Does Will Smith Drink Alcohol?

Will Smith Drink Alcohol

Will Smith, the famous American actor, and musician, is still a successful celebrity in Hollywood. Since 1990 Smith has given major blockbusters films. His beginning again of movies embraces 17 pictures that have mutually brought in more than $100 million across the globe, awarding him the label of “bankable” movie star around the world, according to Forbes. 

As he kept earning fame, his name was also under many controversial talks on social media. The most frequent question on the social platform is, “Does Will Smith drink alcohol?”. There is no such evidence that Will Smith has been drunk to date. But in a particular critique, he admitted that he had done one or twice and reiterated that he knows his personnel limits. In the article, let us examine the controversy or rumor behind Will Smith’s drinking habits.

Does Will Smith drink alcohol?

The “Men In Black” hero was always open about his drinking habit. Yes, Will Smith does consume alcohol but not excessively. Is drinking habits only during social occasions and parties that too in the past? Now Smith has revealed that he does not drink alcohol for a decade during his growth as a leading movie star. 

Will Smith drinks, even if his partner Jada Pinkett Smith is not the case, although Smith does not consume alcohol in excess, as evidenced by the fact that he seems to be a lightweight. It was predominant once after the action movie got into theatres “Independence Day” and “Bad Boys” and made a blockbuster hit. These bangs made Will Smith a bonafide superstar in the early 1990s.

However, his costar Eva Mendes who joined him in the film Hitch, exposed that Will could not keep his drinks. She said, “Will consume three sips, and  he is whirred.”She also added that he does not love whisky or anything else. He is very fond of girly drinks like Piña Coladas and Daiquiri

Eva Mendes said, “He does not even tend to take whisky; instead, he does drink Pia Colada or a Daiquiri—loves girly drinks—and he’s happy.” Even his wife, Jada Smith, once in a while spoke publicly about her addiction tussles. She conveyed that alcohol addiction runs in her family and that she had to fight hard to overcome it.

Why didn’t the leading Hollywood star drink for over a decade?

Will Smith remained to be the Hollywood mainstay for many years. He and his are frequently red carpet celebrities along with their children Jaden and Willow Smith.

Before he became the Oscar nominee avoided specific stuff that might divert him from his aspirations. Smith, who is currently 52 now, avoided drinking during his journey to the top.

One of Smith’s iconic television series was “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” the screenplay telecasted for six seasons from 1990-1996. It was the series where Will Smith gave a remarkable entry to his acting career. Not stopping with acting, Smith is a Philadelphia performer carrying out as “The Fresh Prince.”  

Smith avoided alcohol on his journey to become a leading Hollywood actor. “I didn’t drink for over a decade. For as to be disciplined during my rise as a movie star,” he said. 

He also added, “So standing in this stage in my life, indeed a little as simple as removing my shirt off when I’m out of the physique, similar, you see this for me now, letting myself to see less than optimally, is new,”

He repeatedly stated that he was still ready to die to be the world’s biggest movie star, and absolutely nothing was more significant. 

Why did Smith Defend His Alcohol Use in an episode of Red Table Talk?

Will Smith Drink Alcohol

Once, his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith confronted him concerning his alcohol consumption habits, and he immediately defended her, stating, “That’s my personal business.”

The says that during the telecast of the “Red Table Talk” episode preview show. The question made him defensive since he accompanied his three kids to the show. 

While Smith respects his and appreciates his wife’s performance, the end of the day is the same house they share. Jada Smith finishes her statement by conveying she knows and “gets it.”

Another reason he got aggressive is that it was in front of his kids; it might portray him as a bad parent. When questioned exactly how much he had been drinking recently, the actor’s tone turns sterner, and he responds, “One or two a week.”

Does Will Smith work out for keeping him fit? 

Smith also admitted that he is committed to a strict fitness regime. He does anything to make him stay a leading artist in the Hollywood television industry. He stated, “I was ready to expire to stand as the prevalent movie star in the world, and there was nothing more essential than that.”

The energetic man, Will Smith’s teammates share that he is among the hardest-working men in Hollywood. His dedication to the movies is endless; he crafts himself to appear with the same outlook that matches perfectly for that role. 

Will Smith’s trainer applies pyramid-based training to him, starting with a light workout, then going heavy, and finishing with a lighter one. It is like weight lifting training for five days per week, and for per workout, he trains his two body parts. 


Will Smith indulged in alcohol consumption under strict personal borders. He recently opened up about it, highlighting that he drinks a couple of drinks at vacations and events. On the other hand, Smith has declared that to stay an iconic actor in Hollywood, he must abstain from alcohol, and he has not done so in over a decade.

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