How Much Whiskey To Get You Drunk?

How Much Whiskey To Get You Drunk

Did you just switch to distilled whiskey and are least up with the whiskey shots that can get you drunk?

Whisk contains mostly 40 to 50% alcohol by volume. It means whiskey contains a rich amount of ethanol that can easily make you drunk even when consumed in low amounts. Usually, 4 to 5 shots of whiskey can make you drunk. 

Additionally, various other factors play their role at the backend. So, let’s get into the details of this article and find out more about how quickly whiskey can make you drunk!

How Much Alcohol Is Present In Whiskey?

A whiskey is a form of distilled alcohol that mostly contains 40 to 50 % ABV. 

Generally, a 750 ml bottle of whiskey contains 40% alcohol. It means that a standard shot of whiskey contains 35 to 40 ml of it and has quite a high amount of alcohol. 

Moreover, one shot of 40% ABV whiskey contains 14 grams of pure alcohol.  So, if you have four shots of whiskey, you are likely to get drunk for a few hours.

How Much Whiskey Makes You Drunk?

How Much Whiskey To Get You Drunk

Other than the amount of whiskey consumed matters the most, multiple other factors help decide how and when whiskey can make you feel tipsy. These include: 

Strength of Whiskey 

Surely, the strength and the alcohol content of the whiskey you are consuming matter the most. There are two types of whiskey:

  1. 100-proof whiskey containing 50% alcohol by volume
  2. 80-proof whiskey containing 40% alcohol by volume 

So, people who drink 100-proof whiskey get drunk faster than those who prefer 80-proof. 

Weight of person

The weight of the consumer matters a lot too. People with more fat metabolize alcohol slower than lightweight ones, thus getting drunk slower.


Sex also makes a pronounced difference. Women have less water in their bodies and thus get drunk on less whiskey consumption than men.

Tolerance Level

Tolerance level also matters. People who aren’t habitual of drinking whiskey get drunk even after 2 to 3 shots, while those who drink it regularly need time and more shots to get drunk.

How Long Does Whiskey Take To Get You Drunk?

How long whiskey takes to get you drunk depends directly on the person’s tolerance level. 

Generally, it takes 30 to 45 mins for whiskey to get absorbed in your bloodstream and make you feel drunk. However, if you have drunk on an empty stomach, the action can occur faster.

How Much Whiskey Is Safe To Consume?

The safety level of drinking whiskey is different for men and women. Generally, an adult can consume 21 units weekly, and women can consume a maximum of 14 units weekly. 

Final Verdict 

To put it bluntly, drinking whiskey can easily get you drunk. In fact, only 4 to 5 shots of whiskey are more than enough to make you feel tipsy. However, you should avoid consuming more than the safe limit; else, it can result in toxicity too.

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