Why Do People Drink Alcohol?

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is your own personal choice to make but have you ever wondered why people raise a glass of alcohol? There can be many reasons to drink, but being socially accepted tops it all!

Necking down a few shots ain’t a bad thing as long as you do it in moderation. Seriously, you can’t just imagine a party without your favorite booze. The reason someone drinks may vary from person to person. Some guys would find it as a means to relax their minds, while others may sneak into the basement to try out a shot for the first time.

Whatever the reason may be, the majority end up being addicted to the taste. According to a report by John Elflein, “Binge drinking is more common in men than women, and rates of binge drinking are highest among people ages between 21-25 years”.

High school individuals and college students are more prone to alcoholic beverages. It’s a means to be socially accepted or gives that “cool” feeling. If you’re feeling curious and wanna know a few reasons why people drink, or more specifically, which reason fits YOU the most, keep reading the article. All your answers are right here in the post.

The Social Sip

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

It’s hard to keep yourself away from gulping down a glass of cold beer, especially if everyone around you enjoys drinking to the fullest. Peer pressure is more than enough to get you drunk as they are the biggest motivators to make you try out the booze. 

At first, you might not like the taste, but occasional drinking and enjoying with your best buds will create a love for alcohol inside. You know that this is something you and your friends enjoy together.

It is quite hard to avoid alcohol in social gatherings like parties, weddings, barbecues, or celebrating special occasions with your partner. Well…there is nothing wrong with that. But if you have a strong sense of responsibility, you’ll eventually learn to say “NO” to alcohol.

Another reason is that maybe you are too afraid to get over your emotions. It can be hard to ask a girl out. People often drink because alcohol lessens inhibitions and removes rejection fears. After a shot, you can be engaged in a conversation with a lot more ease.

Cheers to Chill- Alcohol as a Stress Reliever

The most common use of alcohol is as a stress reliever. An argument with your colleagues, feeling unappreciated by your boss, a big presentation coming up, or feeling stressed out by continuous studying…Some of these statements might sound familiar to you. 

A can of cold beer or a shot of vodka may sound tempting at that time. Keep in mind alcohol does affect the way your brain works.

You might feel a little tipsy when you drink, but during the process, more dopamine is released, creating a sense of pleasure and relaxation in your body.  Many people resort to alcoholic beverages as a coping mechanism against stress. You feel more confident talking to someone; however, your decisions might be impaired when drunk.

Curiosity- Quenching The Thirst For Adventure

What does drinking alcohol feel like? This is the first question that comes to your mind when you see your friends drinking, and it’s natural you start craving that beverage as well. It is human nature to explore new things and try out different adventures. Even thinking of trying out a sip of beer for the first time gives you an amazing feeling. 

From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, some cocktail lovers keep experimenting with flavors to develop that “perfect” taste. This leads to trying out new drinks (drinking more alcohol), finding the perfect ratio, and learning about different types of alcohol and how strong they are.

Do You Sleep Well After Drinking?

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

Alcohol being a temporary stress reliever, is also considered a magic pill for sleep. Thinking of stress-triggering issues like a divorce/breakup or a fear of failure at exams won’t let you have a peaceful sleep. As a result, most people choose to drink alcohol as it becomes their friend in need.

The reality is quite the opposite. Taking alcohol before sleeping may work out for a while, but later you may experience its adverse effects. Don’t forget alcohol is a diuretic, which means your excessive alcohol consumption will leave you with washroom visits all night long. It will become hard for you to get a good slumber in your PJs.

It can also lead to other complications like dehydration, feeling more irritated and stressed out insomnia, and heart disease.

Family History

Some bonds may become painful with time. A family that normalizes excessive drinking might raise children who would develop early drinking habits. It’s common that the son/daughter of an alcoholic turns out to be the same as their parents.

The alcohol craving is passed on to the next generation, and they end up experiencing similar issues like alcohol poisoning or alcohol use disorder (AUD).  Both social factors and genetic factors contribute to making a person naturally alcoholic. So try to stay sober or promote moderate drinking if you wish to raise better kids.


Aah… the refreshing fizz of a cold brew. It’s something highly irresistible. One drink after another, you become addicted to its alcoholic contents. When you feel like you are losing control and keep drinking till you throw up, things can get really crazy.

Consult your healthcare specialist if you know that things are getting out of your hand because heavy drinking may even cause death. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “More than 140,000 people die from alcohol-related causes yearly”.

So to play safe, try consuming less alcohol or drinking only when it’s required. Talk to your close friends and family members and seek medical help in case of an emergency.”

Breaking the rules and Seeking Thrills

Why Do People Drink Alcohol

The teenage years can bring tough challenges for parents. Disobeying and acting all rebellious is quite common. Teens often drink to show off their superiority and brave nature to their friends.

It gives these youngsters a cool feeling to break the rules and act all crazy. But keep in mind that underage drinking is a crime, nor should a minor be served. If an underage person is found drinking at a bar, then both the drunk person and the retailer will face legal consequences. So, try to keep your rebellion to a point where it doesn’t hurt you.

Cheers, and Drink Responsibly

If you start to compile reasons to drink, then the list may go on forever. From fitting into coping with stress, each person will have different reasons and motives to drink. Some enjoy a beer party in the backyard, while others may choose to drink with the love of their lives.

If you are willing to quit alcohol then you must know what triggers your drinking behavior. If you know why you drink, it becomes easy to avoid those situations. As a human, it is our responsibility to promote healthy alcohol consumption practices and create alcohol-related awareness.

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