5 Best 40 Oz Beer Brands in 2023

Best 40 Oz Beer

Relive your fun times in college by choosing the best 40 oz beer brands this year. While 40 oz bottles are not as popular as they once were, it’s very refreshing to know that most breweries around the world are still selling these thirst-quenchers. 

Whether you are into lager or ale, or anything in between, the goal of this article is to provide you with the best options to get your buzz going all night. If you’re not looking to get too hammered, then use the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) content to choose the right amount of alcohol that you can handle.

Getting to Know Your Beer from The Best 40z Beer Brands

Listed below are the best types of beers that breweries have mastered over decades (or even centuries).


Lager is the most popular type of beer in the world. Crisp, clean-tasting, and malty are just a few of the words to describe this drink. Pilsners and American lagers are definitely a must-try. The flavor profile is a huge hit among newbie drinkers and seasoned veterans alike. 

As for appearance, it typically comes in a light golden color, but some hybrid beers can present a much darker shade or gold, depending on the ingredient and alcohol content. 

If you are looking for the perfect concoction for indoor and/or outdoor parties, it’s never a bad idea to have the best 40z beer brands in your fridge.


Compared to lager, ale is a little bit more complex as it has sub-categories that a lot of avid beer fanatics are not ready for. While it’s regarded as the oldest process of brewing beer, innovation and creativity also played a role in making it one of the best beers to sell.

Ales are known for their darker, more intricate color. However, there are exceptions to the rule, such as the blonde ale (which looks like a lager). It also has a very distinctive aroma that blends well with its flavor profile. The roasted malt flavor goes very well with meals or even on its own.

While this type of beer is not what you would consider an “everyday drink with the buddies,” especially with its alcohol content, younger individuals prefer this over lager as they get more bang for their buck.


Now that new techniques are being used in the brewing process, hybrids have started to hit the shelves to provide a different kind of taste in the beer market. Hybrids are both like ale and lager. However, the difference comes from the way these are made.

The thing about hybrids is that they look like either ale or lager, but the flavor profile is delicate and delectable for sophisticated beer aficionados. However, the sweetened variants prove to be a successful hit among young drinkers.

With alcohol levels reaching between 4 and 8.5%, hybrids are perfect drinks for a not-so-usual day, and you need something different to fuel your buzz.  

5 of The Best 40 oz Beer Brands

1. Olde English 800

ABV: 5.9%

The Olde English 800 is a favorite classic for house parties, backyard hangs, as well as heavy drinking sessions with your group. It has enough hops to not give this beer an overly bitter taste, but not too sweet as well.

If you are a fan of citrus and herbal-like aromas, then Olde English will not disappoint. However, the 5.9% alcohol content may not be for everyone, but if you had this beer in college, it would surely give you memories of yesteryear with every gulp. 

To this day, Olde English 800, aka OE800 is still regarded as one of the best 40 oz beer brands by a lot of beer fanatics.

2. Steel Reserve 211

ABV: 8.1%

A smooth malt liquor like no other, Steel Reserve 211 is arguably one of the strongest lagers you can get. It’s sweet and malty, yet it definitely packs a punch like no other. A few sips of from a 40 oz, and you’re guaranteed to feel the buzz.

With an alcohol content of over 8%, this malt beer is not for the faint of heart. Heavy drinkers have considered this to be among the best 40 oz beer brands, and for good reason – you get more than what you pay for.

3. St. Ides High Gravity

ABV: 8.2%

St. Ides High Gravity is yet another 40 oz beer brand that has received a lot of exposure thanks to iconic rap stars such as Snoop Dogg. This golden drink has one of the highest alcohol content at 8.2%.

Compared to the 211s, the bitterness is a little more evident here, with a hint of corn and hop taste that’s not too aggressive. As for the aroma, there’s nothing really spectacular about it. However, the story changes once you take a gulp or two.

If you’re looking for a quality 40 oz that can really help you mellow down after a hard day’s work, you can never go wrong with St. Ides High Gravity.

4. Colt 45

ABV: 5.6%

Colt 45 is one of the beers that doesn’t need any introduction. It’s affordable, refreshing, and smooth. While it’s not the best-tasting malt, a lot of beer drinkers prefer this for casual drinks as the taste and kick have been fairly consistent over the years.

With an alcohol content of 5.6%, this malt liquor may not hit you hard, but on the bright side, it will also not give you crazy college hangovers after a bottle or two.

5. Mickey’s

ABV: 5.6%

Mickey’s 40 oz fine malt liquor is another beer brand that almost every American has had. It has all the elements of a good lager – clear, yellowish with the right amount of foam and carbonation. Simply put, it’s one of the most refreshing lagers you can get your hands on.

As for the alcohol content of 5.6%, many believe that it’s the right amount for casual parties and get-togethers as it’s not too heavy, not too sweet, and not too bitter to leave a foul taste in your mouth after a few bottles.


Finding the best 40 oz beer brands may sound like a chore, but once you have narrowed down the best of the best, you can finally get to try and decide for yourself. All you need to do from here is to find a drinking buddy and enjoy the experience.

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