Can You Get Drunk Off of Beer?

Get Drunk Off of Beer

Beer is usually counted as an easy-to-go drink since it has low alcohol by volume and, thus, gets absorbed by the body comparatively easily. Consequently, one often ends up drinking without keeping a count of shots. But can you get drunk off a beer?

Yes, beer can get you drunk off and intoxicated. The reason is that although low in terms of alcohol content, it still contains pure alcohol. And when your blood alcohol concentration increases from 0.08, you definitely get intoxicated and drunk off.

Want to know how beer can get you drunk off and what factors to consider? Then without any further ado, let’s buckle down and unleash the details. 

Can You Get Drunk Off of Beer?

Get Drunk Off of Beer

Yes, you can get drunk off beer. Beer is a light alcoholic drink having low alcohol content as compared to heavier drinks like wine and whiskey. 

So, surely, it doesn’t make you feel drunk or intoxicated too quickly. But, it makes you.

The reason is that it contains alcohol, though in a minute amount. So, if you consume lots of cans of beer, it will definitely get you intoxicated and drunk, depending on the ABV percentage of the drink as well as your body mass.

However, four to five beer bottles are generally enough to get a man down. 

On the other hand, women get drunk with even two bottles of beer. And the more they drink, the drinker they get.

How Easily Can You Get Drunk Off Beer? A Few Factors To Consider 

Finding the exact number of beers that can get you down is impossible before trying. That is because several factors work side by side and thus contribute to making one drink. 

For example, if you drink four cans of 8% ABV or craft beer and then four cans of 3% ABV ( a lighter beer), the former will get you drunk much faster than the latter. 

So, after consulting the experts and some regular beer drinkers, we have enlisted some of the factors that you need to consider when finding if a particular beer can get you down and how easily. Let’s unveil them one by one.

1. Alcohol By Volume 

The first factor that impacts the most is alcoholic content. Whether a beer can get you drunk off or not depends on the amount of alcohol present in it. If you opt for a stronger beer, there are high chances of getting drunk. On the other hand, if you opt for a light beer, you need to drink a lot to feel slight intoxication.

For example, you will hardly feel intoxicated if you opt for 0.96% low-alcohol beer. However, the chances are far more when you opt for a craft beer.

Here are the ABV percentages of a few beers:

  • Hybrid contains 5% ABV
  • Lager has a 5% ABV
  • English Pale Ale contains 4.7% ABV
  • Low-alcohol beer has 0.96% beer
  • IPA Ale includes 6 to 8% ABV

2. Weight And Gender Of Person

Another factor that plays a role is your gender and weight.

Generally, women get drunk more quickly as compared to men. For example, two beers are enough to drink off a woman, but it will hardly intoxicate a man. The reason is that women have less alcohol dehydrogenase and, thus, become tipsy easily.

Similarly, weight and height make a significant difference too. The more fat layers you have, the more resistance you develop. 

So, if a 150-pound person and a 100-pound person drink four cans of beer, the former will get less intoxicated. 

A general claim is that one bottle of beer increases the BAC of a

  • 100 lbs person by 0.04
  • 150 lbs person by 0.03
  • 200 lbs person by 0.015

3. Alcohol Tolerance 

Similarly, the alcohol tolerance of a person makes a huge difference. For example, guess a person drinking beer for the first time. He will definitely get intoxicated after a bottle. Right? But the same can’t be said for a binge drinker. He must consume at least 4 to 5 bottles of beer to get tipsy.

The reason is that regular drinkers have developed alcohol tolerance; therefore, a small amount of alcohol won’t get you drunk.

4. Drinking Empty Stomach 

We are always told never to drink on an empty stomach. But ever thought why?

That’s because when on an empty stomach, the bloodstream absorbs alcohol much faster. As a result, you can get drunk on time. 

So, if you drink beer on an empty stomach, you will get drunk off earlier.

Beer Drunkenness Level According To Blood Alcohol Concentration 

Get Drunk Off of Beer

The amount of drunkenness and intoxication you feel depends on the BAC of humans. So, here we have discussed how human behavior starts to change with increased BAC.

  • 0% BAC: No Alcohol, normal functioning 
  • 2% BAC: Mood changes 
  • 5% BAC: Impaired judgment and cognitive function 
  • 10% BAC: Reduced body coordination, slurred speech, and poor brain function 
  • 15% BAC: Imbalance, vomiting, nausea, and extreme confusion 
  • 20 to 30% BAC: Drowsiness and unconsciousness
  • 40% BAC: High chances of respiratory arrest, coma, and even death

Is Getting Drunk Off Beer Dangerous? A Few Consequences To Eye On

Yes, if you drink beer or any other alcohol, not only it gets you tipsy and drunk, but it leaves a lot of harmful consequences on your body. Of these, a few are:

  • High risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular problems
  • High blood pressure 
  • Increased chances of liver failure and kidney damage
  • Development of mouth, colon, throat, and other cancers 
  • GI tract infection 


So, yes, you can get drunk off beer. But how easily you can get drunk depends on the beer consumed, its ABV percentage, gender, weight, and many other factors.

Generally, 2 to 4 cans of beer are enough to get one tipsy. However, if you are a binge drinker, indeed, you won’t get intoxicated that easily.

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