50+ Beer Jokes To Make Your Friends Laugh Hard

beer jokes

Laughing and enjoying beers, now that’s a picture of a perfect weekend. The right thing would be to say thank you to the person who created the beer in the first place, or else you would not be enjoying any of these beer jokes.

If you wanna giggle and laugh out with your friends, scroll down to read some of the most hilarious jokes compiled for you. When you are surrounded by boredom or feel like your party is losing the spark, try out these funny jokes to make the night entertaining. You can also send a few of your beer-loving friends or post on your social media account so that everybody can join the laughing circle.

Drink, laugh, and cheers!

Funny Beer Jokes

  • A burger and a six-pack of beers–Now that’s what you call a seven-course meal.
  • What would a skeleton take to a bar? A mop..things can get pretty messy after having a beer.
  • What is missing in a Mediterranean diet? A can of beer.
  • What does water have and beer doesn’t? Bacterias.
  • Watching a magician taking out an unlimited no.of items from his magic hat makes a guy wish to have one so that he never runs out of beer in his life.
  • Why was alcohol created? So, that even the most unpleasant people in the world can have s*x?
  • What would a beer say if it got robbed? I GOT MUGGED!
  • What would you say to a policeman when you’re caught drunk driving? Hold my beer. Let me grab my license.
  • The most awesome part of drinking a beer is watching the glass half empty–Makes you more excited that you’re halfway to enjoying your next drink.
  • What comes to your mind when you see a pregnant lady, a burnt pizza, and a beer frozen to ice? Some lazy guy forgot to take it out on time.
  • How does a kid feel when he accidentally drops his ice cream? The same way an adult would feel after spilling over a drink.
  • How would you propose a beer lover? With a hoppy ring. 
  • Drinking excessive alcohol makes you alcoholic. Does that mean having too much Fanta makes you fantastic?
  • It’s not true. Money can buy happiness. That is if you’re using it to purchase a few beers.
  • Reports suggest many people die out of excessive alcohol use. Why don’t they mention how many lives came into existence because of it?
  • Why does a math geek love beer? Because it is the solution to all the problems.

Good Beer Jokes

  • Only a beer lover would know that drinking 8 glasses of water is way harder than chugging 8 beers.
  • How would you plan a good future for yourself? You buy 4 cases of beer.
  • How do you feel when you’re sober? Bored to death.
  • What would a bartender do if a soccer ball tried to get in? He will kick it out.
  • What would a lightweight person order at a bar? Budlight
  • How would you sell a regular beer at a high price? Just place a fancy label on it and convince the buyer that it’s a craft beer.
  • What would you call a 200 lbs person drinking? Oh..he is a heavy drinker.
  • What’s the time? It beer’ o clock.
  • What do beers do on their summer break? Hopping from one brewery to another.
  • How does it feel when you are being unfair and bossy to your little brother? It’s like you’re drinking a non-alcoholic beer which has a great taste but something just doesn’t feel right?
  • Root beer x square glass = beer
  • Guy: I love you – Girl: Omg…Why didn’t you say that before? — Guy: Umm…I was talking to the beer
  • The beer went on a date with a pretzel. Pretzel asked, “What do you think about me?” The beer replies, ” You are my salty partner.” 
  • Beer is a bee’s favorite drink. You can always sense the buzz going up.
  • A girl asks a guy, “Are you in love with someone?” The guy replies,” Yes, I am strongly committed to my Miller lite.”
  • What would a guy say after getting drunk, looking at his empty glasses–Who drank all of my beer?
  • What rhymes with Saturday–Beer 

Animal Beer Jokes

  • A dog orders a beer–The bartender asks what’s wrong–The little champ replies, “Had a ruufff day”
  • A baby goat asks for a beer–The bartender says serving kids is illegal.
  • A Chihuahua walks into a bar, chugs a few drinks, and tries to pay $10– The serving guy says,” Sorry buddy- Your a little short.”
  • Why can’t snakes drink? Because they can’t hold their beer.
  • Beer can bring out the real bear within you.

Beer Jokes for Friends

  • Good friends bring books and lecture notes on a study night–Best friends bring a six-pack or 12-pack case of beer.
  • Even your best friend can’t make you happy for life— Let’s face it, he is not a beer.
  • What is the difference between a bottle of Heineken and a girl?–Both are empty from the top.
  • If drinking and driving are incompatible, then why does the guy at the bar ask for a driving license?
  • A girl asks a guy, “What’s your zodiac sign” The guy replies, “ Forget it… Just tell me what his favorite beer is.”
  • What’s your plan for the night? Enjoy a bottle of Budweiser! Ok… What is your plan for tomorrow? Chug a few cans of Bud Light?..What about Saturday night? I will spend the night alone with the love of my life….a bottle of Corona Light. Talk about being a beer lover.
  • Love is like brewing a beer. Malt lays a solid foundation similar to trust in a relationship. Hops add bitterness and flavor to the drink, just like differences of opinions make a relationship more exciting. Yeast, like love, has the power to transform, while flexibility and flow in love are like water in beer. Both require a perfect balance of all the ingredients to age and mature.
  • Two friends were sitting in a bar. One keeps going to the washroom. So, his friend asked, “What’s wrong, pal?” He replied, “I live to drink so IPA lot.”
  • What would one beer play with another beer? Beeropoly
  • What happens when a beer gets a master’s degree? Does it become a brewmaster?
  • Why are ants always sober? Because they chose to be in the designated driver’s lines.
  • How would you experience a brewed awakening? It’s simple just pour a beer over your friend while he is sleeping.
  • One beer asked another, “What are you doing on the computer?” The other beer replies, “Just checking the draft updates”.
  • What is the easiest way to a guy’s heart–Just buy him his favorite beer.

Laugh Away Your Stress!

Not too many people in the world have the power to make others smile. But those who can, they are no less than superheroes. Try out these fun beer jokes with your friends. Spread the humor and free yourself of all the tension and worries. All human beings are given one life to live so it’s better to enjoy it to the fullest. Cut some jokes, laugh with your friends, and create moments that will last forever.

“Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine.”

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