Does Elon Musk Drink Alcohol?

Elon Musk Drink Alcohol

Elon Musk is a globally famed entrepreneur who owns the most popular multinational automotive and clean energy company, Tesla. He is famous and bagged attention for his ground-breaking ventures and pioneering ideas. When he gained popularity, there were also more misconceptions about his personal life and habits. The recurring query enthralled in every mind is, “Does Elon Musk drink alcohol.” 

There needs to be clear evidence about whether Elon Musk drinks or not. But certain statements say he has discussed his drinking preferences on Twitter. So in this blog, let us discover whether Elon Musk consumes alcohol or not. 

Does Elon Musk drink alcohol?

Elon Musk, known for his work ethic, gives more importance to maintaining good health. Musk shared that in their early days, he lived in a house where alcohol was not so prevalent, influencing his view on drinking to some extent.

The critics are very curious to know whether Elon Musk drinks. Most of the social media platform and the statement says that he usually doesn’t drink alcohol. Even Elon Musk wrote on his Twitter page, “I don’t like the taste or special effects of most alcohol, but it is somewhat beautiful about red wine in a fine glass.”

From this, he does not like the taste of particular alcohol and even the harmful effects of alcohol that everybody usually gets after drinking. He has also added that recently he has been quite fond of red wine varieties. However, Elon Musk, the world’s second richest person, is not that much a booze guy. 

In 2017,  a photo leaked and went viral where Musk was holding a glass of wine during the FIFA World Cup, which happened to be in Qatar. Musk happened to be with the CEO of Qatar Investment Authority, Twitter’s most significant investor at the time of the game. 

Elon Musk shared a poll on his Twitter page stating that he will leave his position as the CEO of Twitter after the match ends. Musk also poll his Twitter page, “A little red wine, vintage record, some Ambien … and magic!”. And he was seen drinking wine in a mason jar at one of his friend’s parties. 

Elon Musk and his favorite drinks

Elon Musk Drink Alcohol

Being a red wine lover Musk on a well famed social media platform called Reddit, stated that his favorite alcoholic drink was whiskey. It happened in 2014 when there was a   “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. And this was very true when he gave the same answer to one of the Twitter investors, Dogecoin. 

Soon a fan from his page retweeted his last tweet. “What about a scotch on the rocks?” the CEO of Twitter immediately added, “That too.” In 2018 when Musk joined the Joe Rogan Experience, the time had a drink that seemed to be a joint of marijuana. Soon again, this news became viral globally. 

The billionaire’s fondness for Diet Coke is superior to his taste for wine or scotch. Musk stated that he had reduced his consumption in an interview in 2007 with Inc magazine after consuming eight containers per day and numerous cups of coffee. He said I felt like I had lost my peripheral vision because I got so friggin wired. He shared that Diet Coke is amazing; exclusively, the soda fountain version, obtainable at movie theatres alongside salt and butter popcorn, is delightful.

Since then, Musk has converted to the caffeine-free variety. Last year, he shared an odd nightstand snapshot showing two pistols and empty Coke cans. Besides all these, Elon Musk has been fasting to make himself healthier for long days, per his friend’s advice. 

Elon Musk Intermittent Fasting

Elon Musk gets the ultimate applause just weeks after those embarrassing images appeared: coming off 20 pounds. It is all because of intermittent fasting, a pattern of fasting and eating periodically. This fasting is widespread because it helps people drop weight as early as possible. Elon Musk took to his Twitter page, saying, “Over 20 lbs dropped from my (unhealthy) peak weight.”

Elon Musk swapped water for coffee

Elon Musk was also addicted to coffee for a while. He says, “I used to have so much coffee..that I’d get wired.”  He added, “I’d get over-caffeinated, and it wouldn’t be good.” However, Musk has cut down a lot more than he takes only reasonable portions. He then shifted to caffeine-free drinks like Diet Coke to reduce coffee consumption since he wanted to quit his common bad habit. As regards himself, Musk confessed to Auto Bild that he stopped drinking coffee in favor of plain old water.


Despite all the rumors and speculation, the facts suggest that Elon Musk drinks liquor and does not involve excessive alcohol consumption since Musk has publicly stated that he consumes under moderation and caution. Kim holds a severe and committed mindset, additionally reinforced by demanding tasks as Leader and the widespread company cultures throughout his organizations.

The perception that Elon Musk might be a frequent drinker is inaccurate, as Musk has openly shared his drinking habits in many social media forums. When Elon Musk did not enjoy all types of alcohol but then again is happy enjoying a glass of wine, he is always strict about moderation when it comes to alcohol consumption ever since he became very well aware of the harmful effects of alcohol.  

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