6 Reasons Why You Should Drink in Moderation

Drink in Moderation

There are three types of drinkers when the drinking is associated with alcohol. Moderate, Binge, and Heavy. Alcoholic consumption is harmful in all ways and puts a major burden on one’s health. The harms are for long and short time periods, and the risks include crashing a motor vehicle, violent behavior, risk of sexual behavior, blood pressure rising, and various forms of cancer like blood cancer, breast cancer, etc.

People might say that these risks are only for heavy drinkers, but some cancers might take birth with consuming low levels of alcohol.

Some People are prohibited to Drink

The consumption of alcohol is not for all. It may have harmful drawbacks for all people, but some people might face a more risky stage of life than others. The people who should not take in alcohol include females who want to get pregnant or are pregnant, any person who is below the age of 21 (according to the Act of Drinking formed by the USA), people who are facing health issues and are taking daily medications or are being medicated, and those who are unable to control the amount of alcohol they take in. Some people also say that women who are lactating should also not drink alcohol.

What does Science say about the Moderate Consumption of Alcohol?

Drink in Moderation

When we say moderate drinking, it means one drink a day for women and two for men. The beer or a drink is generally 12 ounces of beer mixed with 5 ounces of wine or 1.5 or 80-proof liquor. This means that it is demonstrated to be safe for people to drink a specific amount of drinks as per their gender.

You might face some substantial health benefits after drinking alcohol. But it verily depends upon the body makeup of a person. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why you should drink in moderation:

1. Raising Cholesterol

In 2011, it was published in the journal BMJ as a review study that by consuming alcohol, one can raise HDL cholesterol. They say that it is good to have a high cholesterol level, but this can be harmful as more cholesterol levels can also raise the chances of diseases related to the heart.

The rise in HDL can be a trigger towards rising the overall pressure of blood because its impact on blood pressure is said to be very fine. There is a thin line between moderate and heavy drinking; one more shot and the body starts to function abnormally.

2. The Risk of Death May Get Lowered

We all know that we will die one day. It is a bitter reality that we don’t want to know about. According to various experts of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, in 2020, it was found that death becomes a low risk in people who drink moderately as compared to those who drink heavily or more.

Drinking too much can be as fatal as death. But death can be sudden and due to other reasons as well, like dying in a car accident or by being burned, etc.

3. A Mood Lifter

Why do people drink? They drink in order to stay happy. Most drinkers are depressed and sad and have anxiety attacks. They drink in order to stay relaxed and enjoy themselves. Thus, by drinking moderately, one can really stay in a good mood.

A few years back, various experts noticed that people who used to drink moderately were happier because they had a reduced stress level, less tension, reduced or lowered self-consciousness, and above all, less depression. This can also result in euphoria, happiness, and feelings that are carefree.

4. Strengthening of Bones

It is kind of weird to say, but it’s a reality that the alcohol intake (if moderate) can allow one to make bones stronger than before. This moderate consumption allows the body to increase the density of its bones, and when the density gets increases, the benchmark is set, which provides less chance of facing osteoporosis in old age.

Osteoporosis is a term used for the disease that is faced by people in their old age and is linked with bones. In this condition, the bones of people get weak, and with even a slight injury, they can be broken. Moreover, this condition also lets them face the condition where the bones hurt at various times due to no clear reason. Beer contains a decent proportion of silicon, which can easily increase its density. 

5. Say Goodbye to Common Cold

If you are a smoker, you might get ill due to the common cold frequently. Still, it is a piece of good news for all non-smokers that it has been found in studies by the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University that moderate drinking can allow one to stay away from the common cold if the person is not a smoker. In 1993, a study was conducted with 391 individuals.

Out of it, the conclusion was made that by drinking 14 drinks per week; people can reduce about 60% of colds they usually catch. Many scientists believe that this is due to the antioxidant properties found in the wine.

6. Lowered Chances of Dementia

A study was conducted in 1977, where 365000 individuals were taken as a sample. It was reported in a journal named Neuropsychiatric Diseases and Treatment that 23% of people had less chance of getting ill with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia due to being a moderate drinker.

It was still said by the experts that to the non-drinker, drinking alcohol is not being prescribed because it slows down the activity of coping up with the cells of the brain. Even if it lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, still consuming any amount is harmful.


Although there are various benefits related to moderate drinking it is still advised not to drink alcohol in any proportion. The benefits seem to be limited in amount and duration because even moderate drinking can cause blockage of the brain after a few years.

Moderate drinking is beneficial for just a limited time period. After that, it becomes a havoc for the person. Moreover, it also depends upon the body of the individual whether alcohol will affect the body or not.

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