Should You Drink Or Smoke Weed First?

Drink Or Smoke Weed First

Most people are familiar with the adage “beer before liquor, never sicker,” but where does weed come into that equation? Each person’s system handles the substances differently; some are fine with the combination, while others react intensely. 

Cannabis and alcohol are looked at as naturally opposite, with alcohol creating a boisterous, loud personality, and weed relaxing an individual and making them more reflective. Weed and alcohol produce such unique effects from each other some people can only stick with one and degrade the other. 

The people who prefer alcohol like the boost of confidence in the various options provided in a lively setting, while the weed users wallow in the introspection often enjoyed in a more intimate environment. Then some individuals master the art of crossfading or combining alcohol and weed. 

The two together boast of producing a severe buzz depending on how you “master the art,” but it’s recommended to avoid it or at least heed the side of caution. Let’s discover the fundamentals of getting drunk and high simultaneously.

What Is “Crossfading?”

Crossfading is the term used to describe taking a couple of substances together and the overlapping results. While the word sometimes stands for combinations of drugs, it’s more often used concerning combining alcohol and weed. Many people have tried this or know of a person who has.

But a question to pose is why the isolated alcohol effects or those from weed wouldn’t be enough to offer the time you’re looking for, either relaxed or loud. The suggestion is that alcohol dramatically intensifies weed’s intoxication; it additionally removes any feelings of self-consciousness and eliminates inhibition. 

Again, it requires moving slowly and being cautious. It can be hazardous if you go over the top with either substance.

Is There A Science To Crossfading?

Drink Or Smoke Weed First

People tend to have a tough time when they choose to combine alcohol with hits of weed or shoot liquor with vapes. Why is it that things go off track when crossfading? Why are these two substances relatively incompatible? 

The suggestion is that drinking while vaping can increase the level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid responsible for the high when consuming marijuana) in the bloodstream. With these levels increased, the intoxicating effects potentiate considerably.

While some people will have a potentially dangerous reaction when combining these two 

substances, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy alcohol and weed together. When done appropriately, crossfading provides a buzz unequivocal from either substance taken alone.

This sensation allows the desire to socialize while in a party environment if you can learn to handle the process without blackouts and vomiting.

What Is The Process For Crossfading?

A successful crossfading experience requires planning upfront and designating some distinct boundaries. Many people will become victims of adverse side effects when combining alcohol and weed if they’re already intoxicated and incapable of a rational thought process concerning pacing themselves and dosing.

If you’re already prepared for what you’ll be engaging in for the evening before indulging, you can plan ahead to reduce the chance of potential disaster. When deciding not to go over the top, it’s wise to determine the order in which you’ll take the substances. You can either drink or smoke first.

What are the results of having alcohol first?

Consuming alcohol before weed can significantly magnify the THC effects and the metabolites. When drinking first, it’s vital to go one “toke at a time.” Before taking additional hits, you should take a few minutes to let the joint sit to achieve the desired effect.

You also don’t want to become too drunk before consuming cannabis. If you become overly confident, you’ll abandon the plan you prepared and likely end up with adverse effects, including the potential for vomiting and possibly worse.

What if you were to smoke cannabis first?

Smoking weed before consuming alcohol has the potential to slow the effects of the drinks, meaning you might delay feelings of being crossfaded. In that same vein, it leads someone to believe it’s OK to continue drinking since they don’t recognize how drunk they’re becoming until it’s too late.

When smoking first, it’s essential to drink slowly and allow the drinks to settle before having more so the effects can settle in. You want to avoid the symptoms of too much alcohol, especially the hangover and potential poisoning.

Will The Type Of Liquor Make A Difference With The Experience?

The sort of alcohol you drink when crossfading won’t change the effects so drastically. The factor most relevant is the quantity and ensuring it remains moderate. If you want a pleasant experience, stick with one specific drink throughout the evening to accompany one weed strain. 

Remember, spirits are much stronger in alcohol content than beer, meaning it will take far less to see the beverage’s effects. It will be a matter of personal taste and finding a match that’s somewhat on the same level.

Handling A Bad Reaction When Crossfading

Drink Or Smoke Weed First

When done properly, crossfading can feel pleasant. The problems occur when you’re unable to strike a balance, instead having a bad experience. 

The signs indicating you might have gone overboard compare to a “green out” affecting people who overindulge in weed, becoming uncomfortable, incredibly sleepy, and end up down on their back with an increased heart rate and upset stomach. 

Crossfading, though, intensifies symptoms because excessive alcohol effects are involved.

What should you do if you begin to experience the following:

  1. Elevated heart rate
  2. Anxiety or panic
  3. Paranoia
  4. Vomiting or nausea
  5. Shivers

It’s vital to avoid panicking, which will worsen the situation—inflating the abdomen with exceptionally deep breaths by inhaling through the nose, holding the breath for a few seconds, and slowly releasing it through the mouth. Find a quiet area to lie down peacefully until some symptoms dissipate. 

Having a friend sit with you is essential, especially if the symptoms are particularly intense. Avoiding asphyxiation is a priority. Drinking plenty of water to flush and hydrate your system is key, plus having snacks will raise blood sugar; bland grains, bread, and things you can handle.

More often than not, crossfading is mishandled, with people getting carried away at social gatherings. Moderation is not only suggested but will save you from a poor experience and terrible adverse effects. Prepare before you go by setting low boundaries and always indulge with a friend you can trust, one who will not let you go too far and will be there if it happens.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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