Is Chugging Beer Healthy? 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Chugging Beer Healthy

Drinking beer in low to moderate amounts often has some potential benefits, like reducing sugar levels, lowering blood cholesterol, etc. But is chugging beer healthy for the body?

No, you should not chug beer as it is not healthy for the body at all. Instead, it poses various risks to one’s health, like alcohol poisoning, vomiting, nausea, liver disease, etc.

So, let’s delve into the article and find how chugging beer has a negative impact on your body.

Why Should You Not Chug Beer? A Few Health Hazards To Eye On

Chugging down beer is extremely harmful to the body. It increases the chances of choking, experiencing a nasty hangover, and alcohol poisoning by the rapid rise in BAC.

So, here are a few ways in which chugging down beer turns out to be harmful to your body.

1. Increased Chances Of Choking 

Choking is one of the most common problems seen by people who chug beer. Since they aim to complete the entire glass or can of beer in just one shot, there are high chances of choking, due to which air is unable to reach the lungs. It results in oxygen depletion in the body, leading to extreme cough and difficulty in breathing.

And if no medical care is sought, it can turn into a life-threatening situation.

2. Impaired Body Function 

Although drinking alcohol also gets you intoxicated, in the case of chugging, the process occurs at a quite faster rate. As a result, the body fails to perform even the basic functions due to a lost connection between motor nerves.

3. Brain Development Damage

Yes, you might be surprised, but excessive alcohol consumption, let it be due to binge drinking or chugging, can cause damage to the brain development process.

Research has shown that the human brain is in development until 21 years old. So, if you are younger than 21 and are habitual of chugging beer, it will definitely affect your brain development.

Additionally, chugging alcohol can affect normal brain functioning too by delaying the conveyance of nerve signals to the body.

4. Liver Disease

When chugging, you enter a lot of alcohol into your bloodstream within no time, and your liver needs to metabolize it all, and unfortunately, it fails to do so.

As a result, the liver gets damaged, resulting in liver problems like

  • Inflammation 
  • Different diseases like fatty liver, hepatitis
  • Complete liver function failure

5. Alcohol Poisoning

Since blood alcohol concentration increases rapidly when you chug beer, there is a high risk of exposure to alcohol poisoning and ultimately dying.

6. Chances Of GI tract Infection

Again, the high amount of alcohol, when passed through the GI tract and small intestine, not only irritates the lining, leading to infection, but also increases the growth of harmful bacteria present in the gut.

7. Chances Of Meeting An Accident 

Although not a health hazard directly, it has been seen that since one gets more drunk by chugging beer, there are high chances of him meeting an accident, getting injured, or even expiring. 

In short, chugging beer is equivalent to losing your life. Therefore, you should not chug the beer. Instead, you can enjoy it by sipping it gradually.

Is Chugging Beer Healthy For You?

Chugging Beer Healthy

Some of the potential benefits of drinking beer moderately are:

1. Aids Bone Density

One of the prime benefits of drinking beer in low amounts is that beer aids in bone density.

Research has found that drinking light beer helps keep bones strong in both postmenopausal women and old men, thus helping them fight the pain.

2. Benefits Heart

Another known benefit of beer is that it makes your heart healthy by removing cholesterol from the body. 

A 12-week study was done on different age groups of obese people, and it was found that moderate beer consumption not only lowered the cholesterol but also improved the antioxidant nature of HDL.

3. Helps Control Sugar

Similarly, light beer consumption helps reduce insulin resistance and delay the onset of insulin diabetes type 2 disease.

But yes, binge drinking increases the risk of diabetes. 

But, since the harmful effects of chugging beer are far more than the benefits, it’s better not to chug and consume beer regularly. 

Can Chugging A Lot Of Beer Be Deadly? A Few Past Incidents 

Yes, chugging beer can cost your life too. The excess alcohol consumption can’t be processed by the body, and the increased intoxication results in alcohol poisoning and, ultimately, death.

And what is even worse in the case of chugging beer is that you end up drinking more than the limit without keeping any count.

For example, Coconuts Bangkok reports that a person in Thailand died because of chugging excess beer. The company workers were attending a party where they joined a chugging contest. And there, a person who manages to finish the beer, first of all, suddenly becomes unconscious. People report that beer was coming out of his nose and mouth when he fainted. Additionally, till they took him to the hospital, the man died.

And wait. That’s not the only case where chugging beer resulted in a person’s life. There are multiple other cases. 

For instance, a case was reported in New York daily news that a Spanish person died after winning a beer-chugging contest. He participated in a game festival in Spain’s Murcia region where the person who drinks 6 liters of beer in 20 mins will be awarded a trophy. A person named Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia completed the challenge. However, according to The Local, that person faced sudden alcohol poisoning and never uttered a word again (he expired because of cardiac arrest.)

Final Verdict 

All in all, chugging beer is not at all healthy for humans. It results in various problems like liver failure, hangover, more intoxication, higher risk of meeting an accident, etc.

Therefore, if you want to remain healthy and fit, keep chugging beer at bay.

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