How To Cure Hangovers at Work [Steps & Tips]

Cure Hangovers at Work

Are you habitual of drinking a lot on Sunday nights and thus often have difficulty working actively on Monday? Then cheer up, buddy, as this article is solely for you.

Hangovers are counted as the worst effects of excess booze consumption. Consequently, people remain low in energy the entire day. But, if you have important work coupled with the day, you definitely are in trouble. However, there are a few cures for it too. These include drinking some herbal tea, having a rich breakfast, etc.

So, let’s delve through the article and figure out how you can cure hangovers at work.

How To Cure Hangovers At Work?

If you aim to cure Hangover symptoms completely, then, unfortunately, it isn’t possible. There is no way to cure hangovers completely. The reason is that once consumed, the alcohol enters your blood, and it takes the proper time to flush out of blood and body. 

So, if you have an important meeting signed up the following day, it is better not to drink alcohol the night before. However, if you have, then don’t lose your nerves as there are some tips and remedies that can help you cure the ill symptoms of hangovers at work and can contribute to making you feel better. A few of them are:

1. Take A Shower

Yes, showering is the first and most effective way of handling hangover symptoms at work. The reason is that although it can’t remove alcohol from the blood, it increases the rate of blood circulation. In this way, the symptoms can be suppressed earlier. 

You can go for both hot and cold showers. Cold showers help by increasing the heart rate, while hot ones dilate your blood vessels.

However, if you have a workday following you, it is better to take a cold shower early in the morning. It helps to kick-start the day with full energy. Moreover, it helps to

  • Boost energy level
  • Soothe the skin
  • Reduce inflammation 

2. Drink Tea Or Energy Drink

Another thing that can help you wake up and remain alert at work is drinking tea. You can drink either herbal tea like ginger, lemon, cinnamon, green tea, etc., or opt for caffeinated coffee and energy drinks. Either of them work well against hangover symptoms. 

The tea functions to increase the metabolism and breakdown of alcohol as well as prevent liver damage. On the other hand, added antioxidants, caffeine, and other ingredients help reduce inflammation and alleviate other hangover symptoms. 

3. Have A Painkiller

Indeed, hangovers come with a bunch of body-killing aches and muscle fatigue. And in that condition, working at the office seems next to impossible.

However, taking a painkiller can ease your problem to a large extent. It relaxes your tensed muscles and makes your body feel better.

4. Eat A Nice Breakfast 

Obviously, nothing can be better than walking into the office with a heavy breakfast. It is better to eat something rich in carbohydrates.

For example, how about eating a cup of oatmeal that helps to reduce night fatigue and balance mood swings, thus making you feel more active and calm at work? Moreover, you can opt for the addition of blueberries too. How about taking a blueberry smoothie? It helps to eliminate and reduce inflammation in your body.

Therefore, a healthy, carbohydrate-rich, stomach-filling breakfast is key to reducing hangover symptoms and feeling active at work.

5. Drink Lots Of Water

How can you forget drinking water, the most essential step of all? 

The main culprit leading to hangovers is dehydration. Overconsumption of alcohol leads to excessive dehydration. 

Therefore, you should drink lots of water after drinking alcohol. It will balance the diuretic effect of alcohol. Moreover, the water helps to keep the body hydrated, thus, relieving the ill hangover symptoms to an extent.

6. Korean Pear Juice

Korean Pear Juice is also used to eliminate the symptoms of a hangover immediately, and thus, make it a must to have a drink to have when going to work during a hangover.

The Juice works to fasten the rate of metabolism of alcohol, and thus, helps eliminate the symptoms quickly. Moreover, it has a detoxifying nature, which helps reduce the toxin amount in the body.

7. Taking Ginseng

Ginseng is a Chinese plant tuber. It has been used to treat asthma or stress for years. However, recent studies have shown that red Ginseng is effective in relieving the symptoms of hangovers by reducing inflammation and aches.

Moreover, it eliminates the long-term risks of Drinking alcohol to some extent. So, why not drink one?

So, these are a few ways that are found to be much more effective in reducing the effects and symptoms of alcohol. Therefore, if you are at work and can’t deal with a nasty hangover, you can try some of these remedies to feel better and more alert.

How to Hide A Hangover At Work? The Overall Look

The cures mentioned above are undoubtedly effective against hangovers. But what about the apparent look?

So, enlisted below are a few tips that can help boost your physical apparel. 

  1. Try to wake up early and take a cold shower, followed by a morning wake. It will help to alleviate your mood. 
  2. Brush your teeth, and keep a mouthwash with you.
  3. Use eye-relief drops, and keep them with you to hide the hangover effect in your eyes. You can also opt to wear glasses.
  4. Keep your dress formal.

Final Verdict 

Hangovers are the most ill symptoms of excessive alcohol consumption. It drains away the energy from your body, making you feel nearly unconscious. Usually, taking rest helps a lot. However, if you have important office work signed up, taking a rest is undoubtedly not an option for you. In that case, you can opt for options like taking a cold shower, taking medicines, having a heavy breakfast, etc.

So why not try these, and say bye-bye to hangover symptoms?

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