9 Reasons Why You Should Not Mix Shrooms with Alcohol

Mix Shrooms with Alcohol

Not much literature of science exists about the mixing of mushrooms with alcohol; still, it is overheard that the mixing can cause severe and adverse effects on the human body. Shrooms are enchanted mushrooms, and their mixing with alcohol can have unpredictable and unpleasant results; for this reason, it is prescribed by doctors not to mix the shrooms with alcohol. Following are some of the reasons why it is prohibited to use alcohol alongside shrooms:

1. Presence of Psilocybin

Shrooms are the types of mushrooms that contain a chemical named Psilocybin. It is naturally psychoactive and hallucinogenic. A hallucination is basically a false or fake perception about the surroundings and the sensory experiences that one does of things that even don’t exist. A person may smell and feel things that even don’t exist in reality. The victim strives to demonstrate the differences between reality and fantasy.  

The psychoactive compound found in psilocybin can lead to an impairment. The nervous system starts to change its functioning and also controls the work of the brain. The psychoactive compound snatches away the driving seat from the brain and becomes the driver itself. This compound can also take charge of altering perceptions, moods, behavior, consciousness, and cognition.

2. Painful Experiences

The mixing of both items can lead to devastating outcomes. The outcomes are both painful and hard to survive. They include nausea (you often would feel nauseous and would be seen throwing up every time or most of the time), weakness of muscles (you would feel weary and tired all the time), loss of focus (you won’t be able to concentrate properly), attacks of panic (all of a sudden you’d feel afraid and distressful for no reason) and psychosis (having different opinions than others, interpretation of things differently and sometimes feeling hallucinated).

3. Having the Same Outcomes

Shrooms and Alcohol both have the same outcomes. Both substances equally affect the brain. Consumption of more alcohol can alter the moods and behavior of a person. They can cause trouble to the brain, motor neurons, motor control, and memory system. The work of a motor neuron is to collect information from several other neurons of the body and convey it to the muscles, glands, and organs. Any disruption in the motor neurons can cause dysfunction of commands to the muscles, glands, and organs, and as a result, the whole body would feel impaired and non-working.  

4. Results Can Be Unpredictable

Both substances, when mixed, can give unpredictable results or outcomes. Many experts consider this a very risky and highly unsafe combination. It can cause severe headaches, panic attacks, and nausea. This combination can also increase the chances for a person to suffer a “Bad Trip,” which includes recurrent hallucinations and high emotions of fear. Some people have also reported that the combination can lower the effects of alcohol, but the evidence is unclear and very little. For this reason, it is advised not to eat shrooms with alcohol as a result can be normal to highly risky or severe.

5. High Blood Pressure and Increased Heartbeat Rate

Severe and adverse effects of the combination can be seen in patients who eat shrooms alongside drinking alcohol. The patients may have a gradual rise in blood pressure leading to a condition where it reaches the height of uncontrollability and damages the nerves of the patient. This can also lead to the sudden death of the person. Heartbeats also get an increase, and the patient is always at risk of cardiac arrest.

6. Numbness of Body

It is a common cause of drinking alcohol that one faces numbness in his fingers, hands, legs, arms, feet, and other limbs. The mixing of shrooms with alcohol doubles the risk of numbness, and the person retains no power to do anything. The body feels hollow, and it is mostly due to the reason of blockage of nerve impulses and neurons. It may arise due to the irritation of the nerves or their compression by more consumption of alcohol and shrooms.

7. Rise in Body Temperature with More Sweating

A rise in body temperature is seen and examined in patients consuming both alcohol and shrooms at the same time. The more the temperature rises, the more weary and tired the person gets. Sweating is a natural process that is observed in all human beings. This is basically a procedure that is used to maintain a normal body temperature. But excessive sweating is dangerous, and it arises when the body doesn’t demand cooling. The term Hyperhidrosis is used to define excessive sweating. This type occurs when you are not doing anything and heaps of water are perspiring from your body. It is fatal for one’s health.

8. Convulsions and Twitching

Convulsions or seizures might occur when one uses alcohol with shrooms. The condition is like being insensible and unconscious frequently. You will fall often and feel dizzy and inactive all the time. The condition can also cause spasms of muscles and involuntary contraction of the body and muscles. You might get an impairment in movements, and your body would seem uncontrollable and recurrently erratic. Your muscles would contract and relax frequently and repeatedly without your concern.

Twitching can also be termed Fasciculation and is also similar to convulsions. The patients would feel the impairment of the movement and will keep on getting jerks from within the body. The person, by that time, would have lost control of his muscles, and the repetitive action of the contraction and relaxation would cause impairment. You would not be able to move properly and in the dimension you really want to head.

9. Urinary Control Loss

The most severe and shameful reason why you should not mix alcohol with shrooms is the loss of control over your urinary system. It is also known as Incontinence. By the time a person grows up, he starts to learn about urinary system control because it feels shameful for people if they can’t control it. This leads to the leakage of urine uncontrollably and commences a distressful situation for the patient. This situation is mostly observed in older people, but patients using alcohol and shrooms can lose control of the urinary system at any age.

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