16 Best Snacks To Have With Beer

Best Snacks to Have with Beer

After a busy day at work, most people prefer rewarding themselves with some beer. Although several foods go well with beer, snacks are among the best foods with your favorite beer. However, deciding on the right snack to consume with your beer can be very challenging.

If you are searching for the best snacks to have with beer, you have come to the right place. This article has compiled a list of the 16 best snacks that pair well with beer. This includes Cheese, Soft Pretzels, Chili Garlic Chicken wings, Onion rings, and French fries. It is also explained why they’re good combinations. To make your snack-choosing decision stress-free while enjoying your beer.

16 Top Snacks To Have With Beer

Whether a beginner or a beer lover, you can choose any snack from this list and make your beer-drinking experience memorable.

1. Cheese

Snacks To Have With Beer

According to the Beer Sommelier Matt Simpson, the carbonation in beer establishes a lighter acidity that pinches the fats in the cheese from the palate. Whether it’s a straight-up cheese platter or goat cheese salad, nearly any beer can go with cheese.

2. Soft Pretzel

Snacks To Have With Beer

Many beer enthusiasts believe Pretzels go down well with beers, especially Pilsner. Soft Pretzels’ yeasty and salty nature cuts through a beer’s bitterness and gives it a mild taste. This is to ensure that you enjoy your drink.

3. Chili Garlic Chicken Wings

This is an excellent snack for beer fans who like tasty chicken meals. Combining your beer’s residual sugar and hop flavor can boost your chili garlic chicken wing’s spice. So the next time you go for your favorite beer, try drinking it alongside chili garlic chicken wings to enjoy the experience.

4. Onion Rings

These golden and crispy rings have a fantastic taste that neutralizes bitter and malty beer flavors. While sipping your beer accompanied by onion rings, the crunchiness in the onions counteracts the beer’s bitterness. Hence, allowing you to enjoy your beer-sipping experience.

5. French Fries

Whenever any beer lover thinks of having a snack with beer, French fries are most likely to cross their mind first. The fry’s crispy nature effortlessly combines with beer. In addition, the beer’s malt flavor is highly enriched when mixed with the potatoes’ sweetness.

6. Pizza

Combining pizza and beer is a relatively new concept. However, the flavors in the two can quickly improve or contrast each other to give you a pleasurable drinking experience.

7. Nachos

Crispy foods such as nachos pair well with beer. Nachos is a flavored Mexican snack that can be prepared at home and away from home. Since most Nachos are made from salty and mild cheese, the spicy flavors in beer resonate well with the spices in Nachos. Especially with the clove and banana standing up to the onion spice.

8. Sausages

A smoky and salty sausage perfectly compliments beer. The beer’s bitterness countered with the sausage’s saltiness, offers you a great drinking experience.

9. Beer Nuts

Beer nuts have plenty of healthy fats responsible for re-lubricating your mouth after being dehydrated by the Tannins in beer. Hence, enabling you to enjoy your beer without fear of dehydration. In addition, the Tannins dry your mouth by restraining your saliva’s lubricating proteins.

10. Fajitas

You can enjoy Fajitas with various drinks, including beer and sodas. Usually, most beer lovers prefer pairing cold beer with fajitas. The beer’s crispness enables it to pair with the snack’s spices, making it truly refreshing.

11. Burgers

Burgers and beer make a perfect combination. The meat, bread, condiments, and cheese mixture offers you a tasty meal to enjoy alongside your beer. The beer makes your burgers juicer and the meat tender. At the same time, its carbonation aspect cleanses your palate amid bites of juicy beef patties and crunchy toppings.

12. Tacos

Tacos pair well with most beers, including Pilsner, American IPA, and Belgian wit. The meat’s roasted flavor brings out the goodness in the beer, while the beer’s malt cools the heat from the Tacos’ meat spice.

13. Popcorns

Air-popped popcorns are excellent low-calorie snack for drinks such as beer. Salty or sweet popcorn resonates well with the hops and smooth malt of a Pilsner, among other beers.

14. Olives

Olives are an ideal snack that you can usually combine with drinks like beer. Their salty flavor keeps you thirsty and makes your cold beer much more appreciated. Since they are readily available in most food stores, pairing them with beer becomes easy.

15. Pork Rinds

The fat-filled salty pork rinds and beer usually pair well. Whether you prepare the pork with a beer or combine the two after that, the beer penetrates the crispy pork’s fat to offer you a remarkable taste.

16. Sliders

Slider flavors are lightened by beer, thus making them mix well with goat cheese. Beers such as Pilsner and Maibock can be great accompaniments to sliders. Sliders are also an excellent antidote to the chilly spring moments and the late winter blues.

Snack and Beer FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about snack and beer pairing:

What chips are good with beer?

Simple potato chips perfectly combine with light beers such as Pilsner. This beer variety comes with a refreshingly crisp taste that goes well with the chips’ salty flavor.

What food soaks up beer?

Foods rich in healthy fats and protein, such as salmon and yogurt, soak up the beer. Similarly, bananas and avocados also are rich in potassium, which you may lose while drinking beer.

What is the best thing to eat with beer?

Some of the best things to eat while having a beer are oysters, salty nuts, rich stews, and braised dishes.

Why do people eat nuts while drinking beer?

The saltness attached to nuts assists in counteracting the beer’s bitterness and makes it less bitter and easier to sip. This is the main reason why nuts are such a popular snack to have with beer.

What snacks to eat while drinking alcohol?

Try to combine veggies and fruits with your alcohol drinking. Harbstreet recommends, as Gabrielle Tafur, RD suggests, starchy veggies.

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