Does Barq’s Root Beer Have Caffeine?

Barq's Root Beer Have Caffeine

Drinking beer often makes us tipsy and intoxicated. But how about drinking caffeinated soda that gives you a shot of buzz and energy after consumption?

Yes, Barq’s Root Beer is a renowned root beer that has caffeine in it. The standard-size can of Barq’s Root Beer is labeled to have 22 to 22.5 mg of caffeine. The reason to add caffeine is not its flavor but its addictive nature. But surely, that’s not the only option. Just like other brands, Barq also provides you with various non-caffeine-based beers and sodas too.

Yearning to know why Barq’s Root Beer added caffeine to it? Then what are you waiting for? Directly dip into the next section. 

Is Caffeine Present In Barq’s Root Beer? Unleash The Exact Percentage 

Yes, Barq’s Root Beer has Caffeine in it. A small 12 oz Barq’s Root Beer Can contains 22.5 mg of caffeine, which means one oz of it contains only 1.9mg of caffeine (Low Strength).

However, caffeine in it is quite less as compared to normal or regular caffeinated drinks. For example, where 12 ounces of Dr. Pepper contains 41 mg of caffeine and Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine; the amount is lowered to 22 mg in the case of bare root beer.

So, you can easily consume it in large amounts without surpassing the daily safe limit of caffeine consumption. 

Additionally, due to low strength, the drink gives you a temporary buzz of energy, and that’s exactly what Barq’s slogan says- it has the bite.

What Is Present Inside Barq’s Root Beer? The Key Ingredients 

Barq's Root Beer Have Caffeine

Before moving further, let’s enlist the ingredient content of Barq’s Root Beer. The following ingredients are present in the 12 oz caffeine-containing Barq’s Root Beer Can:

  1. Acacia
  2. Caffeine 
  3. Caramel
  4. Artificial Flavors 
  5. Citric Acid
  6. Natural Flavors 
  7. Sodium Benzoate
  8. High fructose corn syrup

Moving on to its nutritional content, the same can contain 160 calories, containing:

  1. 65 mg sodium
  2. 22 mg caffeine 
  3. 39 g sugar
  4. 44 g carbohydrates 
  5. 0 g fats and proteins 

Why Does Barq’s Add Caffeine To Its Root Beer?

Till now, it has become quite clear that, yes, bare root beer contains a sufficient amount of caffeine in it, depending on the dose and what you opt for. But one question will be tickling your mind right now: Why does Barq’s Root Beer have caffeine in it, while other popular brands like A & W don’t?

Well, you are right. Most root beer brands don’t prefer adding caffeine to their drink. In fact, Barq’s hasn’t added it even for taste. 

Yes, they don’t add caffeine to the drink to enhance its taste or flavor by any means since caffeine has no taste. 

Instead, it is added because of its addictive nature. 

Since caffeine has addictive nature, it gives a buzz to consumers, and that is exactly what Barq’s used in its slogans back in the 1980s. 

The two famous slogans of Barq’s were:

  • Barq’s got sparks
  • Barq’s is the one with a bite 

Here, spark and bite both represent caffeine that gives a buzz to consumers. 

However, it is pretty sure that caffeine does not influence the taste of root beer.

Barq’s Root Beer Vs. Other Beverage- A Quick Caffeine Content Comparison

Next, let’s compare the amount of caffeine in a standard-size can of bare root beer to that of standard servings of coffee and soda drinks by different brands. 

Name of DrinkCaffeine per 12 Ounce 
Barq’s Root Beer 22 mg
Starbucks Cold Brew 155 mg
Starbucks Reserve Cold Brew150 mg
7 up0 mg
Dunkin’ Donuts Cold Brew174 mg
Dr. Pepper41 mg
Sprite0 mg

So, it becomes pretty clear that although the root beer by Barq’s contains caffeine, the amount is relatively less as compared to that in Cold brews and beverages. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about it.

Is Drinking Barq’s Root Beer Harmful?

Since bark root beer is non-alcoholic, it definitely doesn’t get you drunk; therefore, you don’t need to worry about it.

The second factor that hits our mind is the caffeine amount. So, since caffeine is present in minimal amounts, even if you drink 17 cans of 12 ounces daily, still, you don’t pass the safe consumption limit.

But here comes the catch. Barq’s Root Beer is quite high in terms of sugar content, thus posing a high risk of developing diabetes. 

However, if you are on the way to cut off beverages and high caffeine-containing drinks, Barq’s Root Beer is undoubtedly the perfect bell to hit upon. 

Does Barq’s Offer Caffeine Free Root Beers Too?

Yes, besides caffeine-containing root beers, it also has several non-caffeine root beers for buyers who don’t like consuming caffeine. These include Bark diet root beer which contains no caffeine or sugar. Similarly, Barq’s red creme soda and creme French vanilla soda are both caffeine free too.

Do Other Brands Also Contain Caffeine Containing Root Beer?

Yes, there are some other brands, in addition to Barq’s, that make caffeine-containing root beers. But there are very few. Most brands and breweries prefer making caffeine-rich root beers.

So, if you are looking for some popular brands that offer caffeine-free root beers, then a few common ones are:

Final Verdict 

So, yes, Barq’s Root Beer has caffeine in it. However, the amount is much less in comparison to that of soda and soft drinks. One small serving can of Barq’s root beer (12 Ounces) contains nearly 22 milligrams of caffeine. 

However, if you aren’t much addicted to caffeine or prefer a less sweet version, bark covers you there too.   

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