23 Creative Beer Keg Decoration Ideas for your Home

Beer Keg Decoration Ideas

Home decor is a broad area where you can make your home a comfortable place to live. You must be very conscious while opting for colors and materials for your house. Did you ever think how much you harm your surroundings while caring about your home?

Look, this Earth is also our beautiful home where we live together. So, while decorating our homes and let’s keep the Earth alive. Earth is suffocating with litter as we have cut down the buffers, the trees, and the lungs for this globe.

Use repurposed items for your home decor to keep the Earth inhaling and alive. Don’t cut excessive plants. Instead, use old beer kegs to decorate your home. In this article, I have enlisted 23 creative beer keg decoration ideas for your home or office.

22 Creative Beer Keg Decoration Ideas

Here are a few exciting ideas to utilize old beer kegs and move a step ahead in your home decor. Choose one or multiple options from the following ideas and be in trends.

1. Outdoor Beer Keg Drinks Cooler

Do you love hosting outdoor gatherings but want to avoid your drinks becoming hot? Well, here’s a fantastic idea for you! How about turning a beer keg into a cooler? It’s straightforward, I promise!

First, cut a hole in the top of the keg. Then, insert a plastic cooler insert (you can find them at most hardware stores) into the hole. Fill the insert with ice and your favorite drinks, and ta-da! You now have a stylish and functional cooler for your next backyard BBQ.

2. Convenient Rustic Side Table

Next, let’s talk about using beer kegs as tables. If you’ve got a few kegs lying around, why not stack them up and use them as a side table? 

Cut off the top and bottom, sand down any rough edges, and apply paint or stain to match your existing decor. Top it off with a round piece of wood or glass for a smooth surface to rest your drinks and snacks. There you go!

3. Beer Keg Bar Stools

You can also upcycle beer kegs as bar stools. It’s easy! Remove the kegs’ top and bottom parts and smooth the edges by sanding them. For added comfort, you can add a cushion to the top of each stool. 

These DIY bar stools are versatile, and you can use them in various settings, such as home bars and outdoor patios. And if you want to make them show up, paint or stain the kegs to match your decor. Your guests will surely love these unique bar stools! 

4. Wine Rack to hold your favorite bottles

Here’s another one. Transform a beer keg into a wine rack! Simply remove the top and bottom, and drill holes to hold your favorite bottles. Add a coat of paint that goes perfectly with your decor. 

Such wine racks are a symbol of your love for beer. Usually, these simple racks are made up of wood. But here, you saved a tree by utilizing old ber kegs to design it.

5. Beer Keg as a Planter Stand

You can also use beer kegs as planters to add some greenery to your space. It’s super easy!  All you have to do is cut off the top of the keg, fill it up with soil, and add your favorite plants.

If you’re worried about over-watering, just drill some holes for drainage at the bottom of the keg. This DIY project is fun and easy. Try it, and see how it romanticizes your space!

6. Fire Pit for your backyard

Have you ever considered turning a beer keg into a backyard fire pit for cozy nights under the stars? Building a fire pit from empty kegs can be easy or hard, based on what you want to make. 

You can try simple ones that only need a keg cut in half and then filled with wood. But you can also create more complicated ones with doors, grates, and lids. If you’re comfortable with tools and welding, you can make the more complex fire pits, but it might take more time or help from friends.

7. Beer Keg Hanging Light Fixture

Check out this creative idea to make the best use of beer kegs. Turn a beer keg into a hanging light fixture! It’s super simple. Just cut off the top and bottom of the keg, drill a hole in the center, and attach a light socket and bulb. 

You can also customize it by painting the keg with spray paint that matches your room’s style. Or, if you prefer a more old-fashioned look, you can leave the keg as it is to create a rustic atmosphere.

8. Beer Keg as a Room Divider

Who doesn’t love privacy? How about using beer kegs to create a unique room divider? It’s a fantastic way to make your atmosphere aesthetic and create separate zones. 

To make it, simply cut off the top and bottom of the kegs, and stack them on top of each other. Add some shelves or decorative elements to make it more practical and stylish.

9. Fancy Chandelier with a Beer Keg

Chandeliers are beautiful light fixtures made of glass and candles. But have you considered making a chandelier with beer kegs?

This DIY project involves cutting off the top and bottom of the keg, drilling holes around the circumference, and adding light sockets and bulbs. Once completed, you can hang your new chandelier from the ceiling for a one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

10. Upcycle a beer keg into a Trash Can

Turning your beer keg into a trash can is another option. Cut a beer keg in half and use the top half as the trash can. This will give you a cool and original way to keep your place clean and an eco-friendly solution that reduces waste. 

By giving a beer keg a new life, you are helping to reduce the part of waste that would otherwise end up in a dump. Additionally, using a beer keg as a trash can is a great way to show off your creativity and add a touch of personality to your surroundings. 

11. Beer Keg Storage box

You can also use a beer keg as a storage container. Simply remove the top of the keg. And you’ll have a stylish and practical storage option for blankets, pillows, or any other items in your room. 

It’s an excellent method to add sophistication to your decor and be practical. Plus, since beer kegs come in various sizes, you can choose the perfect one to fit your space and storage needs.

12. A Modern Beer Keg Garden Fountain

You can also upcycle beer kegs into a modern garden fountain to be more creative. These fountains look great and can be used in many outdoor spaces.

You’ll need to cut off the top of the keg and drill a hole in the center for the fountain spout. Then, add a pump and tubing to fill the water in it. That’s it! Enjoy the gentle sound of dripping water while relaxing in your garden. 

13. Create a unique Garden Sculpture with Beer Keg

If you are still reading, we’ve got another excellent idea for you! Try creating a unique garden sculpture using a beer keg as a base. 

All you need to do is cut off the top and bottom of the keg and attach metal or ceramic pieces to it. The possibilities are never-ending! You can create a masterpiece that reflects your personality and style. Think creatively to design something unique to make your patio more beautiful.

14. Turn Beer Keg into an Outdoor Shower

How about turning a beer keg into an outdoor shower? It’s a super cool and unique way to rinse off after a swim or a day of gardening. 

To get started, you’ll need to cut off the upper and lower edge of the keg to create a flat base. Then, attach a shower head and hose to the top of the keg. You can use a standard shower head or a more decorative one to add personality to your outdoor shower.

15. Beer Keg Chair

Here’s another idea to create a cozy seating area in your home with beer kegs. Use beer kegs as the base for a wine barrel chair. It’s a fun and unique way to add classic charm to your area. 

You can also add a cushioned seat and backrest to the top of the keg to make it comfortable. You can use materials like foam, batting, and fabric to create the cushioning. Once you’re done, you’ll have a stylish, cozy chair perfect for relaxing. You can also customize the design to match your decor and style!

16. A Unique Beer Keg Coffee Table

You can also turn a beer keg into a unique and functional coffee table. To start, you’ll need to remove the top and bottom to even out the surface. You can do this using a saw or other cutting tool.

Next, add legs to the bottom of the keg to create a sturdy base. You can use metal or wooden legs, depending on your preference. Once the legs are securely connected, you can add a tabletop. This can be made from wood, glass, or other material. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of personality to their workspace and create a unique and inspiring environment. 

17. Beer keg Candle Holder

Another way to create a cozy ambiance in your home is to use a beer keg as a candle holder! It’s a simple DIY project that can add a rustic and cozy touch to any room. 

First, cut off the top of the keg, and then drill some evenly spaced holes around the circumference of the keg. Finally, place some tea lights or votive candles inside the keg. And light them up to enjoy a cozy and inviting atmosphere. 

18. Beer Keg as a Kitchen Island base

Now, based on your creativity, you can use beer kegs as the base for a kitchen island! Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

First, grab some beer kegs and cut off the top and bottom parts. Make sure to sand down any rough edges to avoid any safety issues. Then, you can add a countertop and shelves for storage on top of the kegs. You can use wood or metal materials for the frames and countertops to match the vibe of the kegs. 

19. Upcycled Beer Keg Grill

Have you ever considered using a beer keg as a grill? It might sound unconventional, but it’s an excellent idea! All you need is a beer keg (cleaned and emptied, of course), a grill grate that fits inside the keg, and some charcoal. 

First, cut off the top of the keg, leaving a few inches of space close to the edges. Then, place the grill grate inside the keg on the charcoal. Light the charcoal, let it heat up, and you’re ready to grill! You can even add wood chips for extra flavor. It’s a fun and creative way to cook outdoors and will impress everyone. Give it a try and see how it turns out!

20. A Stylish Beer Keg Table

Create a stylish and functional serving cart using beer kegs as the base. Here’s what you can do. Grab some beer kegs and cut off the top and bottom. Then, add a wood or glass top and some wheels for mobility.

This DIY beer keg serving cart is a valuable and stylish addition you won’t regret making. You can also use the cart for other purposes, such as a mobile bar, storage unit, or display stand.

21. Beer Keg as a Birdhouse

Do you want to add unique decor to your outdoor space while doing something good for the birds? Why not turn a beer keg into a birdhouse? 

Cut a beer keg in half, use the top half as the birdhouse, and add twine or wire for hanging. It’s a fun and creative way to repurpose a keg while providing a home for your feathered friends. Plus, you can paint or decorate the keg to match your outdoor decor for a personalized touch. 

22. Attach a Beer Keg to the Mailbox

Lastly, if you want to make your mailbox stand out: use a beer keg as the base! To make a cool mailbox, get a beer keg. Cut off the top and bottom, then make it smooth and safe by sanding down any rough edges. After that, attach a mailbox, and you’re done. 

You can be creative with the design and choose a mailbox that completes the keg’s look. It is a great way to make your mailbox look cool and show your personality to everyone passing by!

Wrap up

With these 22 creative beer keg decoration ideas, you can easily upcycle beer kegs how you want. Use your creativity to make all sorts of cool things, like planters or trash cans, that are useful and stylish.

It suits the environment and adds a personal touch to your decor that you can’t find in stores. So grab your tools and use your imagination to the fullest! Who knew that beer kegs could be so versatile?

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