Can You Put Beer in a Checked Bag?

Beer in a Checked Bag

Are you going back to your hometown but want to carry some unique beer with you there too? But wait, can you put beer in a checked bag?

Yes, you can put beer in your checked bag as long as it coincides with the FAA and TSA rules. According to them, the total beer weight should be less than 5 gallons, and alcoholic content should be less than 70%.

But how can you carry them?

So, let’s buckle down through the article and find out how to put and carry beer in a checked bag.

Can You Put Beer In A Checked Bag?

Yes, as long as the beer you want to carry with you coincides with the Federal Aviation Administration, and the total weight of the checked weight remains within the permissible limits, you can put beer in a checked bag.

However, make sure to pack the beer properly to ensure no mishap.

And for people aiming to pack it, bring luggage scales with them to remain aware of the total weight.

What Is The Federal Aviation Administration For Carrying Booze In A Checked Bag?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration FAA and Transportation Security Administration TSA, there are two limits or factors that you need to consider when considering carrying booze in a checked bag.

These are:

  • Amount of Alcohol (ABV)
  • Weight¬†

So, according to it, for all alcoholic drinks in which the alcohol content is less than 70%, you can carry them in your checked bag.

However, they should weigh less than or equal to 1.3 liters.

For example, you can put 4.2% beer cans with you only if they weigh less than 5 gallons. 

However, pack it properly to avoid changes of shattering, breaking, or leaking.

Domestics, International, and Airline Flights Regulations 

Beer in a Checked Bag

Moving on to the regulations according to the type of flight you opt for, the rules are more or less the same for all domestic and international flights. (About ABV and weight)

However, they can vary a wee bit, depending on the airline and state you are traveling to.

1. Canada

According to Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, you are free to carry 

  • Less than 24 percent alcohol is as much amount as you want to
  • 24 to 70% in a limited amount of 5 liters
  • Beer with an alcohol content of more than 70% is not permitted at all

2. Mexico

According to Mexico’s Air Transport, one can put beer in a checked bag as long as the alcohol content is less than 70% and the total weight, along with the packaging, is less than 1.3 liters.

3. UK

According to the UK government, you can carry 

  • 22% or less ABV beer up to 42 liters
  • More than 22% ABV beer up to 9 liters

So, these are a few states with additional rules and regulations. Similarly, the EU government claims that you can carry 16 liters of beer if traveling to a non-EU country and 110 liters when traveling to an EU country. 

How To Pack Beer To Carry It In A Checked Bag? A Proper Way To Opt For

Until now, it became clear that yes, you can put beer in checked back as long as it coincides with the FAA rules. 

But the problem is how? There is a high risk of wear and tear, breakage, etc.

So, to pack the beer properly when carrying it in a checked bag, you need to have only the following things.

  • Bubble wrap¬†
  • Plastic bags (shopping bags)
  • Storage bags

So start with wrapping the beer bottles individually in bubble wrap. This will give proper cushioning to the bottles. 

Once done with it, place these bubble-wrapped bottles in zip-lock plastic bags. 

And in the last, place these zip-locked bags in another plastic bag, then in the ziplock packing cube. 

In this way, the beer bottles are protected from breaking and can be carried in a checked bag easily. 

Additionally, you can buy a beer suitcase to carry carefully. However, it can turn out to be chunky.

Can You Carry Canned Beer In A Checked Bag?

Yes, you can carry Canned Beer In A Checked Bag.

But one needs to be very vigilant. Although the cans are exposed to excessive pressure during canning, they have thick walls, and thus they are quite resistant. 

But if placed near any sharp object or under pressure, it is likely to explode. 

Therefore, you need to pack it properly too. For this, wrap each can separately in a zip-loc bag. Then wrap it with newspaper and bubble sheet to give it proper padding. Finally, place the cans in a cardboard box, and seal them with tape properly. 

Types Of Beers And Their Allowance In Plane

Before winding up the article, let’s quickly enlist the types of beers you can carry with you on a plane and should be careful about.

Type Of Beer Allowance (Yes/ No)
Light Beers (For example, Corona Light)Yes
Regular BeersYes
Glass Bottle BeersDepends on the type of flight
Craft Beer Yes, but not all
Non-alcoholic versions Yes
Home-Brewed Beer (Own Beer)No
Low Alcohol BeerYes

Additionally, if you are younger than 21 years, it is best not to carry beer with you, neither in a checked bag nor in a carry-on.


So, yes, you can carry beer in a checked bag. However, there are some limitations concerning its ABV and weight. For example, the beer should have less than 70% ABV and weigh less than 5 liters.

But yes, the rules and regulations change a bit differently depending on the airplane and state you are traveling to. 

Moreover, you should pack the beer bottles and cans in a proper way with a lot of plastic and cushioning effect to ensure no mishap. 

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