3 Best Beers for No Hangover: Drink Beer & Avoid Hangovers

Beers for No Hangover

This is a discussion about the different kinds of beer you can chug down without going through a nasty hangover the following morning. For alcohol drinkers, getting a hangover is one of the terrible consequences that they have to go through after drinking a glass or two of their favorite beverages – And one of the reasons why some people don’t want to try out alcohol in the first place. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the best beers for you to try out without suffering a massive headache the following day. 

We consulted a list of beer experts, casual beer drinkers, and anyone who loves drinking a frothy mug of this alcoholic beverage every night. Other opinions included a few lucky individuals who have managed to learn the secret of not going through a hangover, even after drinking several bottles of their beloved liquor. These beer brands are all refreshing and won’t sacrifice their taste for the sake of not feeling a hangover. Are you excited to find out what these beers are? Then let’s go!

Which Beers Will Not Give you a Hangover?

1. Budweiser Select 55

Beers for No Hangover

At just 55 calories, Budweiser Select 55 is one of the many low-calorie beers that are readily available to the public. And not only is it light on the stomach, but it’s also light on the head as well. Budweiser Select 55 is a type of lager that is brewed from both domestic and imported hops, along with caramel-flavored malts. It’s a beer that captures the original beloved taste of the regular Budweiser beer but with only half of the calories, and that’s always a good thing. 

2. Guinness Draught 

Guinness Draught

This is Ireland’s iconic beer for a reason. It’s got that light-bodied, creamy, and smooth texture that so many beer drinkers have loved – And what’s great about this is that Guinness is actually a good source of iron and only contains few calories; it won’t give you that dreaded hangover as well. However, the only downside here is that the lack of a hangover will probably depend on the number of cans that you drink. That aside, it does have a lesser amount of alcohol compared to other beers.

3. Heineken Light

Despite being a lighter version of a beloved beer brand, Heineken Light has the same full taste profile as the original. Even just a small sip lets you taste the malt that went into brewing the beverage, giving this beverage a flavorful foundation. Meanwhile, the Cascade hops found in the beer give the product a lovely citrus and floral flavor with a hint of bitterness. This combination of flavors, along with the few calories, will be enjoyed by those who want to enjoy beer but without the terrible hangover afterward. 

What Beers to Avoid for Hangovers?

1. Carlsberg Elephant Beer

Carlsberg Elephant Beer

It’s called “Elephant” for a reason – This European lager is a true Carlsberg classic. But not only is it very strong in flavor, it’s also packed with lots of calories as well, which could most likely make you feel terrible after chugging down a bottle or two. It provides lots of beer drinkers to taste something one-of-a-kind and extraordinary. It’s got a moderate head formation, but the alcohol content does pack a wallop for some drinkers.

2. Pabst Blue Ribbon 

This famous beer has a lovely golden color with a nice frothy top. The taste has often been described by drinkers as having a similar flavor to bananas or even pears – It’s got a medium body with that finishing taste of light cereal and hops, which is very refreshing. It has also been fermented with a proprietary lager yeast, giving it that full-bodied beer flavor. But despite the medium body that this beverage has, it still has the ability to give its drinkers a terrible hangover. 

3. Coors Light

There have been cases where consuming too much Coors Light – Whether it’s the regular one or even light – Has led many a person into an emergency room. If something as dangerous as this can happen, then what more when it comes to hangovers? But this probably won’t stop beer drinkers from enjoying the crisp malt flavor of the beverage, especially with that citrus aftertaste and fruity notes. 

FAQs About the Best Beer for No Hangovers

Why Do Hangovers Even Happen in The First Place?

There are many reasons why hangovers can happen to an individual. For instance, when you drink more alcohol, your body has the tendency to produce more pee – And when you lose more fluid in the body, this can lead to dehydration. Stronger kinds of alcohol can lead to stomach inflammation, especially when you drink them on an empty stomach. Certain ingredients in alcohol can result in your blood vessels expanding, leading to migraines, which is something nobody wants to experience.

How Can You Prevent a Hangover from Happening?

These are the things that you can do BEFORE chugging down a glass of beer or any hard liquor – Drink lots of vitamins, get plenty of sleep, and eat a full protein-rich meal before going out with friends. While you’re out drinking, try to only have a bottle or two of your favorite liquor, or chug down many glasses of water in between to keep yourself hydrated. Lastly, don’t consume too much in one go.

What Food Can You Eat to Cure Hangovers?

Anything loaded with carbs, such as pizza, toast, crackers, or a bacon sandwich, will do. For drinks, you can chug down some coconut water. Food with starches, such as sushi and rice porridge, is also an excellent idea. 

Rounding up the Best Beers for no Hangover

Out of all the beers that we took up, we have decided that the first one on the list – Budweiser Select 55 – Is the best one to drink if you don’t want to go through a hangover. Not only does it only contain 55 calories (Which is already a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight), it also won’t give you that terrible sick feeling that comes with drinking too much alcohol. So go ahead and try to grab a bottle of this classic the next time you go out. 

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