8 Best Beers for Teeth

Beers for Teeth

This is a list of the best beers that you can chug down to either keep your teeth strong or make them healthier. This may seem ridiculous as alcohol is known to have detrimental effects on your teeth, and too much alcohol consumption can also lead to cavity development, gum disease, and chronic bad breath. These beers, however, are an exception, as they contain ingredients that can do the opposite – Making your teeth strong and whiter instead. 

All of the beers on our list came from the suggestion of our colleagues, such as brewery owners, brewery workers, people who enjoy drinking beers, as well as doctors, dentists, and even orthodontists. Not only are these beers beneficial for dental hygiene, but they are also quite refreshing and perfect to drink for any occasion or any time of year. 

What Types of Beers Are Better for Teeth?

According to experts, the only type of beer that won’t rot your teeth or cause tooth decay is light beer, as well as low-carb beer. Not only are these beverages great for dental hygiene, they won’t in increase the size of your waistline as well. Hop-laden beers are great for the teeth too.

1. Babe’s Bar-B-Que IPA Palm Springs IPA

One of the several IPA beers on our list, this product sports a clear to golden color with a white head and spotty lacing. Its scent will remind you of flowers, with just a tad bit of bitterness. Meanwhile, the taste is well-balanced and easy to drink, thanks to the presence of pine. 

2. Night Shift Brewery Nite Lite Craft Light Lager

Light lagers are perhaps the most popular type of light beer on the market. Based in Massachusetts, this product is very sessionable, and contains a low ABV of 4.3%. It’s filled with loads of flavor and only has 120 calories. The taste is similar to bread, corn, and citrus. 

3. Allagash White 

This is Allagash Brewing Company’s own take on the famous Belgian wheat beer. It’s loaded with familiar spices such as coriander, along with curacao orange peels. The mouthfeel of the beverage is just fantastic as well, with a wonderful blend of bitterness and sweetness. 

4. Lagunitas DayTime IPA 

A beer that truly lives up to its name, this drink is highly sessionable, with only a mere 98 calories and 4% ABV. But the benefits of this beer won’t sacrifice the flavor and aroma – It’s an easy-to-drink beer that is balanced and finely hopped, filled with notes of tropical fruits and citrus. 

5. Bell’s Light Hearted Ale Lo-Cal IPA 

This IPA is not only low in ABV but low in calories as well. The idea of a low-calorie IPA might sound like a myth, but now, it’s possible. The flavors of this product include notes of malt, citrus, pine, and caramel. It’s also got a fine combination of Galaxy and Centennial hops. 

6. Notch Brewing Session Pils Czech Pale Lager

Another Massachusetts beer, this product has flavors of pine and malt with a rather robust spiciness. The beer has crisp crushability and is very light due to it being a Czech-style beer. It’s very light on the stomach, and the hoppy and herbal notes give it a nice touch. 

7. Tampa Bay Brewing Company Cloudy Donkey 

A dry-hopped rendition of the company’s famous Reef Donkey beer, this is an aromatic beverage that contains a softer mouthfeel than its normal counterpart. It’s got that strong London fog yeast flavor that gives the beverage a hazy appearance, as well as slightly fruity notes. 

8. Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty 

An indie-style beer that has all the qualities of a true IPA, this beverage only contains 95 calories. The secret? The company has added monk fruit as one of the beer’s ingredients, which acts as a substitute for sugar. So not only is it great for the teeth, but it also keeps your body healthy too. 

What Beers to Avoid for Teeth? 

As you would expect, this product contains beers with a high amount of sugar or any beer that’s practically considered a liquid dessert. Of course, it’s completely up to you whether you want to chug down these beverages or not – Just be sure to give your teeth a good brushing afterward. 

1. Dundee Original Honey Brown 

With its gorgeous amber color and attractive name, this is a beer that is neither heavy nor light – Just in between both. Feel free to enjoy this delicious beverage with the best company and savor its delicious combination of regular beer and honey. 

2. Southern Tier Nitro Crème Brulee

This beer will take its drinkers to an otherworldly experience, thanks to the notes of vanilla and custard, along with a smooth milky finish. The name of the beverage truly lives up to its name, as it’s just as decadent as the actual dessert. Has a wonderful and sweet aroma of burnt sugar.  

FAQs About the Best Beers for Teeth 

How Does Beer Affect Your Teeth?

Just like soda, the carbonation found in beer can quickly turn into carbonic acid, which ruins your teeth’s enamel over time. And when you consume plenty of beer – Which is an acidic beverage – Your teeth can face serious enamel loss in the future, leading to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Not only that, beer, like most alcohol, can also lead to dehydration and too much sugar in the body. 

Can Beer Stain Your Teeth?

Too much beer consumption can lead to permanent stains on your teeth, similar to consuming coffee or sodas. The worst offender here is a dark beer, like stouts or porters, as the discoloration in your teeth will become noticeable over time. Drink water in between glasses of beer to wash the stains off your teeth. 

A Wrap-up of The Best Beers for Teeth 

From all of these beers, we have to pick one winner – And this would be Babe’s Bar-B-Que IPA Palm Springs IPA. It’s not filled with loads of sugar, and not to mention the ingredients in this beer won’t do damage to your teeth in the long run. It’s always good to chug down any of the beers on this list; just be sure to do it in pure moderation. 

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