Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Plan B?

Drinking Alcohol Kill Plan B

You’ve ended up in an uncomfortable situation and sought out Plan B as a form of emergency contraception. Often referred to as the “morning-after pill,” Plan B is a popular choice for those who need to stop a potential pregnancy following unprotected sex or a contraception mishap. 

But what about alcohol? Is it safe to have a few drinks when you’re on Plan B, and will it hinder the pill’s effectiveness? 

If you’re thinking about these questions, you might have had unprotected sex. Or, you might have used a contraceptive or a condom, but it failed, so Plan B had to be your fallback choice to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Whether you’re in college, a young adult, or just want to be proactive and be educated about contraception and the effects of drinking alcoholic beverages while using one, this article is for you.

Let’s dive into this topic and understand if alcohol can “kill” Plan B.

The Slippery Slope of Alcohol and Forgetting to Consider Plan B

Here’s a possible scenario: you find yourself in an emergency and take Plan B as a solution. Now, that trouble is addressed so you and your friends would celebrate and go out for drinks and a party.

If this scenario sounds relatable, you might want to rethink your choices. Having alcohol in your system and partying too hard will cause Plan B to be less effective.

For one, you might forget to take your next dosage as you enjoy chugging liquor while dancing the night away. Being intoxicated with alcohol will not do well in making sounds decision, and taking your pill on time and at the right dosage requires a sound mind. Now, if you happen to take your pill but you took it with a few shots of vodka. It will not take long before that same pill gets from your mouth to the floor along with your last meal.

On the other hand, you might not be a drinker, so you might be thinking you don’t have to worry at all, right? Think again. 

There are still other factors that can reduce the effect of Plan B will go over each of them, and you’ll learn more as you read further. 

The Unwanted Side Effects of Mixing Alcohol and Plan B

Drinking Alcohol Kill Plan B

Every medical practitioner you’d ask will tell you that it is never a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages while taking medications, and taking Plan B is no expectation. To help you better understand, listed here are the side effects you might want to avoid.

1. Nausea and Vomiting

Taking Plan B pills can cause nausea and vomiting to some people you take them. It is a potential risk and side effect of taking this medication. Now, if you’re taking your pill and go drinking, the alcohol content from your drink will inevitably cause you to feel dizzy and, if you continue chugging them, will make you vomit. Both of these factors combined would mean double the trouble. To put it simply, your nausea and vomiting will get even worse.

2. Dizziness and Drowsiness

As you may have already known, drinking high volumes of alcoholic beverages targets your central nervous system depressant. It will cause dizziness and drowsiness. Adding Plan B dosages into this equation will have a negative effect, more so if you drank and took both without having anything to eat. It will surely lead to feeling exhausted, dizzy, or lightheaded.

3. Liver Function

The liver filters everything you consume, whether it’s food or drink, including medicines. Your liver works double time when you take any type of medication. Drinking volumes of liquor in one sitting on top of taking doses of Plan B will put additional and unnecessary strain on your liver. An overworked liver might not process Plan B well, which will cause it not to work as expected.

Ensuring Plan B Effectiveness

Drinking Alcohol Kill Plan B

Now that you know what and how to avoid the added unpleasant outcomes of combining taking Plan B and liquor, it is only appropriate to let you know how to ensure getting the best results when taking pills.

1. Follow Dosing Schedule

Timing is paramount when it comes to consuming any medicinal substance. To obtain maximum benefits from Plan B, it’s imperative to follow the recommended dosage and ingest it at the designated time. Despite any urges you may have to overindulge in drinking, staying faithful to the prescribed schedule ensures you’ll reap all the rewards. Believe us, the benefits far outweigh any temptation to stray.

2. Set Reminders

As an untested rookie or a seasoned veteran, relying entirely on your memory is a difficult decision, especially when it comes to remembering your pill schedule. Therefore, our pro tip is to safeguard yourself from missing a single dose by always setting a reminder on your phone or calendar. Trust us; your grateful future self will thank you!

3. Don’t Party Too Hard

Your extraordinary body is tirelessly striving to keep you healthy, so why not extend a helping hand and pamper it with some TLC? In regards to utilizing Plan B, it is imperative to uphold an equilibrium in one’s regimen and refrain from indulging excessively in alcoholic beverages. Trust that your body will thank you for practicing moderation and ditching binge drinking. When every element is taken into account, giving priority to self-care can be viewed as the ideal of treating oneself excessively!

4. Avoid Vomiting Incidents

Taking medications means keeping the pill inside you to allow your body to process it so it can take effect. That being said, you need to be conscious of what you eat, do, and drink and avoid anything that could trigger you to vomit and burp out the pill, as it will definitely not work if it’s outside your system.

5. Consider Alternative Contraceptive

Plan B, as was said at the beginning of this article, is intended to be used in an emergency. It is not intended to be routinely taken and used as a contraceptive. If you find yourself needing an emergency option too many times, you need to find and contact a healthcare provider so you can get the appropriate alternative contraceptive for you.

6. Practice Safe Sex

It may sound like a no-brainer, but still, it is worth mentioning. It is vital to know that Plan B cannot protect you from contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Use condoms or other protection methods you prefer, and that will surely work for you to prevent STIs.


In conclusion, alcoholic drinks do not “kill” Plan B. It will most likely lessen its effectiveness and may cause minor and major health issues. The fact that getting drunk can cause you to have poor judgment, impaired decision-making, and forgetfulness: it can also make you miss a dose of Plan B.

Additionally, combining alcohol intake with Plan B can worsen nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and drowsiness. It can also get even more severe, like straining your liver, which can lead to liver function disease on top of reduced Plan B effectiveness.

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