Drinking Age on Cruises: Everything You Need To Know

Drinking Age on Cruises

If you want to know more about the drinking age on cruises, then hop on board because this topic is for you. Cruises are the epitome of a luxurious vacation, and everyone always seems to have a great time there. They also serve plenty of tasty food and drinks, including ones that are filled with alcohol. This topic talks about the drinking rules that cruise liners usually implement when they’re going on a voyage with passengers on board. 

There are actually loads of cruise liners that you can pick from, and all of them have their own share of alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. And with that comes a whole bunch of different rules regarding alcohol consumption and the fines that you have to pay in case you end up drinking too much or give even just a sip of alcohol to children. So, if you’re curious to know what those rules are, go ahead and read on. 

What is the Legal Drinking Age on Cruises?

People of any age can join cruises, but the legal drinking age – AKA the age at which you can purchase the alcohol of your choice – Is 21 years old and above. This basically means that anyone under that age cannot drink or possess any alcoholic beverage at any time throughout the entire cruise. However, this all depends on a few factors as well: The destination of the cruise and the brand of the cruise liner that you’re on. 

What is the Legal Drinking Age on Cruises for Tourists and Foreigners?

A cruise basically involves you and a bunch of other people together going from one country to another, so technically, you’re all tourists. So basically, this means that you all have to follow the legal drinking age imposed on the ship that you’re riding – Sometimes, it’s 18, and sometimes, it’s 21. It all depends on the brand of the ship, and which country the ship is docking. 

Do You Need an ID to Drink on Cruises?

For some cruise liners, ID is definitely required – And not only that, but you’ll also need other documents, such as a passport or a driver’s license if you have one. Obviously, these cruise liners will not allow minors to drink alcohol, which is understandable. But if you are a minor, there are always plenty of other non-alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy or just snack on your favorite food while enjoying the cruise. 

Legal Drinking Age on Cruises with Parents 

Drinking Age on Cruises

Some cruise liners will only allow people aged 21 and above to consume alcohol. But there are still a few companies that do let children and teens below 18 take a few sips, as long as there’s a parent, a guardian, or any responsible adult nearby. There are also a few cruise liners that will let parents sign a waiver if they want to serve alcohol to their children. 

Legal Drinking Age in Cruises by Region

There’s actually no surefire answer to this question because cruise liners are ships that go everywhere. So the legal drinking age for a certain region will all depend on where the cruise ship docks. For instance, f the destination country’s legal drinking age is 20, then the cruise ship will have a legal drinking age is 20. If a destination’s legal drinking age is 18, then the cruise ship’s drinking age is 18, etc.  

Can Minors Drink on Cruises with Their Parents?

It all depends on the cruise ship that you’re traveling on. Let’s take an American-based cruise liner, for example; any American-based cruise liner will have a legal drinking age of 21, even while it is sailing on international waters. There are certain instances in which the liner will allow any person aged 18 to 21 to purchase or consume alcohol, as long as the person has their parents’ consent. 

Consequences for Breaking the Drinking Age Law in Cruises 

A cruise ship comes with a different set of punishments involving alcohol. These include sneaking in alcohol during a trip, public inebriation, or giving alcohol to minors. The first one will cause the authorities to confiscate your alcohol, while public drunkenness will only result in reprimanding from the officials on the ship. The final one will be considered a misdemeanor or a felony, and you can get charged. 

A Summary of Drinking Age on Cruises 

Cruises are indeed fun to be on, as there are plenty of wholesome and enjoyable activities that you can do, even without the aid of alcohol. The average cruise has magic shows, buffets, jazz bands, and dancing – Things that both kids and adults can enjoy. But if you do intend on chugging down your favorite liquor during the entire trip, please do it sparingly and responsibly, follow the correct drinking age on cruises, and just enjoy the ride. 

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