21 Questions Game: 250 + Amazing Questions for Your Next Party

21 questions

Wanna know a great questions game to liven up the party? Try a 21 questions game that will help you make new friends and strengthen your most special relationships!

21 Questions is a classic party game enjoyed by everyone. If you love making new friends or wanna have a blast with your friends, this game is a perfect addition to your party.  With this game, it becomes quite easy to start a conversation.

It’s a great way to know about each other and help you understand how strong you are as a couple. The type of questions will vary according to your social gathering, but you can also play the role of a naughty guy in the game to make the game more entertaining.

There are no complex rules in the 21 Questions game, nor do you need any physical items to play it. Grab a few players, your favorite drink to enjoy with, and a list of questions that will reveal the personalities of people sitting around you. 

Take a look at how to play the epic 21 Questions game and a huge list of amazing questions to find out some hidden secrets of your friends.

How to Play The Game The Classic Way?

21 questions is a super simple and fun game to play at any party or get-together. The rules are pretty simple. All you need are 2 players to start with. However, this game is best suited for a smaller group of 4-5 players.

A random player is chosen to answer a series of 21 questions. Any player in the group can pose a question. Once the player’s turn is finished, he/she can pick the next player to answer the next 21 questions.

Another way to play this game in a group is that the first player asks a question, and each player has to answer that question one by one till it comes back to the first player again. When the first player answers the question, then the player sitting next to him takes the turn to pose a question. The players are also allowed to skip turns twice but make sure to set the rules before the game begins.

Now let’s check out the list of over 250 questions to spice up your party!

21 Questions To Get to Know Someone

21 questions

It might get tough to talk to someone you don’t know. But with these fun and simple questions, you can really break the ice in no time. Bring in your new acquaintances and enjoy a great game.

  1. By what name do your parents call you?
  2. What would you do if you had no money?
  3. Do you read fictional stories?
  4. If you had one chance to travel back in time, what reality would you change?
  5. Can you eat the same breakfast throughout your life?
  6. What was your worst family vacation?
  7. Who is your ideal amongst your family members?
  8. What habit of yours always gets you in trouble?
  9. How do you spend your summer holidays?
  10. Do you enjoy watching terrifying movies with your friends?
  11. Tell everyone about the first 5 items on your bucket list.
  12. Who is your favorite celebrity, and why?
  13. Do you like to keep your room clean or messy?
  14. Are you an introvert?
  15. Which TV show do you never miss?
  16. What other languages do you speak besides your native language?
  17. Are you a better leader or a follower?
  18. What one thing you were extremely curious about as a child?
  19. Did you ever plan on joining the army?
  20. Do you think true love exists?
  21. If you find yourself in the middle of an aggressive fight, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?
  22. Do you enjoy a roller coaster ride?
  23. Do you love pets?
  24. What is the toughest lesson life has ever taught you?
  25. Do you have a weird family tradition?
  26. Would you rather enjoy a yummy ice cream or a chilled cocktail?
  27. What song fits your personality?
  28. Can you tell the most hilarious moment of your childhood?
  29. What activity of your past always haunts you?
  30. Do you enjoy watching podcasts for hours?
  31. Do you think you’ll be a millionaire in the next 5 years?
  32. Do you enjoy hard liquor?
  33. Are you crazy about heavy bikes?
  34. Ever been to a casino?
  35. Do you blindly trust people?
  36. Do you love surprises?
  37. Do you think looks matter or being smart is
  38. Are you afraid of spiders?
  39. Would you like to bungee jump from the tallest building in the world?
  40. What musical instruments do you enjoy playing the most?
  41. Do you like making lots of friends or keeping just 1 good friend?
  42. Do you enjoy gardening?
  43. Do you consider yourself a romantic person?
  44. Can you control your anger even in the worst situations?
  45. Do you still remember your childhood crush?
  46. What is one quality in you that separates you from others?
  47. What sort of a teenager you were?
  48. Do you easily get paranoid?
  49. Would you spend your life in a stable routine or take an adventurous detour?
  50. How long do you think over a task before actually doing it?

21 Questions For New Relationships

21 questions

Everything seems so beautiful and bright when you’re getting into a new relationship. Your thoughts might vary, but your love for each other will keep you close forever. There are awkward moments when you feel you have got nothing to say. But don’t worry, you can now feel free to talk to your partner with these fun and simple questions, and strengthen your partnership even more.

  1. Do you enjoy partying with your friends on weekends?
  2. Who is one person in your life that you wish weren’t there in your life?
  3. What is your biggest talent?
  4. Do you wanna get committed to someone close to you?
  5. What sort of cuisine do you like?
  6. Do you have a previous relationship you’re still connected to?
  7. You don’t happen to have any criminal records, do you?
  8. What place makes you feel most comfortable?
  9. Do you believe in astrology?
  10. What do people often perceive about your personality at first glance?
  11. Do you have a forgiving nature?
  12. What sort of commitment do you expect from your partner?
  13. What was your most awkward intimate moment?
  14. Did you ever find yourself confused between 2 relationships?
  15. What issues can break your genuine relationship with your partner? 
  16. Do you use your mind or heart when faced with a conflict?
  17. Do failures make you feel hopeless?
  18. Have you ever cheated in a relationship?
  19. Which fictional character best defines you?
  20. Do you have a silly nickname?
  21. Do you believe each day is as bright as Valentine’s Day?
  22. Are you a pro bathroom singer?
  23. Do you have a habit of imposing your decision on others?
  24. What is the one worst situation that you felt you wouldn’t be able to get out of?
  25. Have you experienced the loss of someone who had a special place in your heart?
  26. Have you ever lied to your partner because you were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to bear the harsh reality? 
  27. Do you love being a showoff?
  28. How do you feel about your se*ual relationship?
  29. Do you think it’s ok to be judgemental?
  30. Do you consider yourself a bad partner?
  31. How do you define a perfect partner?
  32. Do you have trust issues?
  33. How do you say NO if a friend asks for money?
  34. Do you enjoy socializing with your friends or dating your crush?
  35. What is the first song on your playlist?
  36. Are you still connected to your exes?
  37. Do you think you are in a perfect relationship?
  38. What dating place pops in your head first?
  39. Who’s your favorite celebrity that you have been crushing on for years?
  40. Did you ever get an STD?
  41. Have you ever fallen for someone who loves somebody else?
  42. Did circumstances ever turn you speechless?
  43. Are you interested in politics?
  44. Do you hate long drives?
  45. What sort of outfit defines you the most?
  46. Do you panic in difficult situations or stay absolutely calm?
  47. What hardships did you have to endure as a child?
  48. When having a downfall, what keeps you motivated to keep moving forward?
  49. Are you fitness conscious?
  50. Do you still sleep with your pillow?

21 Questions to Ask a Girl

21 questions

Girls don’t like to reveal their secrets much, but with these questions, you can find out, “Is she really the one for me?”. These questions are really helpful in finding out the inner personality of your girl. So, don’t hesitate. Ask your girl a few naughty questions and check how she reacts.

  1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word “happiness”?
  2. Money or love, what would you choose?
  3. Do you love wearing matching outfits as your partner?
  4. Have you ever met a celebrity in a public place?
  5. How many different-size dresses do you have in your wardrobe?
  6. What is the hottest trait that attracts you to someone?
  7. Do you like being super naughty?
  8. Do you believe girls are way better than boys?
  9. Are you still a virgin?
  10. What drink really turns you on?
  11. How long do you talk to your BFFs about your breakups or new relationships?
  12. What kind of fragrance attracts you the most?
  13. How many times have you got fired for being late?
  14. Does negative criticism make you angry?
  15. Where do you wanna get a secret tattoo?
  16. Did your best friend ever cheat on you with your partner?
  17. Have you ever visited the beautiful countryside?
  18. Do you waste money buying useless makeup?
  19. What was your face like when you heard “I Love You” from someone?
  20. Do you consider yourself a Wonder Woman?
  21. Can you keep a secret?
  22. Have you ever fallen in love at first glance or do you think relationships need time?
  23. If someone spills a drink over your expensive dress at a party, what would you do?
  24. Do you think being fashionably late is a trait of a girl?
  25. What relationship are you most proud of?
  26. Does spirituality interest you?
  27. Do you think girls are smart enough to do anything?
  28. Has someone ever tried to harass you?
  29. Do you love it if someone speaks in a foreign accent with you?
  30. Would you rather take a sun bath at the beach or do you enjoy surfing with your friends?
  31. Did your best friend ever ask you out on a date?
  32. Do you believe in lucky charms?
  33. If you won a lottery, what item would you purchase first?
  34. Do you enjoy traveling?
  35. What is one thing that you never forget to keep in your purse?
  36. How many followers did you make in a year on your Instagram account?
  37. Do you think being a girl is easy?
  38. Do you cry over minor issues?
  39. Do you live by the philosophy “I am always right”?
  40. Are you a competitive girl?
  41. How many boys do you text in a day?
  42. Do you think keeping secrets from parents is a good idea?
  43. How do you handle pressure at work?
  44. Would you do anything to stay young forever?
  45. Are you a fan of handicrafts?
  46. What dish can you cook to perfection?
  47. What childhood toy do you still hold dear?
  48. What is your dream destination?
  49. How do you de-stress yourself?
  50. Do you think you’re an optimist?
  51. What is the most perfect gift you ever received?
  52. Do you cry while watching a sad ending?
  53. What you should be learning at school but you don’t?

21 Questions To Ask a Guy

21 questions

It’s not easy to dig into a guy’s heart. But with these fun questions, it becomes easy to know the deeper side of your man. His thoughts and opinions will help you truly understand his nature and let you make better decisions for yourself.

  1. Are you an emotional person?
  2. When did you first kiss someone?
  3. Which song do you enjoy most when alone?
  4. If a movie character could define you, who would it be?
  5. Are you madly in love with your ride?
  6. What habit annoys you most in girls?
  7. Do you feel nervous when asking someone out?
  8. How do you want your ideal party night to be?
  9. How many girls have you cheated on for fun?
  10. Are you a tech-savvy person?
  11. Can you survive in a jungle for a month?
  12. Do you have any creepy habits that no one knows about?
  13. Have you ever taken drugs?
  14. Tell everyone about your one talent that nobody has.
  15. Do you enjoy romantic movies or spooky ones?
  16. Are you good at math/physics?
  17. Would you rather live with honor or lose your dignity to survive?
  18. How far can you go to prove your love for your partner?
  19. Does your family know about your relationship?
  20. Do you love skydiving?
  21. Do you want to become an important political figure?
  22. Do you feel jealous when your girl talks to other guys?
  23. Do you think you are mature enough to handle a serious relationship?
  24. What kind of childhood did you have?
  25. If your partner gets severely sick, will you care for her or run away as fast as you can?
  26. How many times in a month do you receive a ticket from a cop?
  27. Have you ever come close to a near-death incident?
  28. Do you always wear clean jeans?
  29. Do you send flirty emojis to your girlfriends?
  30. Did you ever forget to say good morning or goodnight to your significant other?
  31. Do you regret making a mistake that cost you heavily?
  32. What TV shows do you enjoy the most?
  33. Do you compliment people on their appearance?
  34. Did you ever get bullied, or have you ever bullied someone?
  35. What part of being an adult did you hate the most?
  36. What is your hobby?
  37. What color attracts you the most?
  38. Do you enjoy “checking out” the girls when you’re at the beach?
  39. What depresses you the most?
  40. How difficult is it for you to make new friends?
  41. Do you have strict parents?
  42. How many times have you been embarrassed in public?
  43. What makes you blush?
  44. What is your one habit when it comes to washrooms?
  45. Do you buy everything you like or spend wisely?
  46. Do you think you’re a master of self-control?
  47. Do you love cats or dogs?
  48. If you wake up one morning and find yourself sleeping with a robot, what would be your first expression?
  49. Are you an expert in fooling a cop?
  50. Have you ever helped a person you never met before?
  51. What is your wildest imagination?
  52. What moment of your life do you wish would freeze right there?
  53. Do you like being clean-shaven or have a cool beard?

21 Questions for Couples

Wanna get to know your significant other a little deeper? With these romantic questions, you will get to remember your special moments together and even check your compatibility. 

  1. Do you like hearing stories from your partner?
  2. Where did you and your significant other first see each other?
  3. What makes your connection so strong?
  4. Do you love kids? How many do you want?
  5. Describe your significant other in one sentence.
  6. How often do you hear “I Love You ” from your significant other in a day?
  7. Who amongst you and your partner is an expert kisser?
  8. Do you think arranged marriages are stronger than love marriages?
  9. Which scary movie do you both enjoy watching together?
  10. Who’s a better cook?
  11. Where is your dream location as a couple?
  12. If your partner was a cat, what would you call him/her?
  13. How long have you been dating together?
  14. Which is your couple song?
  15. Tell the romantic story of how your partner proposed to you.
  16. Among you and your partner, who snores more loudly?
  17. Who is more health conscious among you and your spouse?
  18. Do you think you’ll still have a spark in your relationship when you’re 70 or 80 years old?
  19. Do you think being unable to become a parent can really break a strong relationship?
  20. Do you feel angry if your partner tries to keep a secret from you?
  21. How much time does your partner spend in the bathroom?
  22. How would you describe a perfect wedding?
  23. Do you think you are mentally and financially stable to move to the next step in your partnership?
  24. What was your worst Valentine’s gift ever?
  25. What sort of dress really attracts you to your partner?
  26. How did your first kiss feel?
  27. What makes your relationship so strong?
  28. Do you have a habit of sneaking into your spouse’s cell phone?
  29. Can you survive a long-distance relationship?
  30. Who has a bad memory?
  31. Which one is a night owl?
  32. How do you plan to spend a romantic evening together?
  33. Were you nervous about meeting your partner’s parents?
  34. Which fragrance of your significant other mesmerizes you?
  35. Are you a loyal spouse or a flirty person?
  36. Do you enjoy walking in the rain?
  37. Whose picture do you have on your cellphone’s wallpaper?
  38. Do you inform your partner if a co-worker tries to get intimate with you?
  39. Do you think love has no boundaries?
  40. How do you relieve your partner if he/she is stressed out?
  41. Who is more fashionable among you and your partner?
  42. Are you planning to get engaged soon?
  43. How did your family react to your wedding announcement?
  44. What is your partner most afraid of?
  45. How old/young is your partner?
  46. Is your partner a well-mannered person?
  47. Are you 100% satisfied with your se*ual relationship?
  48. Who is more dominant in the room?
  49. What physical feature pulls you towards your partner?
  50. Which drink do you both enjoy together?
  51. Are you totally opposite from your significant other?
  52. Are you both equally adventurous?
  53. Do you fight over the TV remote?
  54. Are you both planning to get matching tattoos?


21 questions is a great ice breaker game to play. The player can get creative with the questions and enjoy an amazing game night together. Select your questions wisely, and remember not to hurt anyone’s feelings throughout the game. From icebreaker questions to getting to know your partner a little deeper, 21 Questions is an amazing game for everyone. So, grab your beers and let the fun begin!

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