Top 13 Drunk Celebrities Moments

Drunk Celebrities

Celebrities regularly discover themselves in the public eye, continuously being scrutinized for their every move. With reputation comes the strain to usually look and behave perfectly. But occasionally, even the largest stars cannot avoid a second of drunken debauchery.

These moments, captured by the paparazzi, may be embarrassing and funny at a time for the public. From DUI arrests and mugshots to debatable rants and dresser malfunctions, here are 13 drunk moments of celebrities that made headlines and left enthusiasts shocked and amused.

1. Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest

In 2014, a well-known pop individual Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI (using under the effect), resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license in Miami Beach. Media extensively included the incident. Bieber later apologized for his moves and sought help for his substance abuse issues.

2. Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape Scandal

In 2004, a sex tape imparting Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend changed into leaked online, inflicting a media frenzy. Hilton later claimed that the tape changed into released without her consent and that it had been intended for non-public use only.

3. Charlie Sheen’s Infamous Hotel Meltdown

In 2010, actor Charlie Sheen became determined, drunk, and bare in his inn room at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Sheen had allegedly trashed the room and triggered extensive harm before being taken into custody with the aid of the police. The incident modified into broadly blanketed the media and marked a low component in Sheen’s career.

4. Britney Spears’ Head-Shaving Incident

In 2007, the massive pop name Britney Spears made headlines at the same time as she shaved her head in a hair salon in Los Angeles. Spears later described that she had shaved her head to take a cont lifestyle and cope with the pressure and strain of fame.

5. Kanye West Interrupting Taylor Swift’s Acceptance Speech

In 2009, rapper Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s recognition speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, claiming that Beyoncé needed to have gained the award rather. The incident caused a media firestorm and led to a sizeable grievance about West’s behavior, which became visible as disrespectful and unprofessional. West later apologized for his movements. However, the incident continued to be a source of controversy and hypothesis.

6. Tara Reid’s Wardrobe Malfunction

In 2004, actress Tara Reid suffered a cloth cabinet malfunction on a red carpet occasion in Hollywood, revealing her breast to the cameras. The incident was widely protected inside the media and marked a low point in Reid’s career, which had already been marked via non-public and professional struggles. Reid later apologized for the incident and sought to move beyond it. However, it endured being a source of embarrassment and criticism.

7. David Hasselhoff’s Burger Binge

In 2007, a video of actor David Hasselhoff drunkenly ingesting a burger on his domestic floor was leaked online. The incident became viral in the media, leading to a large hypothesis about Hasselhoff’s struggles with alcohol dependence. Despite the embarrassing nature of the video, Hasselhoff later used the incident as a manner to raise attention approximately the dangers of alcohol addiction and to inspire others to search for help.

8. Shia LaBeouf’s Drunken Arrest

In 2017, actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested in Georgia for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The camera captured the incident and showed LaBeouf shouting profanities at the cops who arrested him. LaBeouf later apologized for his behavior and sought help for his substance abuse problems.

9. Mischa Barton Caught Drunk

Actress Mischa Barton was recorded drunk and making slang comments about someone not shown in the camera. Various media channels, including TMZ, made it viral and marked a low point in Barton’s career. However, it persevered to be a source of grievance and scrutiny.

10. Amanda Bynes’ Erratic Behavior on Twitter

Amanda Bynes was caught on Twitter with a strange post making funny faces. The captions said she was ready for a night out. Her fans were unable to understand the purpose of that post. It was considered a drunk moment by the most controversial person regarding Twitter posts.

11. Rihanna’s Partying Lifestyle

Singer Rihanna has been regarded for her partying lifestyle, frequently captured via paparazzi and documented in the media. The singer has been photographed at several nightclubs and parties around the sector and has been recognized for drinking closely and basking in different substances. While her lifestyle has been a source of criticism and concern for some, Rihanna has additionally been vocal approximately her proper to live her life on her terms. She has used her platform to endorse causes she cares about.

12. Ben Affleck’s Drunken Interview on HBO

In 2019, actor Ben Affleck was considered visibly intoxicated at some stage in an interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Affleck slurred his words, seemed unsteady on his toes, and changed into seen ingesting alcohol at some point in the section. The incident became broadly blanketed within the media and brought about speculation approximately Affleck’s private struggles with alcohol addiction. Affleck later apologized for his behavior and sought help for his addiction troubles.

13. Janice Dickinson’s Drunken Appearance on Reality TV Show

In 2015, version and television personality Janice Dickinson was regarded to be heavily intoxicated at some stage in an episode of the fact TV display “Celebrity Big Brother UK.” Dickinson became visible, stumbling, slurring her words, and tasty into aggressive behavior with other housemates.

The incident became widely covered in the media and marked a low point in Dickinson’s profession, which had already been marked utilizing private and expert struggles. Dickinson later apologized for her conduct and sought to transport past the incident.

Final Words

So, this was a short list of all the drunk blunders made by the beloved celebrities of Hollywood. Being in the spotlight, every minor move of stars is watched closely. There are a lot of other funny or furious drunk moments of celebs that we will disclose next time soon. Till then, why not enjoy your own drunk moments with your beloved?

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