Top 20 Drinking Games You Have to Try

Drinking Games

Looking to chug up a few cans of beer with your friends? A drinking game just might turn on the buzz for your party!

You got your drinks but now what? It can get really tough to pick a quick and easy-to-understand game. But don’t worry, this article will take all the burden off your shoulders. After conducting a lot of research, we have compiled for you a list of the best drinking games that will buzz up your mood.

From simple card games to athletic ones, this article covers all. Even if you are not the smartest one around, you can still find plenty of easy games to play and enjoy your favorite drink.

The article covers games for college students, adults, long-time friends, and folks new to the circle. So, let’s dive in to check out the most popular drinking games played all around the world.

One important note: Things might get crazy so…Drink Responsibly!

Beer Die

Requirements: A plywood table, 4 players, 4-pint glasses or 16 oz wide mouth cups, and your favorite beer.

It is an outdoor physical game and requires a lot of concentration and practice as well as some cups and dies. Players with quick reflexes and sharp minds can master this game in no time. It is a team game played by four players. A beer die table is set in the center, whereas players stand at each corner of the table respectively. To get the game started 4 glasses are filled with beer and placed on the table, in front of each player.

The main objective of the game is to land the die in the opponent team’s glass. The die must be thrown 6-8 ft above the player’s head. There are several techniques you can learn to throw the die but remember, practice makes you perfect. During the game, you are not allowed to say the numbers 5 and 7. Instead, the term bizz and buzz is used.

If the die bounces off the table and lands on the floor, then the throwing team gets the point. If any player from the opposing team catches the die with one hand, the throwing team has to drink a quarter from the glass. It’s a fun team game and can test your mind and body.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
HighSuper Fun30 Minutes-2 hours

Beer Pong

Requirements: A plywood table, 4-8 players, 20 glasses/cups (10 for each side), any flat table, ping pong balls, beers

Beer Pong, or Beirut is the most popular drinking game played all across America. It’s not so complex, and you can enjoy ample beers before you actually pass out. It’s kinda similar to beer die, but the difference is beer pong is played with a ping pong ball.

 It’s easy to set up and get started. Ten cups are placed on a long table in a triangular formation on both sides. The glasses are quarter filled with beer. The main objective is to throw the ball into the opponent’s cup.

 It is played between two teams of 2 or 4 each. If the throwing team manages to bounce the ball right into the opponent’s cup, the opposing team’s player has to chug up the glass and remove it from the table. The first team to get rid of all the cups wins.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
HighBlasting Fun15-30 min

Fuzzy Duck

Requirements: Multiple players. Alcohol shots (usually spirits)

Fuzzy Duck is a funny and simple game to play. Even those who are new to the game or new in the group can also play this game. All the players sit in a circular formation. The first player starts by saying, “Fuzzy Duck”. 

Then the next player goes on saying, “Fuzzy Duck,” “Does he?” or “Duzzy.” If a player chooses to say “Does he?”, then the game starts moving in the opposite direction with each player saying “Ducky Fuzz?” instead of “Fuzzy Duck.”

Whenever a player messes up and says the wrong word or takes too long to say the correct word, he/she gets penalized and made to take a shot. After being intoxicated, players might spill out wrong words like “Does he fuck?” or “fuck he does.” It is a cool tongue-twister game where you will find yourself laughing all night long.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumAwesomeDepends on the no.of players

Ring of Fire ( A.K.A Kings Cup)

Requirements: Alcohol, a normal deck of cards, 1 drinking glass, any flat surface, and 2 or more players.

Ring of Fire is played with standard deck cards. It’s easy to play, but any variation in rules must be set before the game starts. A glass is placed in the center. Cards are placed in a facedown position in a circular formation.

The main focus is to pull the cards without breaking the circle (a.k.a. The ring of fire). Each card should overlap with another one. Failure to do so and the player is made to take a drink. Every card has a different rule. For instance, 4 means all females will get to drink, whereas it’s the boy’s turn when no.6 is drawn. A player will drink if he pulls out No. 3 from the deck or ask someone else to drink if he draws No. 2, and the list goes on.

The game finishes when the last king is drawn. Each player puts a little portion of his drink in the King’s cup (placed in the center). The player who pulled the last king will consume all the contents of the King’s cup.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumSuper Fun15-30 min


Requirements: 3 or more people and alcoholic shots or beer, a good place to sit.

As the name suggests, Paranoia can get a bit uncomfortable for some people. The game can help unravel some deep dark secrets or any crushes. On the lighter side, it’s a simple guessing game that you play with your long-time friends. But be careful of the consequences you’ll be facing in the morning because of your answers.

The game starts when the first player whispers a question in the second player’s ears (like, who is your secret crush?). Then the second player answers the question out loud about whom he/she thinks is the answer to the question.

The person whose name has been taken has the option to ignore it and ask a new question or find out why his/her name was taken. If that player urges to find out the answer, then he/she has to drink for 5 seconds. The game continues till you’re out of beer or exhausted.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowCool15 -30 min

Task Master

Requirements: 3 or more people, drinks, and a crowded area

Task Master needs to be played in an area full of strangers or people unaware of your gameplay. This can be the most exciting and memorable night of your life. The game begins with a rock, paper, and scissors. The winner gets to be the Task Master. 

The Task Master assigns a task to the player, like dancing in your underpants in the middle of a crowd. If that player refuses to take the task, then he/she has to finish his entire drink and get a new one. If the player fails to finish the task then he/she has to sip up half a glass of drink.

If the player succeeds in doing the task, then he/she becomes the new taskmaster, and this goes on till you completely embarrass yourself. It’s a fun drinking game for a boys’ night out.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
HighBlasting Fun1-2 hours

Shot Roulette

Requirements: An empty glass bottle, shot glasses equivalent to the number of players, 8-10 players, alcohol, water, and colored beverages.

Shot Roulette can be played in many ways, but let’s just discuss the most common one. Shot glasses are placed in a circle with an empty whiskey or glass bottle in the middle. Glasses are filled with alcohol and other liquid beverages to confuse the drinker. For instance, grape juice looks like hard liquor, and any carbonated drink looks like beer.

The drinks are poured into shot glasses. The first player spins the bottle. Whatever shot the bottle stops at, the player spinning the bottle must drink it without sniffing and refill the same content. The next player to the left may go next, and so on. It is a total luck game, and you may get drunk a lot quicker than your friends. You can also buy a real shot roulette that comes ready for this amazing game.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumEntertainingTill you get fully drunk and forfeit

International Drinking Games

Requirements: Multiple players, shot glasses, alcohol

If you’re looking for a simple game with just a few sets of rules, then you should try the International Drinking Game. You can add a few rules of your choice, but the basic rules remain the same. The main purpose is to have fun all night long with your friends and your alcohol.

  • Players must not drink with their strong hands. It means if you’re a right-hander, you will use your left hand for drinking purposes and vice versa.
  • Words like “drink” and the first name of the players are forbidden to be taken during the play.
  • The drinks should be placed at thumbs length from the player at the table.
  • Avoid any kind of swearing.
  • It is not allowed to point the finger at someone throughout the game.
  • Always announce out loud before going to the washroom.

If a player fails to follow these simple rules, he/she gets punished and made to drink a shot. The shot must be refilled before placing it back on the table.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumSuper fun1 hour and onwards

Never Have I Ever

Requirements: Beer or any hard liquor, 3 or more people (the more, the merrier)

Never Have I Ever is a super simple game to play. Each player says something they have never done before, like “Never have I ever cheated on my girl” or “Never have I ever cleaned my room.” If the person is proven to be lying about the statement, then he/she has to down the drink. Staying sober can get tough with this game.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowAwesome30-45 min

Pennies/ Quarters

Requirements: Coins, alcohol, glasses, multiple players

Similar to Never have I ever, Pennies is an extremely simple game to play; all it requires is a little technique to throw the coin. The main objective of the game is to throw the coin in such a way that it lands in someone’s glass, and they have to finish up their drink.

Tossing can get a little tricky, but landing a coin 3 times in a row straight in another player’s cup gives you the power to make a new rule. If you fail, the next person takes a turn. The game ends when someone lands 5 coins in a glass continuously without fail. The winner gets applauded, and everyone chugs up their shots. Cheers!

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumCool15-30 min (Depending on the no. of players)

Flip Cup

Requirements: 3 players or more, solo cups, beers

Another easy and popular game in line is Flip Cup. The players are equally divided into teams of two. All cups are filled with the beer of your choice. The first player from Team 1 has to drink the whole content in the cup and place it on the edge of the table to flip using his fingers.

The cup has to land face down. Then the next player drinks and flips, and so on. The first team to complete this task the fastest wins. If you’re short on players, each player can be made to perform the task twice.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumEntertainingAs long as you want to play

Screw the Dealer

Requirements: Deck of cards, 3 or more players, individual glasses of each player, alcohol.

Screw the dealer, a.k.a Fuck the Dealer is a simple game. It can make you tipsy super fast as compared to other games on the list. A dealer is assigned in the beginning by a simple method. Cards get shuffled, and the dealer hands the card to a player and asks a question about it. If the player guessed the wrong answer, he got to drink.

However, the dealer might end up drinking more than the rest of the players. After three consecutive wrong answers, he/she is replaced. The former dealer gets to choose the new dealer for the game. 

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
MediumHighly Entertaining30 – 45 min


Requirements: A set of Beeropoly games (a Beeropoly board, dice, and 6 colored bottle cap pieces), beers, 6 players

Beeropoly is a board game similar to Monopoly. You can purchase it easily from Amazon, or if you’re not planning to spend money on the board, you can even make one at home. It has different instructions written in each box. 

For example, in “Lucky Ducky,” you are supposed to quack before you speak; otherwise, drink 1 cup as a penalty. The youngest player gets to roll the dice first. The last player left on the board wins and drinks from the community cup.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowModerate30 min


Requirements: Audio device to play the song, alcohol (beer or shots), multiple players

If you are in the mood for good music, then check out Roxanne. The game is super simple. First, divide the players into teams of two. It starts by playing the song “Roxanne” by the Police, and every time team 1 hears the word “Roxanne,” they are supposed to drink. 

For team 2, they will drink every time they hear “Put on the red light.” It is an excellent game to test your listening capabilities. The game can also be played with similar kinds of songs that contain repetitive phrases.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowHighAs long as you want to play

Where’s the water

Requirements: Clear spirits (sambuca or vodka), 6 players or more, water

Where’s the Water is a simple game similar to Shot Roulette. You get different clear color shots ready and mix the glasses with water. The transparent look should be good enough to confuse the players. The game starts, and the first player gets to drink 1 shot and say, “Mmm..water” in a truthful voice. 

By judging that person’s voice, other players say out loud, “You’re Lying.” If the other players are correct, the first player has to drink again, and if they are wrong, then the drink is on them. 

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowSuper Fun15-30 min

Movie Drinking Games

Requirements: Multiple players, a good movie, and plenty of drinks.

There can’t be a more entertaining way to get drunk while watching your favorite movie. You can pick any movie of your choice and set some particular rules, like every time a character’s name is heard, you get to neck down your drink, or every time a character says his most spoken line, you have to drink. It should be played with beers as they have low alcohol content, and you don’t pass out before the movie ends.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowEntertainingDepends on the movie’s length

Straight Face

Requirements: 4 or more players, pen and paper, and drinks.

Straight Face can leave you laughing all night long. You have to write down the most insane and funny sentences you can think of. The other player reads your sentences and tries his best not to laugh. 

If the player fails and starts giggling or laughing, he/she has to take a drink. Make sure to keep your face straight while reading or listening to the phrases. It can be hard to think of funny sentences as this game requires a good sense of humor.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowFunny15 – 30 min

Bite the Bag

Requirements: A brown paper bag, beer or shots, 3-4 players

Bite the bag is another fun game that lets you drink and move around a little. The main skill needed is proper balance. The players have to pick the bag (placed on a flat surface) only using their mouths. If they fail to do so, then they must take a shot. Sounds easy in the beginning but can get crazier and more complicated after a few shots.

After every round, a piece is cut from the bag, making it shorter. In the end, it becomes impossible to pick the bag, and the game ends.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowCool15 min

Truth or Drink

Requirements: 2 or more people, hard liquor shots.

The game is similar to the truth or dare game, except that it’s a slightly more advanced alcoholic version. One player from the group asks a Truth or Drink question either to the whole group or just one player. 

If the players are too afraid to answer the question truthfully, then they all take a shot. Then the questioning player appoints someone from the group to put forward the next question.

If the question is asked of a particular player and he refuses then he will drink a shot and ask the next question. It’s a fun game, but it can get really crazy once you start spilling out the truth after a few shots.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
LowEntertaining30 – 45 min

Jenga Drinking Game

Requirements: Jenga game set, drinks/shots, 2 or more players.

Jenga is a block game that you can easily purchase from an online store like Amazon. It contains wooden blocks that are arranged vertically to make a tower. It is up to the players to compile a list of tasks and write them on the blocks. That way, a particular task is written on each block. The objective is to pull out the block without making the tower fall. The player who pulls out the block must also finish the task.

If the player takes out a block and breaks the tower, he/she has to take a shot.

How to Play

Difficulty LevelFun levelTime
HighSuper Fun15 min


Voila! you know the best drinking games. If you want to play a bit more complex games with physical activity involved, you can check out Beer Die or Beer Pong. If you’re looking for insane games, try Task Master, Bite the Bag, or Truth or Drink. Deck lovers can try out the card games like Ring of Fire or Screw the Dealer.

It’s up to you to choose the best game suited for your gathering. You can’t have an entertaining party without a bunch of vodka or tequila shots. But as grown-ups, you should understand not to exceed your capacity; otherwise, you might suffer from alcohol poisoning. Live, love, enjoy your life, and get drunk responsibly.

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