3 Best Beers for Gluten Sensitivity 

Beers for Gluten Sensitivity

These beers are the best drinks you can consume if you are gluten-sensitive or have gluten-related disorders like celiac disease. Why is beer filled with gluten? That’s because gluten usually comes from two of beer’s main ingredients: Barley and wheat. Plenty of grains also have gluten, and if you have gluten sensitivity, it can be quite difficult to find a beverage (or even food) that won’t harm your health. So, we hope these beers will suit your taste.

To create this list, we sought the help of a few colleagues of ours who suffer from or know someone who suffers from, celiac disease or other kinds of gluten sensitivity. Other opinions include nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, brewer owners or workers, and anybody who is a known expert when it comes to gluten and gluten sensitivity. If you are just curious to know which beers these are, then you’re more than welcome to read the list as well. Here’s the first one:

What Type of Beers are Better for Gluten Sensitivity

1. Glutenator by Epic Brewing Company

As the name suggests, this beer does not contain even just one trace of gluten or even any of the substitutes normally used for gluten-free food like astringent sorghum. However, it’s still a beer crafted with some delicious gluten-free ingredients and absolutely hopped like your typical IPA. Some of the flavors that you can taste in this beverage include the standard gluten-free hops and, surprisingly, sweet potatoes. The color has a lovely golden shade. 

2. St. Peter Brewery G-Free

This pilsner is also free from gluten and other ingredients that can harm your body. It’s an English-style beer that is brewed using St. Peter’s traditional brewing techniques. The product comes in a gorgeous green bottle that looks similar to those beer bottles from decades ago. The beverage has a golden body with a couple of wispy white cloud foam that fades away quickly after you pour it in a mug. There’s also a sweet pear-like flavor that has a bitter aftertaste. 

3. Scott’s Brewing Company Gluten-Free Ale

This beer balances the refreshing taste of honey with a sort of bitterness and crisp citrus flavors. Aside from being gluten-free, this isn’t just your ordinary beer. It’s also a type of pale ale that uses celiac-friendly sorghum, along corn and buckwheat. These work as a replacement from the usual beer ingredients of barley, rye, and wheat. Other people who have tried this beverage will report tasting tropical fruits. The person behind this beverage also suffers from gluten sensitivity, so they know what gluten-free beer is all about. 

Which Beers to Avoid for Gluten Sensitivity 

1. Hoegaarden Wheat Beer

From the name alone, this is a beer that should be avoided by anyone who has gluten sensitivity. But for those who manage to chug this beverage down, it’s a completely unfiltered wheat-based beer that has a cloudy golden appearance, as well as a white head. Aromas include citrus, yeast, a hint of peppery scent, as well as some spice. The scent is further enhanced by the taste of coriander and orange peels. The beer is also very bubbly when poured in a mug, with a tart aftertaste. 

2. Triple Karmeliet 

This is a three-grain beer that has been in production since the 1600s – However, due to the amount of grains included in the beverage, it is not recommended for anyone with a type of gluten sensitivity. The beer has since been given plenty of awards since it was first sold on the market, thanks to its golden color, and its beautiful clarity. Meanwhile, the tripel forms a creamy and somewhat voluminous beer head which can last for a few minutes, letting you enjoy its taste and texture. 

3. Amstel Light 

Amstel Light is another beer that has plenty of grains as its main ingredient. The company behind this beer has crafted a type of brewing tradition that goes back to the 1870s, so it is a type of lager that has been enjoyed by so many generations. For those who are able to drink this beer, you will appreciate the unique combination of hops and barley, as the beverage delivers a complete flavor, despite the ‘light’ title. This product is just as delicious as regular beer. 

FAQs About the Best Beers for Gluten Sensitivity

What Ingredients Are in Gluten-Free Beer?

The typical substitutions used for gluten-free beer include oats, maize, rice, buckwheat, teff, and millet. Other beers will include unique grains like quinoa, which is a popular food for people who are watching their diet. There are some beers that are made from even unique ingredients like sorghum and amaranth. Unfortunately, certain brands of gluten-free beer are quite pricey because of the production costs that come from these one-of-a-kind grains – Most of which have to be shipped to another country just to get brewed. 

What Happens When You Are Sensitive to Gluten?

Celiac disease is the number one condition that’s linked to gluten sensitivity. It’s a type of autoimmune condition where your body gets inflammation when ingesting anything with grains in it – Including wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten is found in so many processed food such as cereals, noodles, pasta, and even bread. If you have gluten sensitivity, your small intestine takes the most damage, and it’ll cause your body to accept less and less nutrients. Sadly, there is no cure yet for celiac disease. 

Wrapping up the Best Beers for Gluten Sensitivity 

There are plenty of amazing gluten-free beers on our list that you can try out, but out of all of them, Epic Brewing Company’s Glutenator is the best one. The company behind it knows what it’s like to suffer from this dreadful disorder, and they have made sure that people who suffer from celiac disease don’t have to give up on their favorite fizzy beverage just for the sake of their health. A good suggestion would be to pair up this delicious beer with some gluten-free recipes you can try out or buy at stores.  

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