5 Surprising Reasons Why People Love Beer

Reasons Why People Love Beer

Is beer good or bad? Some say drinking beer is good for your health. Others say it’s not and that it would even cause cancer. Casual drinkers would suggest that one or two bottles won’t do any harm. But what is the point of drinking beer? Why do people drink it?

European Beer Statistics, from European Beer Guide’s data on the volume of world beer production, shows that beer is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world among other types of alcoholic drinks. It makes a lot of sense. Come to think of it: beer is a regular item on your grocery shopping list every week, isn’t it?

Let’s dig deep into this beer-drinking habit and see why people love beer.

1. Your friends said so

If you asked yourself when you started grabbing a bottle of this bitter fermented nectar people now called beer, there’s a big chance that it all started at that time you and your friends were at a party and everybody was drinking beer. 

That’s no surprise at all. Beer is associated with having fun and being fun, which can spark curiosity. You might’ve given in to the pressure and endured its bitter taste. After all, holding a beer bottle while at a gathering also makes you look cool, in trend, and intriguing. 

Since it’s also a common choice of beverage and is easily purchased in retail stores everywhere, it has instantly become a regular go-to drink with or without an occasion to celebrate. And before you know it, having a pint here and there becomes essential.

2. You want to loosen up

If you are that type who’s uptight, introverted, shy, or doesn’t seem to do good being in a crowd, you are more likely to go straight to the bar to get some drinks to help you let down your guard a little bit. There’s a reason why this works when you chug a bottle or two.

Psychology Today, a media outlet in the United States that focuses on psychology and human behavior, posted an article entitled “Does Alcohol Help You Relax?. They mentioned that beer and other alcoholic beverages raise dopamine levels in the brain, which slows down brain activity. That is when alcohol can start to function as a depressant. 

Thus, the feeling of calm comes in and makes you get comfortable in showing your more vulnerable side. It allows you to connect and make friends. Getting a little tipsy can give you the courage to throw funnier jokes or be more at ease in showing your naughty sense of humor. 

It can make you feel braver to pick up the mic on karaoke night to belt your heart out to a broadway tune that nobody knows. Sharing more personal facts about yourself without the urge to be defensive or reserved can also be one of the good things to love about drinking beer. They don’t call it “liquid courage” for nothing.

3. It makes you forget

Healthline, an American health information provider, wrote an article called Why Does Alcohol Make You Drunk? and mentioned that beer has ethanol, which in layman’s terms, means alcohol. This substance is one of the main ingredients of alcoholic drinks that causes drunkenness.

Chugging several bottles of beer in one sitting will cause memory loss. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of 0.16 percent and above (almost twice the legal driving limit) is when a person starts to experience blackouts. Most cognitive functions, including impulsive behavior, attention, judgment, and decision-making, are considerably hampered at these BACs.

Blacking out is the reason why you don’t remember how you got that strange tattoo all of a sudden. Or why your final memory is of sitting at the pub and nothing else, or how you wind yourself waking up on the sidewalk.

Sometimes people intentionally drink so much to drown their memories away and escape reality. It’s people’s coping mechanism for stress, overwhelming emotions, and grief. It’s not the healthiest way to get by life’s challenges. Drinking solution has an alternative that doesn’t involve having unwanted tattoos or sleeping on the pavement, and it’s called therapy.

4. It tastes good

On the contrary, some alcoholic drinks find particular types of beer taste better than most. Draft beer, for one, is a type that doesn’t come in the form of a bottle or a can. It’s served straight from a keg or cask.

Draft beer makers manufacture different variants of draft beer. For example, some may have hints of fruit and vegetable flavor. Draft beer tastes different from bottled or canned beer because it is fresh from the keg or cask.

Aside from draft beer, there is another kind called flavored beer. Beer drinker beginners usually prefer this as it usually has less than 5% alcohol content which is perfect for casual drinkers.

5. It’s a beer match

Sometimes people love drinking beer just because their comfort food tastes even better with it. Sushi, cheese, pizza, chicken, seafood, pasta, fries, burgers, steak, roasted meats, spicy flavored foods, and any fried foods are some of the food that Men’s Journal shared on “Best Beer and Food Pairings to Tryarticle.

What about barbecue? There isn’t an outdoor get-together without some good grilled pork, steak, or burgers. And beer is a perfect ingredient and pair for these party foods. They say that beer’s malt and hop tastes are enhanced when heating. It typically causes the alcohol to evaporate. Compared to cooking with other forms of acid, food like chicken tends to hold more flavor when cooked with beer.

Whether for socializing, needing a little boost of confidence and courage, or craving that perfect flavor to pair with delicious food, you couldn’t go wrong with a good bottle or glass of beer. Or beers. Just mind your limits and have a good time with your friends and family.

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