Best Alcohol To Get Drunk [Complete Guide]

Best Alcohol to Get Drunk

It’s tempting to turn to alcohol at some point in one’s life, driven by the yearning to escape stress, attain an exhilarating and calming sensation, or feel prompted to drink during social gatherings. Nevertheless, you need to be cautious and mindful when considering consuming liquor, as you need to account for the risks of excessive indulgence.

To ensure safety and preserve one’s well-being, you should make wise decisions when drinking alcohol intake at all times. The satisfaction of drinking can be enjoyed – without putting oneself or those around you in harm’s way with mindful thinking.

What is an Alcoholic Drink?

Alcohol or alcoholic drink: a liquid solution of diverse flavors that fulfill the longing to sip and taste! You may fancy a fine vino, a timeless beer, or an exotic cocktail. But whatever your taste, there is something for all tipplers. 

Let’s journey through the many forms of alcohol – explore the distinct characteristics, compare alcoholic strengths, and eventually pick your favorite. From reds and whites to mixed drinks and shots, let us raise those fancy glasses and say cheers!

Best Alcohol to Get Drunk

You can get drunk by consuming countless alcoholic beverages until you’ve knocked yourself out. But there are specific types of liquor with a high alcohol content that will surely get you wasted quickly and easily. Here are some alcoholic drink types you should be careful with,  starting from those with the lowest ABV or alcohol by volume.


At the low end of the spectrum is the beloved beer. It’s created from malted grains, hops, yeast, and water and is the most consumed alcoholic refreshment on the planet. And this is understandable, given its flavor. Usually containing roughly 4-6% ABV, there is a strong alcohol content brew coming in as high as 20% ABV – a level that may prove to be too hefty for some. Beer – it’s no wonder it is a favorite of many.


Wine is something people need to celebrate, not just for its flavor and aroma but for its long history and global renown. Winemakers make it from fermented grapes. Typically, people serve this beloved drink with meals, with the alcohol content varying significantly depending on the type and location of the grapes used. 

The ABV for most wines falls between 10-15%, yet examples such as Port and Sherry boast 18-22% ABV. Truly a diverse beverage – no matter the ABV – wine has something to offer every palette.


Further exploring the majestic world of spirits brings us to vodka. Commonly, distilleries use clear, tasteless spirits from grains or potatoes to make the perfect vodka. You can drink it as it is or mixed with multiple beverages to formulate different cocktails. With typically 40% ABV, vodka gives a strong kick, making it a favorite amongst those who want a strong drink.


Rum, a derivative of molasses or sugarcane, is the next spirit to take. Many recognize this drink as a favorite among beachgoers or classic cocktail creators like the Daiquiri or Mojito. However, it is necessary to know that rum’s alcohol content differs amongst brands and styles. Typically, ABV ranges from 40-50%, but it wouldn’t hurt to double-check the label.

For example, Overproof rum is a type of spirit with a higher alcohol content than typical rum. Distilleries created this drink with above 50% ABV, sometimes reaching 75-80% ABV! This concentration is made possible by decreasing the amount of water used when distilling the rum, thus making it a more powerful beverage.

Those not used to high alcohol content liquor should drink it with precaution – Overproof rum packs quite a punch! Its bold and intense notes make it great for cocktails, although they are best used sparingly. However, people who like a robust rum flavor may enjoy the intensity quite nicely.

Three familiar types of Overproof rum include Bacardi 151, Lemon Hart 151, and Hamilton 151. These exceptional rums frequently appear in Tiki-style cocktails, such as the ever-popular Zombie and the Painkiller drinks. Their use helps balance these complex concoctions as the boisterous high alcohol content tempers with other components like fruit juices and syrups.


Gin, crafted from an intricate mix of juniper berries, coriander, and citrus peels, has won the hearts of even the most discerning drinkers. Its 40% alcohol content brings mouth-watering flavors to popular drinks such as martinis and gin & tonics. With its high alcohol content, gin continues to surprise and delight taste buds around the world.

An interesting fact about gin: Navy Strength Gin, also referred to as “gunpowder gin,” stands out amongst other types of gin for its immensely high alcohol content. At an exceptional 57-58% ABV, this type of gin acquired its stellar name from its peculiar connection to the British Navy. It is presumed that gunpowder was tested during naval service by spilling gin on it – if the gin could still ignite the powder, it was deemed strong enough to be consumed on the vessel!


Finally, the whiskey must have its rightful place in the spotlight! Made through the process of distillation where grains like wheat, corn, barley, and rye are fermented and permitted to age in oak barrels, this deeply-flavored and intensely-colored alcoholic drink is rather versatile. 

Whether it be enjoyed neat and chilled or even as an ingredient for recipes for drinks such as Manhattans and Old Fashioned cocktails, whiskey has something for everyone. The ABV of this enjoyable beverage can range from 40 to 50%.

Straight from their barrel, Cask Strength Whiskeys come undiluted and unadulterated. They range from a potency of up to 70% ABV or even more. An example is the Octomore series dispensed by the Bruichladdich distillery, the George T. Stagg Bourbon, and the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – all of which bring a sheer strength unsuitable for the feeble. These liquors must be taken with caution.


No matter your choice of liquor, there is something to even the pickiest palate! The variety of beer, wine, and spirits offer distinct flavor profiles that will have you coming back for more. However, ensure that your enjoyment is joint with drinking responsibly and in moderation. 

Here’s to you and your favorite drink!

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