Can You Drink Alcohol in a Hotel Room?

Drink Alcohol in a Hotel Room

If you’re planning a trip to another city, state, or country and are an avid drinker, you might wonder about the rules regarding drinking alcohol inside hotel rooms. Unfortunately, you won’t get definitive information without doing some thorough research because each hotel is different depending on where it is situated, its value and offerings, and its rules.

However, one important thing to bear in mind is that no matter where you go, you need to be respectful of their culture and traditions. While you will be able to get a lot of the information from their personal website, you can simply call a hotel for more details. 

Different hotels have different rules

As far as drinking alcohol inside a hotel room is concerned, you should be fine in most cases. However, some hotels that serve their own alcohol might have rules regarding alcohol brought from outside. Always check with the hotel staff if it’s safe to drink and whether you can bring snacks and bottles from outside. This will save you from a lot of hassle and embarrassment. 

Don’t make a mess

Drink Alcohol in a Hotel Room

Even if you are allowed to consume your favorite adult beverage inside your room, you should be careful and considerate. Getting drunk, making a mess of your room, and damaging hotel property is bad, will tarnish your image, and you will have to pay hefty fines to make up for the destruction you caused. If you must drink, here are a few rules to follow to make sure that you drink responsibly:

1. Never get drunk

A hotel room is not an ideal place to get drunk because you might end up causing damage or breaking valuable things and might not even realize it. And if you decide to go down to the lobby in this condition, the hotel representatives and guests might get concerned. 

2. Never invite a crowd to party with

Hotel rooms are sufficient spaces for you, your belongings, and maybe a few friends. By a few, we mean two or three at a time. If you’re thinking of having a party, you might as well go to a bar, a nightclub, or a friend’s place, where you will likely have enough room to enjoy.  

3. Clean up after you are done

If there are any spills or marks on tables, you need to make sure that you clean them. Additionally, you need to return the glasses used and dispose of the bottle responsibly so that the room isn’t messy. While it’s true that the hotel staff takes care of the cleaning, you will leave a good impression if your room is in an impeccable state. 

4. Always drink where alcohol consumption is allowed

You’ll be more informed about these areas when you study the hotel rules in detail. Due to the fact that hotels welcome all sorts of people and families into their vicinity, you need to be respectful of everyone’s wishes. Sometimes, certain families or parents don’t want their children around alcohol. The reception desk is the ideal place where you can ask for more information so that you don’t end up breaking any norm. 

Be aware of alcohol-free areas 

While some hotels might allow you to drink alcohol within your own room, they might have certain areas within the premises where drinking is strictly forbidden. These might include common-use areas such as the pool area, the lobby, the hotel lounge, hallways, parking lots, and areas reserved for sports activities. You should be aware of how each hotel operates so that you are not caught by surprise if you plan to do so at one of these public spots.   

For example, the Holiday Inn in the USA has certain alcohol-free vicinities where you are not allowed its consumption. You might be fined heavily or incur a penalty if you are caught breaking this rule. The Andante Hotel in Europe allows their guests to drink alcohol within their own room or on the terrace, but having it in other areas is prohibited, along with organizing parties.  

Remember to indulge in other activities

While drinking may be fun, especially when done with friends and family, you should keep in mind that the purpose of a vacation or traveling is to discover the treasures of a new place. Each country has something unique to offer, and once you delve into the history, architecture, and cuisine of a new place and meet new people, you are going to realize that there is a lot to learn. 

While alcohol is okay for certain occasions, you should devote most of your time to sightseeing and making friends. You will see that this way, you will be a lot happier and will be able to gain a lot of value from your trip.

The human mind is always hungry for new knowledge, and while alcohol is a temporary satisfaction, it is only through curiosity about a different culture and its history that we can truly feel fulfilled. With curiosity, we immerse ourselves in active learning, which helps to broaden our minds and, ultimately, our horizons. The knowledge gained can then be used as discussion topics for the many future conversations that you will have with the people you meet along the way.   


If you don’t follow hotel rules or are more of a nuisance, you might be asked to leave. To ensure proper etiquette and respect, you must always be fully informed about the policies and laws at different hotels so that you can act accordingly.

Respecting rules and maintaining decorum is important everywhere you go since it shows how cultured you are. In addition, this will save you from being blacklisted, which benefits you in case you ever decide to go there again.  

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