Top 10 Discontinued Beer Brands You Miss

Discontinued Beer

As the world of brewing continues to evolve with new tastes and trends, it’s essential to take a moment to reminisce about the iconic beer brands that have graced our glasses and brought joy to beer enthusiasts over the years. 

Although no longer available, some beers have left an indelible mark on the industry and our memories. Join us on a nostalgic journey as we explore the top 10 discontinued beer brands that once held a special place in the hearts of beer lovers.

1. Bud Dry

Discontinued Beer

In an ambitious endeavor to create unique flavors, Budweiser introduced Bud Dry, combining light lagers to achieve a distinct taste. While it may not have stood the test of time, its legacy remains, reminding us of the spirit of experimentation in the brewing world.

When creating this beverage, Budweiser chose an experimental approach to discover novel flavors the firm had never explored. Unfortunately, Bud Ice finally prevailed against Bud Dry in the middle of the 1990s because the latter featured “fun” flavors to draw in younger drinkers.

2. Miller High Life Light

A lighter version of the beloved “Champagne of Beers,” Miller High Life Light attempted to capture the essence of its predecessor. Due to a lack of enthusiasm from customers, owner Molson Coors discontinued the beer in late 2021. Yet, its loyal fans will forever remember its light and refreshing qualities and low price.

3. Pete’s Wicked Ale

Pete’s Wicked Ale holds a special place in the history of the US craft beer movement as a pioneer that paved the way for the vibrant and diverse craft beer culture we know today. During the 1990s, when the craft beer scene was still in its infancy, Pete’s stood out as an innovator, daring to experiment with unique flavors and brewing techniques.

 As a result, it gained a loyal following and quickly rose to become one of the country’s largest and most influential craft breweries. The success of Pete’s Wicked Ale wasn’t confined to local popularity; it was one of the first craft breweries to achieve national distribution. This expansion allowed beer enthusiasts nationwide to experience the brand’s exceptional brews, further solidifying its reputation as a trailblazer in the craft beer movement.

Unfortunately, like many other businesses, Pete’s Wicked Ale faced challenges, and despite its initial triumphs, it ultimately had to close its doors in March 2011. The news of its closure saddened the craft beer community, as many had developed an emotional attachment to the brand and its innovative offerings.

4. Falstaff

Discontinued Beer

With its rich history dating back to 1838, Falstaff holds a significant place in the hearts of those who remember its heyday. In its prime, Falstaff was not just a beer; it was an integral part of American culture, evoking a sense of camaraderie during joyous gatherings and cherished moments with loved ones. Whether it was cheering on a favorite baseball team at the ballpark or savoring the company of family and friends at a summer barbecue, Falstaff was often the drink of choice, enhancing the enjoyment of these shared experiences.

As the years passed and the beer landscape evolved, Falstaff faced challenges in keeping up with the changing preferences of consumers. Despite its once-dominant position in the American beer market, competition grew fierce, and Falstaff gradually lost its footing. The company’s eventual decline and departure from the beer scene left a void in the hearts of its loyal fans.

5. Midnight Sun M

Discontinued Beer

 Midnight Sun M was a unique creation crafted to commemorate a momentous milestone for the Alaskan brewery. As word of its fantastic flavor spread, beer enthusiasts eagerly sought this limited-edition brew, making it an instant hit. The demand quickly surpassed the available supply, and bottles of Midnight Sun M became prized possessions among collectors and connoisseurs alike.

What set Midnight Sun M apart was its rarity and exceptional taste, which left a lasting impression on those lucky enough to savor it. The rich complexity of flavors danced on the palate with each sip, revealing layers of carefully selected ingredients and masterful brewing techniques. The beer’s profile was an intricate dance between sweet and malty notes, intertwined with hints of fruitiness and a touch of warming alcohol, making it a sensory delight from start to finish.

6. Meister Brau

Discontinued Beer

Meister Brau became a beloved local brew in Chicago before being acquired by Miller Brewing Company. Chicago’s Meister Brau beer rose to prominence as a regional brew at the turn of the 20th century. However, Miller Brewing Company acquired the faltering brewery in the 1970s when commerce slowed down, and in 2005 the Brau was phased out.

7. Pretty Things Jack D’Or

Discontinued Beer

The beloved, eccentric Boston-based Pretty Things Beer&Ale Project, which produced some of the more unique beers on the market in the 2000s, shut its doors in 2015, leaving behind Jack D’Or, a tart, lemony beer we’d want to taste once more. The brewery may be gone, but the memory of this delightful beer lives on in the hearts of its fans.

8. Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic

Southampton Publick House’s Black Raspberry Lambic was a true gem, aged in wine barrels for an exceptional taste. Limited to just 400 bottles, its scarcity added to its allure, making it a cherished find for beer lovers.

9. Goose Island King Henry

With a caramel flavor aged in legendary Pappy Van Winkle 23 barrels, Goose Island’s King Henry captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts. While no longer in production, the brewery’s other offerings captivate palates.

10. Icehouse Edge

Discontinued Beer

The spin-off of Icehouse, Icehouse Edge, impressed with its high gravity and 8% ABV. Unfortunately, it met the same fate as some of its predecessors in the Molson Coors cut.


While these discontinued beer brands are no longer readily available, their legacies resonate in the beer community. Each brand has played its part in shaping the diverse and ever-changing landscape of the brewing world. As we raise our glasses to new brews, remember the classics that brought joy to beer enthusiasts and remain etched in our memories forever. Cheers to the spirits of innovation, craft, and nostalgia!

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