Why Women Don’t Like Beer As Much as Men?

Why Women Don't like Beer as much as Men

*Glasses clink* Nothing beats a refreshing pint of beer, but did you know that women don’t like beer as much as men? Is it true or a mere rumor? 

Also, modern beer is brewed with flavoring agents and hops containing an average of 3-10% alcoholic content.

It may come as a surprise to you, but even the girls in Sex and City didn’t drink beer. Vices? We all have them – no? 

Then why do men enjoy beer more than women do? Perhaps because women – brewing is still a taboo, or is there more to it? 

Let’s find out!

Reasons Why Women Don’t Like Beer as Much as Men

Why Women Don't like Beer as much as Men?

A glass containing 10,000 years of history, but women still don’t enjoy it as much as men.  Although the answer is subjective, women usually aren’t fond of the crisp taste of a brew and often find them on a bitter end.

Here’s why women don’t like beer as much as men:

  •      Beer Belly

Liquid calories – they don’t matter? No, there is no such thing, especially when it comes to beer. Yes, you read it right. Beer exhibits a lot of empty calories that may lead to weight gain or even a ‘beer belly.’ A pint has almost 4 times more calories than a can of cola.

  •  Wreak Havoc on Your Workout Session

Are you aiming for a sleek and toned-up body? You need to stop slurping on beer and other alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can rob your body of hydration and may impede muscle repair.

In a nutshell, women seeking successful gym sessions avoid drinking beer before hitting the gym. That’s because it may trigger symptoms that nobody would want to experience while working out, such as imbalance, fatigue, changes in heart rate, etc.

  •        Social Conditioning

Beer is conventionally termed as man’s drink because it is what fosters a sense of community among them when they hang out.

According to research carried out in 2018 reports that 17% of women avoid beer because of ‘social taboo.’ Albeit beer is marketed for everyone, the craft brewing industry still feels like the boys club.

Is Beer Not Good for Women?

Why Women Don't like Beer as much as Men?

Beer might instill a sense of calmness or make you feel lively. Nevertheless, if you are consuming over 12-15 ounces of beer every week, you may be doing more harm to your health, perhaps putting yourself at greater risk for fatal consequences.

To put the adverse effects of beer at bay, women should limit their intake to 12-ounce beers a day.

However, excessive consumption of beer can increase your chances of heart stroke. Here is why beer might not be good for women:

  •   Risk of Getting Breast Cancer

Did you know that one of the main ingredients of beer, ‘hops’ tend to increase the estrogen levels in your body? Don’t know what goes into the quest for the safe processing of alcohol in men and women?

Men have more water ratio, which means their bodies can better handle the dilution of toxins. Since women have smaller bodies than men and have more fat than water, it makes dilution hard and does more damage to the body.

This means women drinking the same amount of beer as men will suffer more. That’s because hops increase estrogen levels that get your entire hormonal system out of whack. Also, excessive levels of estrogen can put you at risk of developing breast and liver cancer.

One drink a day increases about 7 to 11% chances of developing breast cancer. However, to reduce your chances, a few drink-free days will help keep the diseases at bay.

  •   Risk of Developing Diabetes Increases

Drinking too much beer reduces the effectiveness of insulin and, in turn, raises the level of blood sugar. The primary takeaway from this? Do it in moderation!

That’s because if your blood levels are continually increasing, you are increasing your chances of developing diabetes.

  •  Dehydration

Beers are diuretics in nature that, in turn, increase the rate of fluid loss either via sweating or urination. By no means are we saying you can’t make up for fluid loss because you will be drinking more to make up for dehydration.

 However, as time passes, dry mouth will be the ‘new normal’, and as your tolerance level increases, you will find yourself increasing your beer intake from 1 to 3 or 2-4.

Dehydration happens to rob your skin cells of essential oxygen – making them look pale and patchy. Also, severe dehydration can be fatal to your health.


Does Beer Taste Different for Women?

People tend to believe all beers taste the same, which, of course, isn’t the case. The answer boils down to what kind of beer you are slurping, either a lager or an ales. The latter has more ester flavors, like fruity ones, whereas the former one is a little on the malty end.

Nonetheless, women prefer drinks that are sweeter or are easy on their taste buds. Bitterness is something that turns off women and negatively influences female consumers.


Do Guys Find it Attractive When a Girl Drinks Beer?

Oh, man! Guys love it when women ask for a beer on their first date since that makes them look confident, sexy, and independent. In fact, it’s the biggest turn-on for some men.

However, some are okay with women drinking beer, while others don’t find it sober for women to drink beer.


Women and Beer? Rivalry? Not really! Beer tends to be more masculine, but hey, combining a few ingredients, such as hops, barley, wheat, etc., helps you curate a whole new range.

The final product has more fruity and floral tones – what could be more feminine than that?

However, some women don’t drink at all, and some prefer wine over beer. Women would switch to beer if it wasn’t associated with misogynistic imagery, bloating, or pints.

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