Top 10 Best Breweries in Buffalo, NY

Breweries in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, has a flourishing craft beer scene that has seen a rapid rise in popularity in recent years. With so many amazing breweries to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to visit. In this article, let’s explore the top five best breweries in Buffalo, New York, based on their beer selection, atmosphere, and overall experience.

1. Resurgence Brewing Company

The Buffalo beer sector is well-known for Resurgence Brewing Company. The brewery is housed in a renovated warehouse on the city’s West Side, giving it a distinct and endearingly rustic vibe. They have a fantastic selection of beers ranging from IPAs to stouts to sour brews. One of their best-selling beers, the Sponge Candy Stout, is made with sponge candy purchased from local candy stores. Its wide outdoor beer garden, which should not be missed, is a fantastic spot to drink a refreshing beer on a hot day.

Address: 1250 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Phone number: (716) 381-9868


2. Community Beer Works

Community Beer Works is a charming West Side nanobrewery. Their ambition to make one-of-a-kind and distinctive beers while drawing inspiration from their surroundings separates them from others. A popular option in Community Beer is their Frank Pale Ale, which is brewed with zesty lemon peel and fresh basil for a completely new flavor. The taproom is welcoming and comfortable, ideal for meeting up with friends over a great pint. They also provide interesting music performances and delectable food trucks on a regular basis, making for an all-around entertainment experience.

Address: 520 7th St, Buffalo, NY 14201

Phone number: (716) 759-4677


3. Big Ditch Brewing Company

Big Ditch Brewing Company is a beautiful and modern brewery in the center of downtown Buffalo. They offer a diverse selection of beer varieties, from crisp lagers to tart sours, with IPAs standing out in particular. Their award-winning Hayburner IPA is a traditional American brew beautifully balanced with five unique hops for a flavor that packs a punch. To top it all off, the brewery has a full kitchen serving up delectable pub-style meals, making it an excellent venue for a fun night out with your best friends.

Address: 55 E Huron St, Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone number: (716) 854-5050


4. Thin Man Brewery

Thin Man Brewery is a large and exquisite brewery located in Buffalo’s trendy Elmwood Village district. They feature a wide range of beer genres, with IPAs, sour beers, and barrel-aged beers taking the spotlight. The Burning Money IPA is one of their most popular beers, skillfully brewed with a blend of five distinct hops, culminating in a silky smooth, citrusy flavor impression. Thin Man’s comprehensive kitchen delivers upscale gastropub fare that pairs wonderfully with its great beer selection.

Address: 492 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

Phone number: (716) 923-4100


5. Flying Bison Brewing Company

Flying Bison Brewing Company is a tiny specialty brewery on Buffalo’s East Side. The brewery features a pleasant taproom where you may have a pint with friends. They specialize in lagers, pilsners, and brown ales, among other traditional beer varieties. The Bisonfest Oktoberfest Lager, brewed with typical German ingredients and with a crisp, refreshing finish, is one of their most popular beers. Flying Bison also organizes live music events and food trucks on a regular basis, making it a wonderful destination for a fun night out.

Address: 840 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210

Phone number: (716) 873-1557


6. Rusty Nickel Brewing Company

Rusty Nickel Brewing Company, located in the Buffalo neighborhood of West Seneca, is another notable Buffalo brewery. Its taproom is large and welcoming, with a full kitchen serving wonderful pub grub. Only the broad and unique meal selections equal the burstiness of their beers.

One of the unique features of Rusty Nickel Brewing Company is its expansive menu of beer genres. From traditional IPAs to thick and robust Belgian ales, Rusty Nickel offers a broad range of flavors. The complexity of their beer menu is matched only by the diversity of their pub grub. The full kitchen serves up an array of mouthwatering dishes to match the beers.

Address: 4350 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14224

Phone number: (716) 608-6155


7. Hamburg Brewing Company

Another must-see brewery in the area is Hamburg Brewing Company, which is located just south of Buffalo in the town of Hamburg. Their big outdoor beer garden is the ideal place to drink a nice beer on a sunny day, and their beer variety will satisfy any beer enthusiast. Hamburg Brewing Company has something for everyone, from crisp and refreshing lagers to strong and complex barrel-aged brews.

Their beer collection is simply unmatched, with a diverse range of styles and flavors to suit even the pickiest beer aficionado. Hamburg Brewing Company has something for everyone, whether you want a clean and refreshing lager, a robust and complex barrel-aged brew, or something in between.

Address: 6553 Boston State Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075

Phone number: (716) 649-3249


8. Woodcock Brothers Brewery

Woodcock Brothers Brewery, located about 30 minutes north of Buffalo in the little town of Wilson, is a unique and unusual brewery that specializes in Belgian-style beers. Its specialization on farmhouse ales and saison types lends a distinct and nuanced flavor profile to its beer range. Their taproom is cozy and rustic, with a warm and welcoming ambiance that suits the complexity of their beers wonderfully.

Address: 638 Lake St, Wilson, NY 14172

Phone number: (716) 333-4000


9. 42 North Brewing Company

Another prominent brewery in the area is located in the lovely community of East Aurora, about 30 minutes southeast of Buffalo. They have a wide variety of beer genres available, ranging from basic IPAs to deep and complex stouts. Their taproom boasts a quiet and intimate setting, complete with a fireplace and comfortable seating, making it ideal for a pint with friends. Only the beauty and warmth of their taproom equal the ambiguity of their beer offering.

Address: 25 Pine St, East Aurora, NY 14052

Phone number: (716) 805-7500


10. Pressure Drop Brewing

Pressure Drop Brewery, located in Buffalo’s Old First Ward district, is a small craft brewery that takes pride in producing experimental and inventive beer varieties. Their taproom is cozy and pleasant, with a rotating range of beers on tap that would spark any beer enthusiast’s curiosity. Pressure Drop Brewery has something for everyone, from fruity sour beers to deep and sophisticated stouts.

Address: 65 Vandalia St #1, Buffalo, NY 14204

Phone number: (716) 541-9868



The craft beer industry in Buffalo, New York, is thriving, and these 10 breweries are among the best places to visit for beer enthusiasts. Whether you’re searching for an experimental brew at Pressure Drop Brewing, a conventional IPA at Rusty Nickel Brewing Company, or a complex Belgian-style beer at Woodcock Brothers Brewery, Buffalo’s craft beer industry offers something for everyone.

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