Is Beer or Liquor Worse for You?

Beer or Liquor Worse

This is probably one of the most debated concepts when it comes to overall health among drinkers. Alcohol dependents or occasional drinkers alike, many of us want to know if alcohol indeed contributes to the overall health decline of an individual. One can argue that those who drink less are more likely to still remain healthy versus heavy drinkers, but a more recent study shows this is not the case.

It was previously believed that those who drink minimal volumes have a longer life expectancy, but that research was found to be faulty and was then dismissed by the newer data that came to light. Drinking beer or liquor in itself is worse for the health. This case is closed, then, but what about the other aspects of your life?

A Way to Socialize

It is fairly easy to dismiss beer or liquor as worse for anyone, but this is limited to the health aspect of things. In today’s society, being a non-alcoholic can pose a threat to your social life. It can turn you into a boring companion, someone who does not fit in the crowd, or worse, even your closest friends might turn their back on you.

With socializing always comes fun. A gathering with alcohol included in the menu is always way better than just doing a marathon with some chips or just hanging out with your usual buddies. A social event will always require alcohol in it, or it’s going to be a dead one. In this sense, beer or liquor is not really worse for you but can actually help you out. It’s just a matter of discipline in this case.

Beer or Liquor?

Beer or Liquor Worse

Here’s another common question that’s worth tackling at this point. When it comes to alcohol level per volume, really hard liquor can peak at 40% for just 1.5 ounces, while a bottle of beer which is around 8 ounces, just gives you 5% on most occasions. So there, we have a winner when it comes to alcohol levels, but when drinking, this is basically the main data that causes a lot of confusion.

See, when someone drinks, regardless if it’s liquor or beer, one actually has to think about their alcohol tolerance in mind. If you’re a heavy drinker, you can probably withstand many rounds of liquor shots or take bucket after bucket of beer as opposed to someone who is not. With this in mind, alcohol is not really the main point of comparison but the price point. While beer has lesser alcohol content, it will probably empty your pocket in the long run, especially if you’re in a group of hard drinkers. Some would then resort to choosing liquor instead, only to compromise their alcohol tolerance.

The point is, one can’t really choose if beer or liquor is worse. There’s not that much of a way out of this to say that one is better. Although beer has evolved over time and now comes in many colorful flavors, it is still an alcoholic drink and can still pretty much cause the same damage.

Let’s draw some lines here

We’ve already pointed out that beer or liquor can actually do good when it comes to your social life. So, is there a way to come up with a verdict to declare which one is worse? There might be a way, and we will attempt it by citing some of the most common cases we see both on the internet and in a day-to-day scenario.

We will use these points in the light of a heavy drinker and a moderate drinker, and then we’ll draw our conclusion from there. This is more of a comparison that will highlight some of the highs and lows of drinking beer or liquor in general when it comes to moderation.

Driving with Influence

This is a very common case when it comes to drinking liquor or beer. Driving with influence, regardless of volume, can pose a very big problem with your driver’s license. It has been argued, though, that one can more likely pass a trial if he’s driving under the influence of beer versus someone that’s intoxicated by liquor. The reason lies in the alcohol volume. There are ways and methods you can take, and if you’re interested in them, you may check them out here.

Broken Marriages and Families

This case is closely related to the amount of consumption as opposed to the first one. A lot of broken marriages are always related to heavy drinkers. Intoxication can make you do things you probably never thought you were capable of, but the most common reason for broken marriages that involves an alcoholic is financial. Being an alcoholic can cause a large sum of money which is often the root of conflict in most household cases that often leads to divorce.

In this particular case, the moderate drinker who can be contented in just a bottle or two of beer can probably be excused unless it becomes a vice or if he goes beyond his levels to the point of intoxication.

Health Reasons

We’ve pointed out that moderate alcohol consumption, regardless if it’s beer or liquor, has no health benefits at all. There are a lot of known health problems and effects that have been attributed to drinking beer or liquor. Alcohol consumption in itself is bad, but we’ll have to acknowledge the respective alcohol levels between beer and liquor.

Drinking beer moderately is, without a doubt, the better option. While it still contains alcohol, the risk of becoming ill is actually lower due to its alcohol content. It is now safe to say that this is better, and liquor is the worse if we are to come up with a decision.


We’re in no way saying this is an absolute conclusion, but with the facts that we’ve pointed out so far, we can definitely argue that beer is the lesser evil between the two. With the advent of different types and flavors, it is without a doubt one of the go-to drinks among youngsters nowadays. Thanks to its lower alcohol levels, the risk of the usual diseases is lowered, hence, giving you a higher life expectancy all throughout.

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