Do Actors Drink Alcohol in Movies?

Actors Drink Alcohol in Movies

Movies boast an incredible ability to capture our interest, take viewers to exotic locations, and engage us in the lives of intriguing characters. Alcohol consumption is a common theme that often appears in movies.

However, have you ever before wondered if artists in films use alcohol? In this blog, we will look at the reality behind this fictional illusion and shed a little understanding regarding the tricks that directors use to make it appear like people are drinking.

Do actors drink alcohol in movies?

The alcohol actors drink on-screen is frequently not actual, even though it might appear realistic. It is due to several factors. First and foremost, if the performers are drinking, shooting numerous takes of a scene may be difficult. 

It would be tough to maintain uniformity, and the performers might get drunk and perform poorly. Although certain scenes give the impression that the performer was drunk when filmed, actors rarely consume liquor on camera. 

On the contrary, filmmakers will provide them with prop beverages that seem alcoholic but don’t contain alcohol. The actors can act just like they were intoxicated without actually doing so as a result of this.  

Why don’t actors drink actual alcohol while filming?

Actors Drink Alcohol in Movies

Although it does happen occasionally, some actors do get wasted while working. Instead, they choose flavored drinks or iced tea so they won’t look weird on camera.

Sometimes, a scene or anything else may go differently than planned if the performer needs to be more inebriated while filming it. The production will generally have to stop shooting and restart the next day if there is a delay. Listed below might be a reason the actor or the filmmaker wants to consume actual alcohol. 

Poor Performance

The perfect advice for the actors is not to consume alcohol while filming because it can impair their performance. The actor’s task is to convey the feelings and behaviors of their character as though they were happening. Some actions, such as sobbing, laughing, smoking, fighting, and yes, intoxication, may be considered among them. 

Even while playing drunk when intoxicated may seem like a good idea, it is tough to perform any task. Actors who have been drinking may not understand what the director expects from their performance. Additionally, actors might not feel comfortable drinking and losing control of their performance while they are impaired.

Several Takes

Actors would be required to drink alcohol several times if they drank during every take, which might make them excessively drunk to perform.


Drinking alcohol while working on a set might threaten the lives of others. Alcohol impairs motor coordination, which can cause an actor to stumble over their balance and suffer injuries. The producing business will have a liability concern because of this.


Being drunk could cause the actor to become angry, emotional, or otherwise unprofessional. Certain actors say indulging in specific controlled elements during filmmaking is not professionalism.  

Realistic Obstacles

There are additional practical issues that one must consider while utilizing actual alcohol, apart from the challenges presented by filming many takes. 

Few performers might abstain from drinking for private reasons, including medical problems or dedication to sober. The filmmakers can consider these demands and guarantee the well-being and security of every crew member by hiring substitutes.

What drinks do actors use as alcohol substitutes?

Actors Drink Alcohol in Movies

Filmmakers use a variety of alternative options and props that resemble alcoholic beverages. These props have been professionally created to look like authentic cocktails but frequently contain non-alcoholic ingredients. 

Most of us know that often for beer, they replace it with a beer that is non-alcoholic or colored water, which seems to be whisky and could be nothing more than chilled tea or apple juice. With the aid of these substitutes, actors can simulate drinking without ingesting actual alcohol.

Instead of the sauce, artists frequently sip on fake alcohol or non-alcoholic liquids designed to resemble drinks with alcohol. Here is a list of the several kinds of prop alcohol:

  • A beer replacement is a non-alcoholic beer
  • Iced tea can be used instead of whiskey
  • Vodka substituted with plain water
  • Champagne replacement is when Ginger ale is assorted with juice
  • White wine has many replacements like added food color to plain water, apple juice, diluted energy, or sports drink.
  • Juice made from grapes, cranberry, blueberries, or pomegranate is the best option instead a red wine

How do actors play a drunk role without drinking alcohol? 

Actors are trained experts who can accurately represent a range of feelings and behaviors. It includes trying to imitate the act of consuming liquor. Actors can simulate drunkenness despite really drinking by using subtle actions, facial expressions, and speech. 

They don’t need to use actual drugs because of their expertise and experience, which allows them to capture the spirit of a character’s intoxication. There are various techniques they follow when they perform a drunk scene. 

An actor may appear drunken by speaking more slowly, making some sounds slurred, and overall giving the impression that their language is impaired.

Actors may stumble, move around, or generally exhibit sluggish coordination and quick reactions to seem intoxicated.

While imitating a drunk personality, actors might display an excessive state of mind because being intoxicated frequently entails experiencing one’s feelings too intensely. 


Even while drinking alcohol contributes significantly to the creation of characters and the plot in films, it is a fact that most performers don’t drink alcohol during the sets or while filmmaking. The filmmakers successfully simulate drinking on-screen by using substitutions, acting methods, props, and special effects in post-production.

Knowing these behind-the-scenes techniques makes comprehending the creativity and effort to create realistic and engaging cinema experiences easier. When you see performers raise their sunglasses on screen the following time, remember that it is probably not what you think they are drinking. Although most of the actors prefer to refrain from alcohol during the shoot, some exceptional actors partook in drinking while on the job. 

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