4 Best Beer Books: Ultimate Collection of Must-Read Books

Beer Books

The amount of material written about beer is incredible, with new experts, fresh details, and innovative ideas coming onto the scene every day. A search on different platforms will bring up massive lists on countless topics. 

Some books cover the subject of the varied beverage types in great detail. At the same time, many are centered around recipes for home brews, the history of beer, guidance on taste testing and pairing with specific foods, snacks, and even novels or fiction tales focused on beer. It would be virtually impossible to read every title.

Selecting which among these books is the best would also be a struggle since doing so is very subjective. What one might deem the most well-put-together subject material, someone else might not agree. Most will have their personal preference on authors and subject matter.

The bottom line is if you’re a beer enthusiast and want to learn all there is to know about the beverage, you’ll read about it – a lot. You may go through a few that you don’t find to be the best, but a few that cover the basics as you progress in your knowledge are “Intro to craft beer subjects. These offer varying perspectives on the drink.

Additionally, those that focus on your favored family of styles and its history. Plus, you’ll undoubtedly want to experience homebrewing with a plethora of books explaining this process in great detail. Let’s look at a few beer books that made the top of several lists.

Beer Books Considered To Be Among The Top Choices For Enthusiasts

When looking at the countless beer books available, it can be overwhelming. The best way to approach it is to look at books that focus on the styles you prefer and the basics to increase your knowledge of craft beer. No one can tell you what you might consider the best beer book, but we can give you an idea of what other people have found enjoyable.

Consider these suggestions as beer books that were common additions to many enthusiasts’ lists. If they found the book’s top choices, you might as well. 

1. Beer School (A Crash Course In Craft Beer) Jonny Garret & Brad Evans

Beer Books

When speaking with others on the topic of beer as someone just entering the fray of enthusiasts, you might develop a sense of “imposter syndrome” when discussing craft beer among peers. That’s something everyone encounters in the beginning. Educating on the topic is something that will progress; it’s not a process you’ll graduate from or complete.

In this book, the author introduces you to “beer school” by educating you on everything in the beer world, including its history, the different styles, methods for making your own, the techniques for creating varied beers, and speaks about the different beers you can find throughout the world. 

The book covers a broad range of topics in an effort to inform and educate the new beer drinker on the basics and a bit extra. With the details provided, you’ll be able to converse intelligently on the subject in a crowd, even open one on the topic and contribute facts friends might not know.

2. Tasting Beer (An Insider’s Guide To The World’s Greatest Drink) Randy Mosher

Beer Books

Once you’ve become familiar with beer’s background, the next step is to dive deeper into the subject, particularly for those looking to apply for Cicerone certification or ultimately delve into beer judging; mastering beer tasting is key. This book allows an accessible and fun approach to the topic.

Those interested in the subject will find out what impacts beer’s taste and other considerations, including the substance’s aroma, color, texture, and “mouthfeel,” not to mention the overall flavor with the different styles available. 

Even those who want to avoid going into an expert capacity with their beer drinking will find the book helpful when searching for beer to add to their personal collection.

3. Beer Pairing (The Essential Guide From The Pairing Pros) Julia Herz and Gwen Conley

Pairing beer with food is an essential tool, as is true with wine. You’ll want to get the precise style with various meals. That’s especially true of homebrewers producing a brew that will be versatile enough to satisfy their palate with the foods typical for their household. You’ve succeeded when the brew you produce genuinely compliments a dish you consider a specialty.

This book was developed by food experts (and “beer geeks.”) to teach their techniques for pairing beer by considering the varied flavors found in standard beer styles. It helps establish tasting techniques that can be implemented when dining out, selecting beer at the market, or brewing at home.

Pairing can be an exceptional skill to master, particularly for those who entertain quite a bit. It will allow you to appreciate the flavor not only of the foods you enjoy but the styles of beer you prefer.

4. New World Guide To Beer, Michael Jackson

Seasoned beer aficionados will recognize this author’s name and the books he writes. This particular one is one from decades past, but it’s an excellent option. It goes into the making of beer, methods for choosing the style most suited for you, and how to assess the different variations.

The author speaks about breweries found worldwide with facts about their cultures and traditions, motivating the traveler in many. There are brilliant images to add detail to the content making the book a great addition to the coffee table. When close friends come by, it’s the ideal conversation starter.


These books merely touch the surface of those available on the market. Again, these top several lists with the purpose of informing and educating in several different areas on the topic of beer for a new enthusiast. With the details and insight you’ll gain from the selections, they will probably find a spot on your top choice list.

Knowledge is the greatest thing you can get from a book; as long as you learn something, the writer has been influential in their approach.

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