The Unexpected AI Beer Commercial That’s Going Viral

AI Beer Commercial

With every passing day, artificial intelligence AI is replacing humans in almost every field. Let it be the role of coding generation, slide preparation, content writing, or a virtual friend; AI knows how to do it professionally. But will AI be able to replace traditional media content too?

Well, efforts are being made, and who knows, AI will get control over it the next moment. In fact, people claim that time is no longer away when distinguishing between AI-generated content and traditional human content will become impossible, and the AI Beer commercial is living proof of it.

Wait, you aren’t aware of the AI beer commercial? Then quickly grasp a cup of joe, and jump to the next section. 

What Is The AI Beer Commercial? A Few Details

A video named “Synthetic Summers” was generated a few months back with the help of AI (On 24th April 2023).

It was generated by a company in London called Private Island. The people who made the video are Chris Boyle and Henry Power. 

The video lasted for a total of 30 seconds and received more than 40 million views within no time.

People claim that it is made using Runway’s Gen2 AI model. It is the latest model, which, unlike Gen1, doesn’t need a traditional video to add an AI effect. 

Instead, Gen2 can create AI videos by reading text or analyzing mere pictures. 

So, probably, that model was used to make this AI-based beer commercial. 

What Happens In This Al Beer Commercial?

AI Beer Commercial

The commercial starts with a traditional American backyard barbecue setting in which a lot of people are partying. They drink beer, play guitar, etc.

The video remains normal for the first 10 seconds and seems to be a human-generated ad. 

But here comes the twist, or let me say the absolute nightmare. After it, all of a sudden, the faces start to change in droopy shape, as if monstrous creatures. And the beer bottles change in the can. They all have up to 14 fingers and extra teeth that allow them to bite the beer cans too.

Additionally, they laugh in a way that normal human jaws can’t move in and do numerous other indecipherable actions that leave a human mind stunned.

Similarly, all of a sudden, the flame sprouts from the grill, and everything sets on fire.

In short, it was a bizarre nightmare kind of commercial.

Was The AI Beer Commercial Successful?

No, this AI Beer commercial wasn’t successful at all, as it appears to be fake. People claim the commercial to be a bad acid trip, etc.

But yes, it is a moment of consideration as that was the first try, and if the efforts continue, there are huge chances that AI media will overtake the world soon.

Another AI commercial was released after it, at almost the same time, which again was a bit terrifying and hilarious as the people were eating pizza in a way that a human body couldn’t work. 

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