Corona Extra Beer Review

Corona Extra

When it comes to iconic beer brands, few have achieved the global recognition and laid-back appeal of Corona Extra. With its distinctive clear bottle and a wedge of lime often perched on the rim, Corona Extra has become synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the history, flavor profile, ingredients, nutritional aspects, and more to give you a comprehensive overview of this popular beer.

A Brief Look into History: The Introduction of Corona Extra

Grupo Modelo, founded in Mexico City in 1925 with the goal of creating a beer that embodied lightness and reward, is where Corona Extra got its start. This goal inspired the development of Corona Extra, a drinkable beverage with a pleasant flavor. It has become a global phenomenon throughout the years, recalling the energetic streets of Mexico and its vivid culture. This beer marks the progression from a brewery’s idea to a global icon, representing both brewing skill and complicated relationships. Beer lovers are still enthralled with Corona Extra because it provides a flavor of the past with each gulp.

Type of Beer

Corona Extra falls under the classification of Mexican lager beer. This style is eminent for its light and fresh qualities, settling on it an ideal decision for those looking for an invigorating and simple drinking lager choice.

Flavor Profile 

Corona Extra is renowned for its smooth and approachable flavor. It has a mild maltiness and a subtle bitterness from the hops. It’s frequently presented with a cut of lime, which adds a citrusy smell as well as supplements the lager’s spotless and marginally fruity flavor.

It is proof of its reputation for having a flavor profile that is smooth and inviting. This well-known beer has a mild maltiness that blends well with a little bitterness that comes from the hops. This practice, which is frequently done with a wedge of lime, not only adds a zesty scent to the beer but also enhances its clean, delicately fruity flavor.

With every sip of Corona Extra, one travels through a symphony of flavors that have been skillfully designed to offer a delightful and invigorating experience. Warmth is built on a base of mild malt flavor, and layers of complexity dance over the palate thanks to the faint hop bitterness. 


The ingredients of Corona Extra’s formula, which includes water, malted barley, adjunct corn syrup, hops, yeast, ascorbic acid (an antioxidant), and propylene glycol alginate (a stabilizer), combine quality with simplicity.

The light and pleasant flavor of the beer is a result of the component mix. The addition of corn syrup and other ingredients aims to keep the distinctive flavor of the beer while also controlling expenses and boosting stability. Through a careful blending of flavors, Corona Extra provides a harmonious combination of 


For those who put calories first, a 12-ounce portion of Corona Extra generally has 148 calories, 13.9 grams of carbs, 1.2 grams of protein, and 0 grams of fat. This makes it a desirable alternative for people who are conscious of their intake, especially when taking their dietary objectives into account.

Corona Extra may be a good option for a variety of situations thanks to its modest calorie level, whether you’re having a quick drink on the road or mingling with friends at an event. This harmony of flavor and caloric content enables you to savor the taste while making an informed decision for your health.

Alcohol Content

Corona Extra

The balanced alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage of Corona Extra is 4.6%. Its low alcohol content makes it appropriate for a range of situations, from casual get-togethers to buzzing social events. The beer’s 4.6% ABV finds a balance between maintaining the beer’s natural drinkability and offering a hint of relaxation.

This makes Corona Extra a flexible option for anyone looking for a flavorful beverage with a moderate alcohol level, guaranteeing that every sip enhances a fun and responsible experience.

How Much Corona Extra to Get Drunk?

The effect of liquor fluctuates from one individual to another, affected by elements like weight, resilience, and speed of utilization. For the most part, it might take a couple of containers of Corona Extra to arrive at a condition of gentle inebriation. Notwithstanding, mindful utilization is generally key to a protected and pleasant experience.

Is it Healthy? 

It’s crucial to strike a balance between excess and well-being when enjoying Corona Extra. Even if this well-known beer is reviving, it’s crucial to recognize the value of careful drinking. Moderation is crucial with alcoholic beverages of all kinds. Unfavorable health results, including impaired judgment, an increased chance of accidents, and possible long-term impacts, can be brought on by excessive drinking.

Although the light, crisp flavor of Corona Extra may tempt you, it’s important to know your limitations. Alcohol’s effects are influenced by factors including body weight, tolerance, and metabolism. What is acceptable to one person may cause problems for another. If the effects of alcohol worry you, speak with a medical expert for specific guidance.


Corona Extra’s fame has prompted its wide accessibility across the globe. The cost can fluctuate contingent on your area, nearby charges, and the foundation where you buy it. Five unique kinds of Corona lager are currently advertised: Extra, Light, Head, Natural, and Refresca. Here are their regular values.

Six 12-oz. cans cost $8.5, twelve 12-oz. cans cost $13.5, six 12-oz. bottles cost $8, 18 12-oz. bottles cost $19, and 24 12-oz. bottles cost $24.


Corona Extra is still a popular choice for beer drinkers today. Its light and reviving nature, combined with a hint of citrus, makes it a famous choice for those looking for a laid-back and pleasant drinking experience. Whether you’re relaxing on the oceanfront or imparting minutes to companions, Corona Extra’s unpretentious flavors and moderate liquor content make it a flexible and receptive sidekick.

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