political Bar Hop

Let’s make up a scenario in which you decide to go to a local bar for happy hour after a long day’s work and are sipping on your usual drink to get the edge off. The gentle warmth trickles down your throat as you slowly sip on a glass of bourbon, your usual. 

After you’ve accumulated your thoughts, your focus shifts to the bar’s environment, which is quite lively and cheery. Soon the group of guys debating themselves let you in on a bet they’re having. 

The question has arisen: “Who tends to order another round more frequently–is it conservatives or Democrats?” This thought-provoking incident pushes you to an inquiry for the interest to be raised. 

Why don’t we also give it a go and find out the possibilities of which party would tip the scale in your favor, sitting at that bar, going over that bet?

Conservatives: Cheers to Tradition!

Who Drinks More: Conservatives or Democrats

Let’s start with talking about conservatives; their preferred beverages are all classics, to no surprise! Due to their undeniable appeal, traditional drinks are more than enough to get the job done. 

Conservatives were likelier to consume hard liquor than liberals, with whiskey being famous. So, conservatives seem to have a penchant for the classics regarding their libations. 

It’s also not too hard to put two and two together. Imagine a conservative politician even comes in tow with them holding a glass of scotch in their hands and a premium cigar hanging from their mouths. 

Oh, what a sophisticated and slightly retro-chic setting it would be to have a well-aged whisky neat, with the smokey tastes dancing across your palette.

While keeping that in mind, you must know just how close to their heart whiskey and the classics are. So much so that conservatives announced a boycott against Jack Daniel’s whiskey because they ran an ad campaign supporting pride month. 

They deemed the brand so close to them that it felt like a betrayal when they followed a different political belief. 

Jack Daniels has been named “The Most Patriotic Brand in America,” so for them to announce that campaign in 2021 really made the conservatives upset. The campaign featured drag queens who have long been part of the LGBTQ+ community, so that was a clear no-go for the party.

Democrats: Passion, Progress, and Perfect Cocktails!

Who Drinks More: Conservatives or Democrats

A remarkable pattern is noticed when looking at Democrats and their choice of alcohol. Clear Spirits top almost all statistical reports when it comes to looking at 

Democrats’ inclination to choose their favorite beverage. They have been recorded to indulge in clear spirits such as vodka or gin. We can’t determine whether every person with a Democratic political ideology only drinks clear alcohol. Still, it does show some clarity as far as the masses are concerned. 

Vodka has a smooth feel going down as you drink it and can come in many different forms depending on branding and pricing. Vodka has gained a lot of popularity in today’s age thanks to its qualities used to make a good cocktail. 

Democrats, renowned for their progressive and futuristic outlook, could be drawn to vodka’s versatility and myriad uses. It may reflect more general cultural changes and changing tastes among Democratic circles. Here are some examples: 

The Democratic Drink Menu:

  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Smirnoff Vodka
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Champagne 
  • Gin
  • Red Wine
  • White Wine

The Toast That Unites Us All

As we gather all this data, it is crucial to note that these are all just studies and statistics which can vary from person to person. Regarding who drinks more, it is doubtful to determine one side as overindulgent.

The preferences and choices are worlds apart and can’t equally measure the quantity of alcohol consumed. When raising a glass for a toast, political parties would instead not hold back or even spill control entirely. 

Everyone enjoys their drink from time to time, and they do so according to their own personality, which can’t entirely be encompassed by their political beliefs either.

The need to look for such an answer should be explored, but sometimes, the results do come out inconclusive. 

Your main takeaway should be that the next time such a debate comes within your earshot, you will find yourself with facts and figures that can add to both sides of the spectrum without hesitation.

The clinks of glasses within political spheres, whichever it may be, means that it’s nothing but an exchange of ideas and camaraderie drenched in support within their political group. 

As we come to a close, we raise our glasses to celebrate the democracy that still stands strong in our nation.


There is ample proof that the levels of alcohol use among Democrats, Republicans, and other segments within each party vary dramatically. Both parties can’t be looked under a microscope to come up with a clear conclusion on who indulges in alcohol more. 

Alcohol use varies by ethnicity and gender, but studies have found that liberals are more prone than conservatives to consume spirits and binge. All of these variables should be considered when examining who drinks what in America today.

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