Are Drunk Words Sober Thoughts?

Drunk Words Sober Thoughts

You have seen many drunk people who have no control over their movements or talking words. They sometimes make illogical sentences that you even cannot interpret. On the other hand, some people express extremely positive or negative emotions towards other people, friends, fellows or things, etc.

However, there is a saying that drunk words are sober thoughts or a person’s true feelings. To analyze this statement, we need to evaluate the effect of addiction on the functioning of the human brain. To get the answer to the question, are drunk words sober thoughts? Let’s take help from medical science and general assessment.

Alcoholic Drinks and their Usage

Whether you are on the street or attending a party at home or a club, people love to have a beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. According to a survey, around 207.4 billion U.S. dollars was the reported wholesale recorded sale of just beer and wine products in the U.S. You can now imagine the regular use of the drinks in the daily life of a U.S.  resident. People consider such drinks as a necessary part of any celebration. 

But why is this thing common, even having severe side effects?

Because when a person consumes it, the brain produces a high level of dopamine. So, the body feels excitement and a feeling of pleasure. Whenever people want to enjoy any event, they think of having such drinks. 

Not just happy movements; when a person is going through a depression phase and suffering from anxiety issues, they try to lessen the effect by having a glass of wine. Usually, such individuals don’t confine themselves to the minimum amount of alcohol and end up in overdosage.

Alcohol Consumption and Brain Functioning

The brain controls the whole functioning of our body. 

But what if the brain is under the control of anything else? Yes, that is alcohol. 

When a person consumes even a small amount of alcohol occasionally, it may interfere with the brain’s performance, like the balance of the body movements, vision, creation of memories, etc. Their thinking process will be impaired, which can result in bad decision-making.

Even having one glass of alcoholic drink can affect brain functioning, and a person may lose control over the mind and has to face impaired reasoning. What happens when a person consumes alcohol on long-term bases? This means the intake of one or more glasses of wine, beer, or similar drinks in a day. If a person has a higher frequency than this comes under heavy drinking. 

Such heavy intake severely affects the brain and can cause multiple side effects. The chances of having cancer in such people are high, and infertility issues are common in women with high chances of depression and anxiety problems.

Research on Adverse Effects of Drinking 

Drunk Words Sober Thoughts

According to a study, the constant consumption of alcohol restricts the development of new brain cells. It further says there is a serious disorder quite common in alcoholics known as Wernicke–Korsakoff Syndrome, in which people have difficulty in the eye or muscular movement. Such a person who has no control over his physical activities, how can he control his words?

Further, that research says that blackouts are common in people who consume alcohol constantly or take over dosage on an empty stomach. This is a phase in which a person has no memories or they cannot recall any moment of that period. So, what happens or what they say during a blackout, they have no idea. They often ask others about the actual happening of that time period and feel guilty for their actions or words.

Not just mental health issues, there are many other side effects that people face with continuous intake of alcohol. The chances of liver failure are high in such cases. In severe cases, the overdose may result in a coma or death. All these research results clearly show that the consumption of alcohol is dangerous to the body and its functioning.

All these evaluations are based on the medical point of view. Now we will see the general opinion of the people on drinking and expressing sober thoughts.

Are Drunk People, Express True Feelings?

Drunk Words Sober Thoughts

You can observe that after alcohol overconsumption, people change drastically and behave weirdly in most cases. In normal conditions, people compose themselves. They can hide their true emotions and portray a different person. 

However, some people advocate that when you are drunk, you cannot hide your true side or feelings. Whatever you say truly depicts the inner intentions and emotions. This is the general assumption with no proof or support from a medical perspective. Sometimes, people may utter their hidden intentions in a drunk state. But this is not a constant case scenario for everyone. 

Drunk words may or may not depict True Feelings

This is the fact that one must consider when their close one is saying harsh words after drinking. As a brain faces a lot of disturbance and impairments from the consumption of alcohol continuously, people sometimes say such words that are not their intention even. So, linking them with the real feelings of that person sounds illogical.

That is the reason behind many broken weddings and family issues. People get hurt by the thoughts that a drunk person may express when they are intoxicated. They feel If you are one of those individuals who think drunk words are real intentions or feelings, then you need to rethink

Final Verdict

So, there is a clear medical explanation that the brain does not work fine under the influence of alcoholic drinks. So, in such a scenario, how does a drunk person speak the truth or have thought-provoking conversations with others? A drunk person cannot even speak with a smooth tone. So, linking drinking with expressing true feelings and hidden emotions is not a rational approach. 
Some people may express their true feelings when they are drunk. However, this is not the case with every individual. So, if someone asks you: are drunk words sober thoughts? You can answer with confidence: Of course NOT.

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