Top 10 Best Supermarket Beers 

Best Supermarket Beers

With every passing day, new breweries are opening across the globe, each offering diverse beer styles, tastes, brewing techniques, and mixes to look for. 

However, visiting the breweries every time isn’t possible. Instead, we visit supermarkets more frequently to buy one stuff or another. So, why not try their beer this time?

Yes, where supermarkets have nearly everything in them, how can they lack at producing their own brand claim for beer? And to add more, supermarkets worldwide are known to produce artisanal, high-quality beers with low cost and exceptional taste. 

Looking for some good listings in this category? Then delve into the next section and find the best supermarket beers.

1. Original Crown Lager By Sainsbury’s 

Best Supermarket Beers

One major supermarket chain known to have its beer brand is Sainsbury’s. 

The supermarket chain operates in the United Kingdom and includes many household products, clothing, etc.

Apart from listing products from other brewers and brands, Sainsbury’s is known to have its own beer brand called Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, and one of its premium beer listings is the original brown Lager by Sainsbury’s. 

The lager shares a clean, crisp taste with a distinct flavor profile that knows how to quench your thirst.

And it is exceptionally economical in terms of its price. Four cans of original crown lager cost you only £2.35.

2. Premium Lager By Morrisons 

Morrisons is a British supermarket chain operating in the United Kingdom since 1899. Where it has a number of products, including groceries, household items, etc., it has introduced its own beer collection under the brand name Morrisons The Best.

Best Supermarket Beers

The brand contains a number of exclusive beers to drink, of which one is a premium lager. This beer has a 4.8% ABV, shares a very refreshing taste profile, and is counted as a type of chilled beer.

And yes, just like the original crown lager, Morrison’s premium lager is also very low on budget.

3. Duchy Organic Amber Ale By Waitrose & Partners 

Waitrose is another British supermarket chain known to produce a number of items under their own label, one of which is beer. They have several beer offers under the brand name “Waitrose & Partners.” These include lagers, Ales, stouts, seasonal offerings, craft beers, etc. One of the most popular Waitrose Ale among beer geeks is Duchy Organic Amber Ale. 

The drink is brewed using sovereign hops and British Goldings. The drink is 100% organic and perfect for vegetarians.

Apart from this, two other favorite beers of Waitrose & Partners are:

  • Duchy Organic Golden Ale England
  • Duchy India Pale Ale

4. Tesco Premium Lager By Tesco Finest  

Tesco is a multinational superstore chain that has an upmarket reputation across the globe. They have their beer brand label under the name Tesco Finest, and Tesco Premium Lager is its exclusive beer to opt for.

The main ingredients of this beer are malted barley and wheat, which combine to add an earthy undertone and a slight bitterness. 

So, why not visit the stores or their online website, and find out what more Tesco Finest has for you?

5. Red Ale by CO-OP

CO-OP is yet another retail and commercial cooperative store with not only a supermarket store but also funeral care, services, etc. 

And when considering beer offerings, how can we forget to mention their all-time best beer- CO-OP Red Ale 

It is a deep Amber beer formed by mixing pale, sweet caramel malts and mildly jitter hops in a unique ratio that makes each sip of beer worth the try. 

Moreover, the drink has a thin frothy head due to medium carbonation.

Apart from Red Ale, a few other beers by CO-OP Irresistible are:

  • CO-OP Light Lager
  • CO-OP Pilsner

6. Surplus Sour Beer By Coles

And here comes the best Australian supermarket store to look for. Coles is known to offer many products. Although it offers diverse beer flavors from different brands, Coles also offers its beer brand under the unique name Coles Liquor where it manufactures several liquors. 

But the one that managed to gain the most attention was “Surplus Sour Beer.” Coles crafted by joining hands with Local Brewing

The drink is a kind of sustainable beer made using watermelon and bread.

7. Van Danken European Lager by Lidl

Lidl is another supermarket chain store that is known to have its beer brand, too, under the label of Perlenbacher.

Their craft-style beers are the most common of all, one being Van Danken European Lager. The beer is not only appreciated by beer enthusiasts, but the drink has also managed to win a gold medal for the international-style lager

It has a very refreshing and crisp flavor profile with a very attractive look too.

8. Simpler Times Lager Beer By Trader Joe’s 

JosephsBrau Brewing Company is a beer brand that operates under the name of a supermarket called Trader Joe’s.

Under the beer brand, there are several offerings to look for. And Simpler Times Lager Beer is just one of them.

It has 6.2% ABV and shares a very crisp taste profile; customers claim it to be refreshing and light to drink.

So, what can be a better deal?

9. Post Oak Pale Ale By Whole Foods Market 

Post Oak Pale Ale is a mouth-refreshing and sizzling beer crafted by Whole Foods Market.

It has been quite popular for its nice and light flavor profile with floral hops that leave the drink with fresh aromatics.

The drink has orange marmalade sweetness with a deep golden appearance which 

10. Saer brau kalinsbourg By Carrefour 

Last but not least comes Carrefour. It is one of the world’s largest retail corporations and supermarket chains. And Saer brau Gainsbourg is its all-time favorite alcoholic beverage. 

It is a palm oil-free beer containing the following ingredients:

  1. Orange malt
  2. Glucose Syrup
  3. Hop Extract 
  4. Water
  5. Caramel 

All these ingredients are combined in a unique ratio that gives the drink a well-balanced, unique taste.

Final Verdict 

So, these are a few common supermarket beers that you can aim for. These supermarkets not only have beers from other brewers but their beer brands too, where they offer beers exclusive to their brand.

And to add more, these drinks are extremely crispy, delicious, and affordable. 

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