The 8 Most Iconic Drinking Scenes in Movies

Drinking Scenes in Movies

Shooting a film that knows how to rock on the big screen has always been a challenge. You need to incorporate a number of eye-catching scenes and drama. And when considering Hollywood cinema, how can one forget to add bar and party scenes involving lots of fun and booze?

Therefore, after weeks of research, we have narrowed down the Top Most Iconic Drinking Scenes In Movies ever that you would definitely enjoy seeing with a glass of booze.

So, let’s unleash these scenes one by one.

1. Casablanca

When discussing one of the most iconic drinking scenes from movies, definitely, this scene from the classic film “Casablanca” needs to be number one.

Where most of the beer and drinking scenes in movies symbolize fun and partying, the scene of Humphrey Bogart as Rick in the movie was completely different. In the movie, there is this scene where Rick drinks alcohol to overcome his pain as, out of nowhere, his old love, Ilsa, comes into Rick’s nightclub with his husband. 

This reminds Rick of his love and makes him sad.

So, he drinks alcohol to find solace in his sorrows. Yes, a very touchy scene to count on.

2. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

In the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, there comes an alcohol scene that shows the unique bond or psychic connection of E.T. with Henry Thomas, a 5th-class student Elliot. 

When the alien decides to enjoy a few days on Earth, he opens the refrigerator and takes a can of booze from it, and starts drinking it.

And guess what? Henry Thomas starts to feel the effects of booze. That was a magnificent and interesting drinking scene to watch. 

As the allied drinks more alcohol, Henry takes to feel tipsy and behaves as if drunk. 

3. Trainspotting

In the movie, Trainspotting, there comes a scene where Begbie is in a bar, telling a boring story about how he made a hard c*nt feel scared of him.

But soon, he realized that everyone was getting bored with his story. So, to add fun and a dramatic ending to his story, he picks up his pint glass and throws it into the crowd down the stairs. Then he walks down casually and picks up a fight with some random person, resulting in chaos.

4. The World’s End

In the movie “The World’s End,” there is an iconic drinking scene where Gary King comes with his old friends to play bar crawl, a game they used to play when young.

However, after reaching his hometown, he finds a stone thing. All the humans have turned into androids (kind of robots). 

Anyhow, the drunk Gary King and his friends continued their pub-hopping adventure and enjoyed the wild night to a fuller extent.

Indeed, the whole scene was a pleasure to watch.

5. Bridesmaids 

Remember the humorous airplane scene from the movie “Bridesmaids”?

Well, that definitely needs to be part of our top most iconic drinking scenes, right?

Kristen Wiig gets stuck in the coach while the rest of her group is in first class.

So, she got frustrated and angry. To cope with the situation, she got herself some alcohol. And guess what? She ended up being drunk and intoxicated. She went here and there and asked the flight attendant to upgrade her seat to first class. In all that process, she irritated the attendant a lot by entering the first class, wearing someone’s sunglasses, and trying to befool the attendant by saying she was not whom he was looking for.


But yeah, in the end, she got caught. 

6. Beerfest

In the movie Beerfest, there is this hilarious scene where Barry shows how we think we look after drinking and how ridiculous we act.

He drank a lot of booze in the drinking game and was even given the title of an asshole by his friends.

Later, Barry goes to the bathroom, and when he returns, he does some ridiculous stuff and childish act like slick dance moves to impress and charm the ladies.

The scene clearly shows how excessive alcohol consumption makes you act like a fool in front of everyone.

7. Our Man In Havana

In the movie, there is a scene where Segura comes to visit Wormold. There, they decide to play chess with a slight variation by using whiskey bottles as game pieces. 

Now, as a player caught one bottle with a clever move, he had to drink that bottle of whiskey. And guess what? The more one player drank, the harder it became for him to act cleverly and win the game. 

So, in this way, the two players tried their best not to feel intoxicated and keep on playing cleverly. It was a fun scene to watch.

8. North by Northwest

In Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Roger Thornhill gets caught by policemen as a U.S. agent. However, he was able to escape from their hands. 

But unfortunately, his luck was short, and here you go. He got caught by the police again.

There he was drunk, and he called his mother in a purely drunken state and comically told her that these people had forced him to drink alcohol. 

Moreover, he accused the agents a lot. 

And he even told the mother on call that they forced me to drink so much alcohol. In fact, he said, “This much.” and spread his hands too.

Lol! What a funny scene!

Final Verdict 

So, these were a few most iconic drinking scenes from movies, each conveying a different message. Some scenes show fun and romance, others represent alcohol as a way to overcome sadness, and some drink just as a fun way to enjoy parties.

Apart from these, multiple other movies show iconic drinking scenes, like old school, animal house, 10 Things I hate about you, and many more.

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