3 Reasons Why Beer Makes You Pee

Why Beer Makes You Pee

Running to the washroom after sipping down a few beer cans isn’t so pleasant. There are a few ways you can manage that, but the best option is to drink less and enjoy the night!  

Washroom trips are common when you’re in a social gathering with alcohol as the main beverage. But have you ever wondered what is the reality behind this scenario? Does beer really make you pee, or it’s just a myth?

There is always some science behind everything. You just need to dive a little deeper. When you’re drinking too much beer, you find it hard to hold it after a while. Remember, all the beers that you just guzzled won’t stay in your system forever… Nature Calls! You rush to the washroom, and then you go again and again; the tiring process continues throughout the night. 

But why does this happen? A study published in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine explains the relation of beer with increased urine output and why one should stay away from alcohol before orthopedic surgery. Beer or any beverage with alcoholic content will make you pee more than usual. It is mainly because of its alcoholic content, which is diuretic in nature.

Keep reading the article to know what makes your bladder go all crazy when you’re in the middle of an important conversation.

Tip # Don’t try to hold your pee with strange dance moves! Just go to the washroom. Otherwise, you’ll end up with urine infections…(That is so painful!)

You Wanna Know the Reasons Why Beer Makes You Pee!

There are 3 main reasons why you run to the bathroom quite often after a party night. No need to worry. It’s all a normal process and most drinking individuals face it at least once in their lives. Let’s take a look…

Beer is a Diuretic

Even though beer is mostly water than alcohol yet, even the slightest amount of alcohol in beer (4%-5%) can affect your body. Alcohol affects your vasopressin (your antidiuretic hormone) which is responsible for retaining the necessary water required by the body. 

Due to heavy drinking, alcohol enters your bloodstream and starts messing up your kidney and bladder functions. Instead of retaining water, the kidneys push it straight to the bladder. 

Now what…

It’s time to head to the washroom. You start acting restless. Your friends suggest you not to go to the restroom, or you’ll “BREAK THE SEAL,” which is just a myth for first-time drinkers. In reality, there is no physical seal inside our bodies. It’s just a way to say that you’ll be visiting the washroom again and again for a few hours because you have consumed excessive alcohol.

All alcoholic beverages, including wine, beer, and hard liquors, are diuretics. So, if you are planning to consume a pack of 6 beers, be prepared because you might end up wetting your pants.

Beer is mostly Liquid

Beer is made of grains, yeast, hops, and water. However, water is the dominant ingredient making up the majority of beer’s volume. With 96% water in beer, your bladder gets full after 1-2 cans.

Any liquid you drink, whether it’s beer, wine, a refreshing cocktail, or a simple plain juice, the water present in these drinks finds a way to leave your system through urine. Your body takes in the water it needs and passes out the remaining.

After drinking beer, you may feel the urge to empty your tank frequently. As a result, you may find a clear-looking pee. But don’t be too happy about it…loss of extra fluids will make you dehydrated and cause hangovers the next morning.

Beer can Irritate the bladder

Another side effect of alcohol is that it may cause some irritation in the bladder lining. As a result, you may experience the urgent need to pee. You may feel discomfort and pain while urinating. In some cases, you may also experience inflammation which can lead to Cystitis.

How Much Beer Makes You Pee?

Why Beer Makes You Pee

That totally depends on your health, gender, age and weight, and your body’s tolerance towards alcohol. For a habitual drinker, urine output may be less because the body is accustomed to the presence of alcohol and adjusts accordingly. Therefore habitual drinkers will feel less urge to urinate in comparison with first-time drinkers.

On average, your pear-sized bladder can hold up to 300-400 ml (13.5-20 oz) of urine. With beer being a diuretic, it inhibits the production of vasopressin and increases urine output. As a result, you end up losing 320 ml of urine after downing 200 ml of beer.

How Long After Drinking Beer Do You Pee?

It kinda varies from person to person. For 1 standard drink (12 oz beer), it takes 1 hour to metabolize it completely. So, after drinking a can or two, you might need to empty your tank after 60-120 minutes. If you’re drinking whiskey, gin, or any other high-ABV spirits, you may notice an increase in urine production as compared to a light beer. 

How to Save Yourself From Embarrassment?

Use these tips to enjoy a great party night without the need to rush to the bathroom.

Empty Your Bladder Before The Party

When you know there is no escape, pick up the habit of going to the bathroom before you start drinking. That way, you’ll have more room to chug down a couple of chilled beers. Take breaks when you can to empty your bladder and avoid holding it inside.

Drink Slowly

The best way to enjoy a beverage is to drink it slowly and nicely. You will have to drink more if you consume it at a fast pace. There is no harm in enjoying every sip. Remember, the more you drink, the higher your urine production. 

Choose The Right Drink

Light beers have lower alcoholic contents, while others may go up to 14% alcohol by volume (ABV). Spirits go way up in the ABV chart. Try to pick a drink that has low alcoholic content. Higher ABV drinks will reduce the production of your antidiuretic hormone resulting in an urgent need to pee.

Drink In Moderation

Don’t let alcohol make your life more complicated. You should know when to stop and quit. It’s super simple, learn to say No when you are aware that your body can’t handle it anymore. This will save you from adverse side effects like nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, hangover, or peeing all night long.


Now you know why beer creates an urgency to pee. It is recommended not to hold your urine excretion as you may face adverse effects like severe urine infections or enlarged bladder size. Alcohol is diuretic. It suppresses your body’s natural tendency to retain water. Therefore, keeping your bladder empty after necking down a few beers is inevitable. 

The best option is to drink less and don’t overdo your capacity. You know the tips on how you can enjoy more beer with less frequent bathroom visits. Keep yourself hydrated with lots of water or energy drinks to cover the loss of fluids and salts after drinking alcohol. Take plenty of rest and consult a doctor in case of a medical emergency.

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