Top 15 Best Drunk Memes: Drunk Jokes and Humour

Best Drunk Memes

People try hard to seem funny if other people are around. But if somebody is drunk, it’s simple for them to be funny. While you’re drunk, you can’t keep your mouth shut. If you are drunk, you can perform dumb things and get away with it.

It’s simple to be funny when intoxicated, but the worst part is the hangover the following day. These hilarious drunk memes sum up the moment flawlessly. 

1. I’m Not Even

Best Drunk Memes

This meme is an amusing way to bring out the irony or amusement of an instance where a person is drunk but dismisses how drunk they are. 

It’s an enjoyable way to make fun of yourself or another person when drinking has undoubtedly impacted your opinions and actions. 

2. After A Night

Best Drunk Memes

The meme depicts what happens to someone emotionally and physically after an exciting evening of drinking excessively. The meme is funny to convey what occurs if you drink a lot. It reveals how common it is to feel tired and to hate what you did the night before. 

3. When The Vodka Kicks In

Best Drunk Memes

This meme is a funny statement that shows how drinking alcohol alters a person’s sense of self-confidence and what they believe they can do. This commonly results in funny or outrageous activity that might not happen when the person is sober.  

4. One Drink We Go Home

This meme is an amusing expression that shows how unreal people’s plans are as they plan to get one drink but find themselves hanging out much longer than they hoped.

It’s an amusing way to understand and make fun of a typical scenario where people place strict boundaries for themselves but end up not sticking to them as they get caught up in social activities or drink more than they planned. 

5. When You Wake Up After A Heavy Night Of Drinking

The meme is an amusing way to talk about getting up after a night of excessive drinking without the typical signs of a hangover. This is a rare and lucky thing to happen.

The meme is based on the widespread and often nasty feeling of getting up with a hangover after drinking too much booze. 

6. When Your Drunk In The Back Of An Uber

The meme is a hilarious term that shows how difficult it is to do easy things like secure a seat belt when you’ve been drinking. It reveals how funny and genuine it’s to be drunk and run into minor issues you wouldn’t have to worry about when you’re sober.

7. Did You Go Out Last Night?

The meme plays on the hilarious uncertainty and fun that arise when someone is asked if they went out the night before. 

By replying “maybe” or something else unclear, the meme indicates that the person is cunning or secretive about their actions, suggesting that they could have done something crazy or thrilling that they are unwilling to discuss. 

8. Someone Starts Talking Pictures

The meme is based on the reality that people commonly have their picture taken at parties or nights out, as they might not be in the best shape to look their finest or most peaceful. It shows how humorous it is to learn that getting drunk can lead to awkward, funny, or ugly photos. 

9. Go Home Officer

The joke plays on the irony of a police officer, typically conceived as someone who upholds the law and remains sober, being perceived as drunk or behaving like someone who has had much to drink.

It changes the power balance and standards on their heads in a funny way, putting the person with authority as the one who requires support or intervention. 

10. Trying To Walk

The joke relies on the reality that drinking can make walking, keeping your balance, and planning your actions tricky. It depicts funnily how difficult it can be for drunk people to keep their balance and walk straight while drunk. 

11. Making Friends With Everyone

The meme is based on the notion that drinking reduces limits, making people appear more social and eager to connect with others. 

It reveals in a funny way that people are likely to get too friendly, easy to talk to, and prone to make new friends when they drink. 

12. Let’s Day Drink

The joke makes fun of the notion of daytime drinking, which generally means drinking alcohol during the day rather than what is typically done in the evening or nighttime hours.

It mixes this idea with the fact that everyone loves tacos, an iconic and satisfying dish frequently associated with easygoing, fun meals. 

13. We All Have That One Friend

The joke is based on a typical social scenario in which one friend in a group usually drinks more than everyone else or continually tries to get others to drink too much.

It’s funny since it reveals the inclusion of a friend who seems to take it upon themselves to motivate their friends to drink more. 

14. Sneaking Alcohol Into Work

The meme makes fun of the actual significance of “sneaking alcohol into work” by making the joke that the best method to hide booze is to drink it first. It’s an amusing take on sneaking alcohol into places in which it isn’t generally allowed or socially accepted.

15. When You’re On The Verge Of Blacking Out

The meme is based on the usual scenario of a person who has had too much to drink, is on the brink of losing consciousness or forgetting stuff, and must figure out if they want to keep drinking. 

It shows funny how they are caught between wishing to keep the party rolling and understanding that it could not be the most excellent choice for their health.


Getting drunk has long been an everyday occurrence for people, and it can be both fun and an indicator of trouble. 

While the Internet became attached to this beloved action, it gave it more elements, such as using memes in the drinking game.

Like alcohol, memes are funny, simple to find, and bad when a lot of them are consumed. Share these funny drunk memes with your partying buddies by putting them on social media and texting them to them.

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