Does Beer Chugging Make You Drunker?

Beer Chugging Make You Drunker

People often try chugging down beer to impress their peers and act like a hero. Some challenge each other to complete it first, while others go just to show off and feel like a hero among people. Wait, are you also thinking of chugging down a beer on Sunday night and want to know if it will make you drunker or if you will be able to get back to work the following day? Then look no further, and the article covers you all.

Beer enthusiasts believe that, yes, chugging beer makes you drunker. The reason is that when you chug beer fast, especially when using a straw, a vacuum is created, and rapid alcohol consumption results in a rapid rise in blood alcohol concentration BAC. However, no scientific evidence is yet there to prove it. (Research is being done till now to prove how beer chugging makes you intoxicated earlier.)

So, let’s delve into the next section and unravel the exciting information about how beer chugging contributes to making you drunker.

Does Beer Chugging Make You Drunker? 

Various people who chug more often were asked about the drinking effect of chugging, and they claimed that beer chugging makes you drunker than simple sipping. 

And the reason is quite obvious, fast pace consumption. 

Think about the effect of drinking an energy drink in one go and then sipping it; what makes you feel more energetic? The first option, right?

The same is the case for beer.

When you do beer chugging, more alcohol is consumed quickly. This alcohol enters the bloodstream of humans at a much faster pace, making you feel drunker and lose senses quicker than the person sipping it, though you both consumed the same amount.

And yes, that isn’t it. Where chugging makes you drunker and lose coordination quicker, resulting in risky behavior, it makes you feel discomfort and bloated because of excess gas consumption.

But again, these are only myths until now, as no scientific evidence is there to support it.

Does Beer Chugging Through Straw Make You Drunker? The Straw Theory

Beer Chugging Make You Drunker

Another myth is The Straw Theory. According to it, when you chug down a beer with a straw, there is more chance of getting drunk because of oxygen dissipation and carbonation.

According to this hypothetical theory, when you drink using a straw, then oxygen flow is restricted. Oxygen is eliminated. And since oxygen gets removed from the mixture, the overall boiling point of the drink also gets lowered. Consequently, the remaining mixture gets absorbed in the bloodstream faster, and thus you go. You get drunker than simply sipping.

But since there is no proper evidence in its support, we can’t believe it to be entirely true.

Others claim that when the straw is added to the drink, there is vacuum creation, due to which oxygen dissipates. The remaining gas, carbon dioxide, enters the stomach and causes bloating.

Will Chugging Three Bottles Of Beer Make Me Feel Drunk?

If you chug down three bottles of beer, it will make you feel drunk and intoxicated. But, numerous other factors play their side role.

For example, women get more intoxicated by chugging three beer bottles than men. Similarly, people who are chugging for the first time will get more intoxicated than the one who is more habitual of chugging beer.

Why Do People Vomit More Often After Chugging Beer?

The fact that people vomit more when they chug down beer itself supports the point that chugging beer increases the BAC more than usual. 

So, what happens is that when you chug down beer, too much carbon dioxide gas enters your GI tract and body. So, the body’s reflexes get reversed to vomit and remove the excess fizziness.

Is It Safe To Chug Beer Or Sip It Gradually?

Both, whether you are chugging beer rapidly or drinking sip by sip, are harmful to your body. The reason is that alcohol is simply detrimental to your health.

However, between the two, it is better to sip a beer or any other alcohol rather than chugging. The reason is that immediate alcohol consumption leads to a rapid rise in BAC. But when you sip booze in any form, the gradual consumption leaves the body with enough time to metabolize it properly. 

So, it’s best to sip the beer gradually, like one drink an hour, to play safe. 

And yes, keep drinking water before and after the drinks to avoid the diuretic effect of alcohol. 

Dangers Of Chugging Beer Too Much

Beer Chugging Make You Drunker

Last but not least, let’s enlist some reasons you should avoid chugging beer too much. These include:

  • Chugging too much beer at a fast rate is known to increase blood alcohol concentration faster, which we already discussed in the article.
  • Due to sudden alcohol consumption in excess, there are chances that the conveyance of motor signals will get slowed, leading to impaired judgment.
  • Additionally, it has health consequences, the first of which is extreme dehydration. Chugging down beer exacerbates the process of dehydration by many folds, causing the body to suffer.
  • Consuming too much alcohol is not liked by your GI tract even. It can disturb the lining, leading to swelling, pain, and even infection. 
  • And what can suffer more than the organ which has to process all your alcohol consumption- the liver? Chugging down beer not only gets you drunk but also damages your liver, leading to various diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver, etc.
  • Due to impaired motor skills and coordination, there are higher chances of meeting accidents.
  • And yes, lastly, sudden beer chugging can also lead to irregular heartbeat rhythms.


Although no scientific evidence supports this, people claim that beer chugging makes you drunker than simple sipping. It is because more alcohol enters your bloodstream at a time, rapidly increasing blood concentration. 

Similarly, some beer geeks say that chugging using a straw makes you feel even more drunk. The reason is that the straw helps dissipate oxygen, thus lowering the boiling point of the remaining drink. This remaining mixture gets absorbed more quickly, making you drunk at a faster pace.

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